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*Five years later*

"Let go!" She whines trying to move, "Daddy! Tell Con to let go!"

"She got my toy!"

"Do not!"


"I said let GO!"

The crash that followed that made all the occupants in the house wince- or at least the adult ones, "Loren- Do not put your brother in the wall."

"But Daddy.."

"No buts." Conner told her, "Go help him out of the wall. Besides, it's almost time and I am not the one that's going to tell him about that hole."

Roy sighed, he really is not going to finish any of this. Sure they've cut back on the superhero thing unless it's completely important and after this, they'll give it up for a while longer until the kids were old enough to be able to defend themselves. Still, the red haired man glances over at the clock before putting away the bow and other crimefighting gear to get up and help them.

They were going to the beach that was just a little ways from the house they bought almost five years ago. The decision had been made almost immediately and it was a pretty safe place to rest and raise children.

He's not even sure how the hell they managed this kind of life. Especially with Loren's superstrength always coming into play now and then and Conard's issue with water made it hard for them to be in public beaches often enough. Still, it wasn't that bad of a life, even though he thinks this is some kind of dream.

He's even getting along with the tykebomb. What the hell happened?

Of course, the reminder of 'what the hell happened' came in and tugs on him, "Dad, come on." Con seems to have shaken off the hit earlier. Another good thing about his genetics. It seemed to have made him pretty durable to his sister's powers.

"Yeah, yeah." Roy smiled slightly but ruffled the top of his son's curly strawberry blonde hair. Though it was more red than blonde really, with bright blue eyes beaming up at him for a moment before the boy runs off. "Anything else we need?"

"No." Conner picked up the bag as Roy got the cooler, "I'm just glad it's over for now.'

"Do you really believe that, tykebomb?"

"Shut it, Robin Hood knock off."

Loren pouts a bit, "Don't do that." She said to them, "Mater will be mad."

"And then, Mater will drown you both til you're good again." Conard added.

"Our kids are so happy about our impending deaths." Roy commented calmly as they came to the empty beach. At this time of day, no one would be around for hours. "That just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside."

"Heh, kryptonians don't need to breathe." Conner smirked at him.

"Bull." But either way he saw the kids had picked a spot out. "Every time we come here, I always have to set up. Why don't you do it?"

"Because I'm watching them."


"Again with the fighting?" Both of them turn to look at their third who came down the sand dunes towards them. "Really, I would have thought you two have come past these differences."

"It's not fighting." Roy told him, "More like, a mutual disagreement."

"I see." Kaldur said amuse at this but smiles more as the kids call him. "Well, I better see what they want."

Now, both Conner and Roy had to set up camp. Not that either actually minded. In fact, they were both somewhat relieved to tell the truth. After Conard was born, Kaldur had a difficult time. More so than usual really that had left him bedridden for a while. Then there was that woman- she did not give up.

For almost three years after that event, she kept chasing them from where they were. Even now, after they defeated her and imprisoned most of her people- they still haven't caught Reba Marsh. It often vexed all three of them, espeically at night.

In a way, though, it gave them a reason to retreat from the public hero life to this. Today marked the fifth anniversay of this, but not only that. Kaldur, who had eventually regained his strength and went back into it to lure the woman away, has finally also given his burden of 'Aqualad' over to Garth- offically that is. Of course, from what they heard Garth would rather be called Tempest, but who really cares?

The important part of this was, they were alive, they would survive and they were all together.

Setting up the grill, Roy glances over at them curiously enough wondering a bit. The thoughts he had, the misgivings they all had during those years seem distant now. Still, he knows they can't relax completely. Not when Reba was still lurking somewhere. The thought still made him tense enough that even Conner noticed.

"Reba?" He mutters getting the bag of charocal. "We did everything, but even the League's connection gave us nothing."

"That's what worries me." Roy's hand twitched for a weapon or something, but he knows better then to flash such things around without reason. "She's out there somewhere and could be waiting for us to drop our guard."

"Who says we are?" Conner lit the grill, "We both know that this place is wired, that the kids and even Kaldur's clothes have tracking devices on them. In them, I suppose. I don't know what else we could do."

"I know." He ran his hand through his hair but glances up as a red ship flew overhead. "They're here. But would it kill them to use a car?"

"You know how Wally gets. Him and Cars."

Roy snorts, "Tch, don't remind me. I'm still having nightmares. He's never allowed to take them anywhere in a car."

"Hey guys!" M'gann's one of the first of the former Team to greet them, "We brought more stuff!"

"I would hope so." Roy glanced over seeing the speedster carrying more things than Artemis who grinned. "The resident black hole is here."

"Hey. I just have a metabolism thing, you know that." Wally says. "Sorry, Robin wanted to be here but you know.."

"But he says he'll be by later." Artemis adds, "So why not get started?"

"Right." Conner smiled a bit looked around.

Hell, it isn't what he ever imaged, but this- this seems more like home than ever.

AN: eh, I know I know, I could've drawn it out a little bit, but my muse has utterly and completely abandoned me here and all I could think about was ending the story at the beach. On the other hand, like with a lot of my stories, I left it open ended. I left a few things that could be elaborated on later in one-shots if I feel up to it.

Also, yeah, the last one was a boy and he belonged to Roy.

His name, like Loren's is a mix of all three of their names.

Conrad Jackson Harper (age: 5)

Which would make his older sister Loren Lian Kent(age: 6)