There's Something About Her

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Chapter Summary: Dakota has an altercation with Kiba's alleged girlfriend, but Kiba assures her that their was never anything between them; Dakota accompanies Sakura for a day of shopping & pampering; Dakota has her first one-on-one time with Kiba on their way to Naruto's party.

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Chapter 2 - Ino, The Stage Five Clinger

Dakota was walking through the hallways with a smile on face today. Friday was finally here, and tonight she was supposed to be going with Kiba to a party at Naruto's house. She seriously couldn't believe so much was happening so fast, she hadn't been in her new high school for even a week and already a guy had asked her out. A really hot guy, a football player, wow.

Dakota made it to the junior hallway and began unlocking her locker to grab her books for first period. Before she could even pull her lock off of the ring as she put in the combination, she was tackled and pulled into an almost suffocating hug by Sakura.

"Dakota! Kiba totally asked you out? Didn't he? Didn't he? DIDN'T HE?" Sakura said, screaming and jumping up and down while still having Dakota in a tight embrace.

"Um, I wouldn't really call it a date, we only met yesterday, Sakura." Dakota gasped, still suffocating from Sakura's tight grasp. Sakura finally loosened her grip on Dakota and raised her right hand to Dakota's. "Maybe not, but you want it to be, and I'm certain that he thinks of it as one." She said with a smile and a raised brow.

Dakota smiled and blushed looking back at her locker to gather her books. "So, are you coming to the game tonight?" Sakura asked her.

"Game, what game?" Dakota asked curiously, not knowing of any games. "The football game silly." Sakura said, poking Dakota in the head. "The whole schools going to be her tonight, Naruto is playing, as well as Kiba, and I'm sure that he'd like it if you were to come and watch him." She said with emphasis on the 'him' of her sentence.

Dakota nodded her head with a smile. "Okay, if it's so important to Kiba, I guess I'll come." Dakota said with a laugh.

All of the sudden, Sakura made a nasty face over Dakota's shoulder. Dakota looked at her questionably. Dakota suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned around to face a girl about her height. She had a fair, flawless complexion and had bleached-blonde hair, about the same length as Dakota's, that was tied into a tight ponytail at the middle of her scalp, and her blonde bangs were trained out of her face. She was wearing a form fitting, purple Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, grey skinny jeans and black flip-flops.

The girl was glaring daggers at Dakota, her fists were clenched up in balls and her shoulders were tense and shaking.

"What makes you think that you can just waltz in here and act like you own this place? Huh?" She said, no, she shouted actually.

"W-what?" Dakota said backing up in a defensive stance. She felt Sakura gently push Dakota to the side to stand in front of her, glaring back at the girl.

"Back off, Ino." She spat. 'So, her names, Ino?' Dakota thought to herself, as the bleached-blonde glared over Sakura's shoulder at her.

"Just so you know, Kiba's my boyfriend, and we're just taking a break right now, so you're just the rebound, skank." She sneered at Dakota over Sakura's shoulder.

Dakota's eyes furrowed and her eyes widened with a hurt look on her face. "Bullshit, Ino! Kiba and you were never together, you hooked up one time over the summer at one of his bonfires, and after that you turned into a stage five clinger, you crazy bitch!" Sakura spat.

"Listen, Ino I don't know you and I don't want to have any problems with you, so please, just stop." Dakota said softly with pleading eyes.

"You will have a problem with me if you dare show up to Uzumaki's party tonight with, Kiba." She said, keeping her dark stare on Dakota.

"Oh, fucking really? and what are you going to do about it if she does?" Sakura shouted back at her, pressing her chest up against Ino, in a 'bitch, let's fight' stance. Sakura felt Dakota stick both her arms in front of Ino and her, pushing them apart.

"Sakura, let it go. I don't want any trouble." She said, turning back to face Ino. Suddenly, the first late bell rang, signaling that they had only a minute to get to first period.

Ino scoffed, and flipped her hair and walked of, distinctively saying, "This ain't over."

After Ino disappeared into a random classroom, Dakota and Sakura began making their way down the hallway towards their respective classrooms.

"Why would you let her talk to you that way, Dakota?" Sakura said, not facing Dakota as the walked down the hallway. "I'd rather not argue back and forth with someone like that, sometimes you have to be the bigger person and walk away."

Sakura gently grabbed Dakota by her should and turned to face her. "Listen, you don't know Ino like I do, she's manipulative, vindictive and will say or do anything that she has to, to get what she wants, and she doesn't care who she has to hurt in the process." Sakura was facing the floor and trembling slightly. "Believe me, I know."

Dakota brought her hand up to rest on Sakura's forearm. "Don't worry about it, I've dealt with people like her my entire life, and I'll be damned if she's going to try and ruin what Kiba and I have going." She said with a smile.

"So, like you say, Sakura, don't worry your pretty little head!"

Dakota made her way into Ms. Yuhi's class, still irritated about her minor altercation with Ino. She saw Kiba in the back, wearing an orange and green football jersey, and yet another pair of loose-fitted, baggy jeans. He waved at her to come over and sit next to him, giving her one of his famous toothy grins.

Dakota half-heartedly waved back to him and walked around the front and middle desks and sat down next to Kiba. She sat her books down and glanced at the clock, noticing that she had about thirty seconds before the bell rang.

"Kiba, I have a question." She said in an almost monotone voice, and facing him. He same him give her a raised brow out of the corner of her eye. "Who is Ino?" Dakota asked.

"She's the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, a typical, superficial and snobby bitch, she thinks she owns this school or some bullshit." He said rolling his eyes. "Why do you ask?" Kiba questioned her.

"She tried to start a fight in the hallway this morning, claiming that you were her boyfriend and that you was just taking a break, and then she said their would be a problem if I showed up to Naruto's party with you tonight." Dakota said with an almost saddened voice.

Kiba picked up on the fact that Dakota was somewhat hurt by Ino's threatening words. He got up out of his desk and kneeled down one knee next to Dakota...

"Dakota, Ino and are not together, we never were. I had a bonfire at my house this summer, and we both got pretty wasted. I hooked up with her, or at least that's what she told everyone. I honestly don't remember ever doing anything with her." He said, and from what Dakota thought, he sounded pretty sincere.

"Listen Dakota, I wouldn't have invited you to this party if I had a girlfriend, I'm not that kind of guy, okay?" He said, setting his large, calloused hand on top of Dakota's petite ones that were clasped together on the desk.

Dakota couldn't help but shudder at the contact, she felt her face burning and knew that she must have been blushing. She flipped her hand over and returned the contact with Kiba by clasping his hand.

"Okay, Kiba." She said with a small smile. Just then, they heard the late bell ring, and with that, Kiba returned to his seat Ms. Yuhi entered the room to begin her lecture.

The rest of the day was pretty normal, Dakota made her way through the hallways without and contact with Ino, only stopping now and then to make small talk with either Naruto or Sakura. Kiba, on the hand, was nowhere to found for the rest of the day.

As the dismissal bell rang, Dakota was quick to go to her locker, grabbing her book bag and purse and head out to the car. As she made it to her jet-black sports vehicle, she heard a feminine voice calling out to her.

"Hey, Dakota, wait up!" Dakota turned around to see the voice was coming from none-other than Sakura, running to catch with Dakota before she left. "What's up?" Dakota asked her. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a bit, you know, before the game and the party tonight, we could have some girl time!" The strawberry blonde said with a smile.

"Oh, really? That sounds great! I'd love to." The red-head said with a smile, graciously accepted Sakura's offer. "Awesome, I'll meet you at your house around four, you live in the Naka neighborhood, right?" The petite girl asked Dakota.

Dakota replied with a nod and a simple 'mmhmm.' "Great, I'll see you at four!" The blonde said with one of her smiles, and ran off into the parking lot.

"I was thinking that we could go to mall and go shpping, and then maybe get our nails and hair done and some pedicures." Sakura said as she was behind the wheel of her white pink Mercury Cougar.

They were heading to downtown Konoha, not far from Dakota's house. She found out later the Sakura lived not even two blocks down the road from her. When the strawberry-blonde arrived to her house, she insisted that Dakota change out of her conservative clothes for tonight, and had made her change into more, revealing attire.

"Sakura, are you sure about this outfit? I mean, I don't want Kiba to get the wrong idea about me." Dakota said with a hint of worry in her voice. "Don't worry Dakota, you look hot! I'm sure he'll love it." Sakura replied.

"If you say so so." Dakota said as she rolled her eyes. She didn't exactly approve of what Sakura had picked out. Under Sakura's advice, she was wearing a rather short, dark denim skirt and a small black, spaghetti-strap tank top, which was so short the it went down to only just above her navel, exposing her bellybutton piercing and her hip piercings.

Oh, and Sakura just had to make her where heels, which Dakota really didn't like wearing do to how uncomfortable they were. They were black, open-toed and had long ribbons which tied around the ankles. For Christ's sake, she felt like a stripper!

Dakota was leaned back in the passenger seat of Sakura's car, watching the scenery and vehicles pass them by. She sighed to herself as she looked out of the window.

"Hey, what's wrong? You should be excited." Sakura exclaimed, as she was changing the song on the iPod that was hooked up to her car.

"Oh, no, it's nothing like that, I am excited! It's just that..." Dakota paused for a minute as she looked back out towards the window. "I've never really, been to a party before." She said quietly.

"You know, Dakota I just don't get you." Sakura, said in a sweet and comforting tone. Dakota turned to face the strawberry blonde with a questionably look in her eye. "You're absolutely gorgeous, but you say you weren't popular where you're from, and you seem so insecure, and just can't figure out why?" "That's a complicated situation to explain, Sakura." Dakota lied. No, it wasn't complicated. In fact, it was really simple, but Dakota didn't want to deal with the same shit anymore. "I'm sorry, Sakura. Please don't feel like I'm hiding things from you, but I'd like to just forget about my life in New York, it was a very bad time for me." Dakota said with a sincere smile on her face.

"This is a new chapter in my life, I'm done dwelling on the past, I just want to look towards the future." Sakura simply smiled at her and gave her a reassuring nod, showing that she respected Dakota's choice to withhold her past from her.

"Wow, this mall is huge." Dakota said with a wide-eyed look on her face. That had to be the understatement of the century, it was gigantic. Four floors and over a hundred stores, not to mention all the booths and stands.

"Hey, they have the fall collection at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, we gotta' go and check it out." Sakura said with a squeal, as she grabbed Dakota's hang and began to drag her through the shopping center.

As they made into Hollister, Dakota could smell the overbearing scent of perfume from inside the store, which was dimly-lit, with faux palm trees and pictures topless men and half-naked girls in swimsuits. Obviously it's true when they say that sex sells.

Dakota was glancing through the shirts and hoodies, with her headphones in as her iPhone was set on a custom Pandora station. Sakura was already in the fitting room, either screaming in joy or disgust as to whether the articles of clothing that she was trying on looked good or not.

"Argh, no! This shit is so not bananas!" Sakura screamed in the fitting room as she tossed a random article of clothing over the top of the door towards Dakota. "Really, did you seriously just say that?" Dakota said with a smirk and a raised brow. "You're damn right I did!" Sakura said with a huff.

Suddenly, Dakota felt her phone vibrate, interrupting the flow of music that was being pumped into her headphones. She pulled it out of the compartment in her purse that it was placed in, and pressed the home button. The words on the screen read, 'One Message from Kiba Inuzuka.'

Dakota smiled to herself slightly, but on the inside she squealing like a love struck schoolgirl, as she clicked the green messages icon on the screen of her phone.

Hey, what r u up 2? U coming to the game tonight?

Yeah, I'm coming soon, I'm just out shopping with Sakura for a bit.

Oh, sounds fun. I'm with Naruto and the other guys prepping for the game. See you soon, k? ;),

Okay, can't wait. :)

Dakota smiled to herself as she read the text messages back to herself over and over again, until she was broken from her trance by Sakura tapping her on the shoulder.

"So, what do you think about this, for tonight, I mean?" Sakura asked her, twirling around. She was wearing a faded denim skirt, almost identical to Dakota's, along with a hot pink hollister polo with while lettering on it, and top it off she had a white camisol undershirt that just barely hid her cleavage.

"Hey, how come you get to look nice and I have to look like a two-dollar hooker?" Dakota stood up and protested. "Well, if you don't like it, why don't you try something on." Sakura said as she turned around and began walking through the store examining the shelves, Dakota trailing fairly close behind her.

"Like, like..." Sakura as said as she was glancing back and forth and numerous articles of clothing. Her right arm was sideways against her stomach, and her left elbow rested in her right palm while her index finger was placed lightly against her mouth.

The strawberry-blonde suddenly gasped, making Dakota jump slightly. "Like this!" Sakura squealed as she pulled a black and white, loose-fitting dress from a clearance rack. "It's the last one in stock as far as I can tell. Here, go try it on!" Sakura exclaimed as she threw the dress into Dakota's hands and began pushing her towards the fitting rooms.

About five minutes later, the door of the fitting room opened and the red-head emerged. The dress fit perfectly, and hung down to the bottom hem of the denim skirt that Sakura had insisted that Dakota wore. It was black, with white trim and embroidery on it, with black spaghetti-straps the tied up around the back of her neck.

"Dakota, you look gorgeous! It's perfect." Dakota blushed slightly, with her arms clasps behind her back, and her head turned slightly to the side. "You really think so?" She said as she smiled ever-so-slightly.

"Yes! Oh!" She said as she glanced at her phone. "We better hurry and cash out so we can get to the salon, the game starts in only a couple of hours." The strawberry-blonde exclaimed.

About an hour later and a half later, Dakota and Sakura were literally running out of the salon to her car. Sakura explained that even though the school was only ten minutes away from the mall, finding a parking spot for the game would be easier said than done.

"Shit, I hope we can find a place to park, everyone's going to be pissed if I don't get there on time!" Sakura exclaimed, with worry evident in her voice. She was speeding, passing cars left in right, Dakota could here the other driver's on the road honking at her and yelling curse words out the window, she was easily going twenty miles per hour over the speed limit.

"Jesus Christ, Sakura! Slow down, you're going to get us killed!" Dakota screamed, with a look of terror on her face.

"I don't care, dammit!" Sakura shouted. They finally made it to the school, as she turned into the entrance, her tires screeching loudly.

"Oh my GOD!" Dakota screamed, dragging out the last word in her sentence loudly. Sakura spotted an open parking spot, on the very side of the parking lot right next to the football field. She pulled into the spot at last second, cutting off another car. Sakura slammed on her brakes when she entered the spot, narrowly missing the car parked in front of her.

Dakota opened the passenger side door, falling out onto the parking lot, kissing the pavement and screaming 'land!'

"You're insane! How the Hell is it that you got your license!" Dokata said as she got up, pointing her right index finger at Sakura, having her left hand balled up into a fist.

Sakura shrugged, waving her hands up into the air next to her. "I don't know, I guess I'm just that awesome!" The strawberry-blonde laughed.

"So, Dakota, I see you just witnessed Sakura's road rage first hand, eh?" Dakota heard a voice coming from behind her. She turned around to face a boy wearing baggy jeans, a spitfire shirt and carrying a skateboard next in his right hand. He was short, about Dakota's height, but slightly taller and had wild and untamed hair, similar to Kiba's.

His left hand was clasped to the right one of a girl with long, black hair, with an almost purplish tint to it. Her bangs were straight cross against her brow line, and her eyes were clouded over, almost as if she were blind.

"Kankuro, Hinata!" Sakura squealed, as she ran over to give them both a hug. "Dakota, this is Kankuro, and this is his girlfriend Hinata." Sakura said, introducing both of her friends.

"Nice to meet you both." Dakota smiled, and bowed her head in respect. "We better get down to the field! The game's about start any minute!" Sakura said as she grabbed Dakota's hand a dragged her by her hand towards, the stands, while Kankuro and Hinata trailed slowly behind him.

"Come on, Naruto! Get your damn head in the game!" Sakura stood up and screamed in the stands. Dakota covered her ears with both of her ears with her hands, in an attempt to drown at Sakura's screams along with everyone elses in the stands.

Dakota attempted to watch the game, but in all honesty, she had absolutely no idea what was going on. She never really understood or cared for sports, least of all football.

Kankuro laughed at Dakota's confused look. "I take it your not a football person, huh." He said as he glanced over towards Dakota.

"What, oh, yeah." The red-head laughed. "I'm actually here so I can watch a friend of mine." Dakota said, looking down at the field in an attempt to try and figure out which one was Kiba.

"Really, and who's you're friend?" Kankuro asked her. "Um, Kiba Inuzuka." She said with a blush, her head sinking into her shoulders.

"Oh, so your the girl that Kiba keeps going on about." Kankuro laughed. Dakota had a surprised look on her face, Kiba talked about her. She knew Kiba had a thing for her from what Sakura and Naruto had told her, but he didn't know that he openly voiced his opinion of her.

"R-Really? What exactly what he was saying?" She said with an infatuated look in her eyes. "Yeah, what did he say." Sakura added, as she leaned onto Dakota's shoulders with her arms.

"He just keeps going on about how pretty Dakota is, how nice Dakota is, how awesome Dakota is." Kankuro said, making faces in an attempt to imitate Kiba.

Dakota was stunned, no stunned wasn't the word, she was flattered, and she was nearly suffocated to death by Sakura as she gripped her in a bear hug and squealed.

"Don't worry, Dakota, it's a good thing. I've known Kiba since we were kids, and he's a good guy, no, he's a great guy actually." Kankuro said with a smile, his hand making an 'okay' sign.

Dakota put her hand to her mouth daintily as she chuckled at Kankuro's compliments of Kiba. Suddenly, she heard everyone in the stands cheering and screaming.

'...and Konoha scores the winning goal!' The heard over the loudspeaker. Sakura, Kankuro and Hinata began jumping up down, and Dakota followed them.

"Konaha wins once again!' Sakura screamed jumping up down. Her, Dakota, Kankuro and Hinata were waiting at the Sakura's car, waiting for Naruto and Kiba to meet up with them so that they could discuss the plans for the party.

"So, Dakota, what kind beer do you like?" Sakura said nudging her shoulder. "Oh, I actually don't really like beer, I'm more of a smirnoff person myself." She said waving her hands in front of her with a slight smirk on her face.

"Boo, that's weak." Sakura laughed. "Well how about liquor?" The strawberry-blonde asked Dakota. "Well, I like Bacardi Dragonberry, Apple and Watermelon Pucker, Peach Snapps, oh, and Jagermeister!"

"...Wow, that's alot of booze, Dakota." Sakura laughed. "Yeah, I know, but I used them to make mixers, they're my favorite." Dakota said with her right arm up in the air and her index finger pointing upwards.

"Hey!" The heard a voice calling out from across the parking lot towards the school. They all looked behind them and spotted two, built guys, a blonde and a brunette.

"Looks Like Naruto and Kiba are finally done." Sakura laughed. "Hey." Kiba said, facing Dakota. "Oh, hi." Dakota said with a blush and scratching her left cheek with her index finger.

"Took you long enough!" Sakura huffed at Naruto. "Oh, come on, give me a break, we were sweating like pigs on the field and we needed to shower." Naruto retorted to Sakura.

"Well, I guess that's fair. Hey, where are the rest of the guys?" Sakura asked glancing behind Naruto and Kiba.

"They said that they'd meet us at Naruto's place later." Naruto replied to Sakura.

"Alright then, I guess we'd better go. Come on, Dakota, you can ride with Naruto and I!" Sakura said smiling at Dakota.

"If you seriously think that I'm getting into that car with you after today, you're out you damn mind." Dakota with minor annoyance in her voice. "Oh, come on! It wasn't that bad." The strawberry-blonde said with a smirk and a shrug of her shoulders. "Wasn't that bad? You almost killed us you nitwit!" Dakota retorted.

Kiba suddenly stood in between the two of them. "Alright, girls, put you claws away, Dakota's going to ride with me." Kiba said, smiling towards Dakota.

"I-I am?" Dakota said, stuttering. "That sounds great! I guess we'll meet you guys at Naruto's, come on, boo!" Sakura said, grabbing Naruto and forcing him to her car. "Well, we better take off too, we've got some things to take care of before we meet up with you guys. Come on, babe." Kankuro said, swinging his arm over Hinata's shoulder and walking towards his car.

"Well, I'd guess we'd better get going too." Kiba said, smiling and raising his eyebrow at Dakota. "Oh, okay." Dakota said with a blush as she followed Kiba through the parking lot.

The brunette led Dakota towards a large, red Silverado, which seemed to be an older model, probably used. Yet, it seemed like a decent vehicle.

Kiba pulled his keys out of the pocket and unlocked it with the button on his keyring, and opened the passenger door for Dakota. "Well, hop in." He said with a smile.

'Wow, such a gentlemen, this keeps getting better and better.' Dakota thought to herself.

Kiba was driving down the highway, Dakota sitting in the passenger seat next to him. The kept stealing glances at eachother, every time that Dakota would glance at him out of the corner of her eye, she would turn away and start blushing. However, Evert every time that Dakota would catch Dakota glancing at him, he would simply look away and smirk.

Dakota was...nervous, and that was just to say the least. This was her first time alone with Kiba. It seemed to be almost to good to be true, she had only met him earlier this week, and already he had hit on her and invited her to a party with him.

"Hey, could ya' do me a favor? Open my glovebox and grab my cigarettes, would ya'?" The brunette said, keeping his eyes on the road.

Dakota what shocked at this, he never expected Kiba, a jock, an athlete, to be a smoker. "Uh, sure." She said as she opened the glovebox and grabbed a pack of Marlboro Kings from the compartment and handed it to Kiba's.

"Thanks." He said with a smile, pulling one of the cigarettes out of the box with his teeth. "Oh, you don't mind do ya'?" He said with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

"No, not at all, in fact..." Dakota said as she unzipped her purse and began ruffling through her purse, pulling out a pack of Newport one-hundreds.

Kiba gave Dakota a surprised look. "Wow, you don't seem like the smoking type." Kiba said, as he lit his cigarette and inhaled it. "Yeah, well you can blame my big sister Danika for this, I picked it up from her when I was about fourteen." She said as she followed Kiba's example by lighting her own cigarette.

As she lit her cigarette, she took a long drag and inhaled the hot smoke, instantly feeling relaxed as exhaled. She briefly closed her eyes and sank into the polyester of Kiba's passenger seat.

Kiba chuckled at her as he watched her take another drag of her cigarette. He briefly let his perverted side take over his mind, as he took a glance down her frame, seeing her smooth, olive-tone skin shine from the backlights of the meters of his car.

He stopped and gasped inwardly as he noticed strange, horizontal markings on the inside of her upper thighs that were showing from her low skirt.

Are those...scars?' He thought to himself to himself. Dakota fluttered her eyes open from her trance, and noticed the strange face that Kiba was making. "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked with a slight hint of concern in her voice.

"What? Oh, it's nothing. Sorry, didn't mean to eye you up or anything." He said, avoiding eye-contact with Dakota. "It's okay, who said I that I didn't like it?" She said with a laugh and a blush.

Kiba smirked inwardly at Dakota's comment. 'So, I guess she does like me, eh?' He thought to himself as he began to slow down to make the turn for Naruto's street.

Kiba pulled into Naruto's driveway. Dakota figured that this was the place, it was even bigger than Dakota's house, it had it's own gate around it and lots of land. They could see numerous cars parked out front and heard loud music coming from inside.

Once Kiba pulled into the driveway, he unlocked his door and asked Dakota to wait in her seat. As he got out of his truck and began to make his way to the passenger door to help Dakota, he couldn't help but wonder...

'Those scars, did she do those...herself?'

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