toothpaste kisses


and with heart shaped bruises and late night kisses, devine

So they weren't perfect.

Who was?

Being perfect was overrated, boring. Sam told herself this every morning. Be yourself. Be individual. Be exciting. Be Sam. And of course, she needed her little pep talks when things didn't go her way, they stopped her from going off the rails.

Freddie Benson wanted perfect. She knew that, and that was why he had fallen for Carly Shay. But then, one night on the fire escape, he had explained to Sam without her asking or expecting him to, that his love for Carly had become platonic, mutual, as if she were a sister. Because perfect was booooring.

They had been dating for four and a half months now, (and it wasn't seddie, it was sam&freddie, each to their own) and they were loving it. They had enough passion to fill countless stupid romance novels, enough fire to start a war and enough love to keep them together. They were like a force now, a united front against the world. Or against rainy, boring Seattle at least.

As she inspected her love bites in the mirror over time, her eyes could always make them out to look like hearts. They were like that, leaving harsh impressions on each other, yet filled with enough love to keep them coming back to each other.

They just worked.

Every one said they would break up after a while, call it quits, become so frustrated and annoyed with each other that 'they're not gonna last long. Sam's too vicious and Freddie's too stubborn' but hey, they were proving everyone wrong, and they loved it. They were having fun too.

Waking up in his bed, him curled around her, seemed almost natural nowadays, like it had always been this way. They went with the flow and though they argued sometimes, they always surrendered to each other's kisses. Her favourites were when he teased her, kissing her softly and quickly and pulling away a little, over and over again. Kissing the side of her face firmly when they hugged, his fingers drawing patterns on her back underneath her cardigan.

No one had ever made Sam feel like this- no one ever would again.

sam&freddie sam&freddie sam&freddie she would whisper to herself. It made her feel comforted. Their names felt right together. Looked right together, sounded right together.

Sometimes Freddie would even call her Miss Samantha Benson, and it made her heart swell to even think that he considered her to one day be his wife.

Late at night, they would let the three words fall from their lips repeatedly, almost carelessly, they knew their words would be safe with each other.

'I love you I love you I love you'

And they would place scattered kisses all over each other, sending them dizzy.

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