Title: In my mind, in my soul
Author: scyllaya
Artist: kraehi
Beta: beatlemaniac9
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Gabriel/Dean, (one-sided Castiel/Gabriel)
Warning(s): cursing, graphic violence (torture, blood), graphic sexual content (slash, non-con from the metaphysical kind, forced orgasm)
Spoiler(s): S6 finale (written before the season 7 Premier)
WordCount: ~ 21 700
Summary: Gabriel awakens at the side of a brother who is nothing like the angel he remembered. Castiel wants his loyalty, for him to become the one he can trust among all the betrayal he suffered. Dean wants to get the archangel out of the grasp of the new god and for him to help save his lost friend.
Author'sNotes: Sending a very huge thank you for my artist kraehi, as she did an amazing job! I cannot thank you enough for making this many and this quality art for my story. Only the text dividers were made by me. My deepest thank you goes for my beta beatlemaniac9, you are awesomesauce and did an amazing job pointing out my Master Yoda style sentences. I thank my twitter followers in general for not blocking me when I rant and curse about my muse or writing in general. Haha.

Title is from: Paradise Lost – Mouth

Written for the 2011 debriel_mini at Livejournal.




Gabriel was waking up very slowly first just trying to fight down the sheer shock he felt that he was waking up at all. He died, he knew that, he never expected to wake up again as there was no way unless God himself decided to bring him back. The thought caused a burning thread of hope to flare up inside of him. Then, he felt the presence, which was most definitely not his father. It felt strange and wrong... so very wrong, but powerful. Stronger than Lucifer, stronger than Michael, almost all-consuming like the glorious presence of his Father, but not Him... something close and Gabriel was confused. Maybe even scared; he didn't understand this.

The presence was terrifyingly powerful, yet not threatening and Gabriel wanted to see properly, wanted to sense who it was, what it was... there was no doubt that this was the force that gathered the scattered remains of his burnt grace and built him up again, the one who remade his vessel because he could already feel that he was confined in flesh.

He was still waking up, his grace wounded, but strong again. He could only feel with the limited senses of his human vessel. He was lying on something soft, bed probably. The presence surrounded him completely and he could feel fingers on his face, a hand stroking the hair away from his eyes and tracing the shape of his jaw. The touch was intimate, but not in a sexual way, he was touched like a piece of artwork after the master finished his work. It was achingly similar to the way God reached out to him but it was also nothing like it, too cold, too clinical. The sense of wrongness never left Gabriel. He couldn't identify who was with him and it really started to scare him now that he was coming back to himself, because besides God, Death and his older brothers, no force should've been stronger than him, but this creature was, and it was neither his Father, nor Death or his brothers.

He finally managed to open his eyes, his blurry vision cleared out and he found himself staring into familiar blue eyes. The archangel had to suppress his want to flee or struggle or just get away from him but at the same time he didn't know for sure whether he was seeing the one he thought he was.

'Castiel?' he asked in a quiet voice. He got a smile in return that was cold and distant.

'Welcome back, Gabriel,' the creature spoke. Despite it being a neutral greeting, the voice sent shivers down the archangel's spine. He didn't move, he didn't dare to move. Somehow he felt that he wouldn't be able to no matter if he wanted or not.