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Edward ignored the cat as he ran up the hill and fell to his knees beside Bella.

He put his arms around her shoulders, holding her as she pushed.

"I am here, my love," he comforted her.

The cat wrapped itself around them, its sleek fur rubbing against both of them.

"Make sure she knows I loved her," Bella whimpered, her eyes overflowing with tears as she looked up at Edward.

"No. You will tell her yourself," he growled, feeling utterly helpless as he supported her.

He could hear the sounds of the others approaching, but his concentration never wavered from Bella.

Esme arrived just as Bella's scream echoed into the slowly darkening sky.

And then the air was filled with the lusty sounds of her baby crying.

Edward didn't let his eyes stray from Bella as he slowly moved and settled her back against his legs, not wanting her on the hard ground.

Her cheeks were still flushed pink from exertion and he stroked his fingers across the warm skin as he gazed down at her.

She had never looked more beautiful to him.

"Edward, I want you to be happy," Bella whispered, her eyes closing as fatigue pulled at her.

"With you next to me, I will be happy for all of my days," he breathed, bending down and pulling her into the cradle of his arms.

The cat pushed its way between them, it's purring so loud it eclipsed the sound of the ocean below.

Bella slowly opened her eyes and looked at the cat, just as Esme sat a delicately wrapped bundle on her chest.

"It's a boy."


No one moved as the implications of Esme's words sunk in.

They had done it.

Whether it was that Edward and Bella had found each other, or the changing of names…the curse was broken.

The cat pawed at the edge of the blanket, as if it wanted to see the little one.

Edward shifted his hold on Bella and slowly uncovered the baby.

His eyes were wide open, the color a bright green already.

The wispy tufts of fuzz on his head were the exact shade of Edward's windblown hair, but the shape of his face and full lips were all Bella.

"Collin," Bella whispered, her shaking fingers coming up to stroke at his cheek.

The cat meowed loudly, as if rejoicing and nuzzled the little one's arm.

As Bella looked down at the creature, it lifted its head and met her eyes.

The recognition was instantaneous.

"Mother," she gasped.

She cat tilted its head and rubbed against Bella's proffered hand.

And then just like that…as if its job was done, the cat turned and ran off into the trees.

Bella looked down at her son, and then up at Edward and smiled.

"This was how it was supposed to be."


"Is it done?" Alice asked as Esme came walking into the kitchen.

"It's done. She is free. I just hope she can find something to do with the rest of her life now that she won't have to keep up the curse," Esme said, sitting down with a sigh.

They had waited a week after the birth of Bella and Edward's son before Esme went to release Maggie from the binding they had placed on her.

Now, it seemed that everything was fine.

In fact…everything was perfect.


"You have no idea how fabulous this tastes," Edward mumbled around a mouthful of French toast. Right after Collin had been born, his stomach let out a howl and he had not stopped eating since. He was also rediscovering the pleasure of sleep. Thankfully, little Collin was cooperating and allowing both momma and papa some peaceful nights.

"You keep that up and you won't be able to button your pants," Alice giggled as she slid another slice of toast onto his plate.

"Will you still love me if I can't fit through the door, my sweet?" Edward asked, licking the syrup off his fingers and looking at Bella with a twinkle in his eye.

Bella shifted Collin to her shoulder and started patting his back as she pretended to consider his question.

"Bella?" he gasped, choking on his mouthful of food. Bella and Alice started laughing as he tried to clear his throat, his eyes watering.

"I would love you no matter what, Edward," she whispered, leaning over to kiss his sticky lips. The kiss would have progressed further if Collin hadn't decided to fill his diaper…loudly.

"I believe you're up, Daddy," Bella giggled as she handed the little one off to Edward. He cringed and pulled his shirt up over his nose on his way out of the room.

"You look so happy," Alice said softly as she set a cup of tea down in front of her. Bella wrapped her hands around the steaming mug and nodded, a smile spreading across her face.

"I am, Alice. I really am."


The babies were all sleeping soundly, their soft snores and coos adding to the peacefulness of the house.

The weeks had passed quickly since they discovered that they had broken the curse, the days flying by as the little ones grew.

Bella stood looking out the window, her white nightgown sheer in the moonlight.

Collin was down the hall in the nursery for the night with Julia and Amelia, and all three of them would be out until morning.

Edward's hands slid around the gentle flare of Bella's hips as he pressed himself against her back.

"What if it happens again?" Bella whispered into the darkness. "What if he's not safe?"

"Everything the curse said would come to pass has not. I am here and my heart is beating. You are here and we have a son. Bella…it is over," he breathed against her temple.

"Then why am I still so scared?"

Edward turned her in his arms, looking down at her tear-streaked face.

"Whatever happens, we will face it together," he vowed, before he sealed the words with a kiss.

Her hands dove into his hair, tilting his head so she could better devour his mouth.

Edward pulled the straps of her gown down her shoulders, nipping and sucking every inch of skin that he uncovered.

Fumbling hands snuck under the waist of his pants, and soon they were both naked.

"Please, Edward," Bella panted as he laid her down on the bed.

"What, my love? What do you want? Do you want me here?" he teased, stroking his fingers gently through where she was wet and desperate for him.

Her hips pressed down, pleading for more friction.

"Hmmm…I haven't been able to properly savor you since my appetite returned. I must remedy that."

Bella was glad the babies were such sound sleepers as Edward brought her to ecstasy over and over.

When he raised his head and lazily licked his shiny lower lip, Bella felt herself heating up again.

With trembling arms, Edward crawled up the bed, his skin brushing against Bella's as he lined them up.

Her nails sunk into his shoulders as he sheathed himself in her, being gentle as he thrust forward.

"This is right. We are right. Nothing will take you from me," he breathed into her ear as he hitched her thigh over his elbow, allowing him to go even deeper.

"Yes!" Bella cried out, her body shaking as she came yet again.

Edward's lips pressed against her forehead as he released the tight control he had on himself and let the sensations rush through him.

They lay, arms and legs entwined as the sweat cooled on their skin.

The moonlight spilled into the room, the blue glow making them feel like they were underwater.

Bella's hand slipped down his chest, to the faded words on his ribs.

The curse was still written there, on his skin, and that frightened her.

But Edward was right…

Whatever happened, they would face…together.

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