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Annabeth leaned over the prow of the boat, enjoying the feel of the wind in her hair. It was the only place on the ship she could really be alone, especially this close to their destination. Thalia was in her cabin, as she had been most of the voyage, Piper and Leo were making a recording to send to the camp telling them to not kill us, please, and Jason was in the room above decks that Leo insisted on calling the "Command Centre".

'Annabeth? You okay?' Correction- Jason was in the command centre until about ten seconds ago.

'Yeah,' she said stiffly. 'I'm fine. Shouldn't you be, I don't know, steering or something?'

'I've got the Argo II on autopilot. Festus will tell us when we get near the camp. You should go and get changed. It's an hour to landing. The Romans are a stickler for neatness, and you aren't exactly the prime example.'

Annabeth glanced down at herself. It had been a boiling hot summer, and she and the other girls had spent most of the time in strappy tops and shorts, barefoot.

'OK. I'll go now.' As she turned to leave Jason lightly touched her arm.

'Annabeth… I know you're worried about Percy, but he'll be fine. From what you've told me, he'll get to camp safely. The Romans aren't as open-hearted as the Greeks, but once he's one of them, they'll protect him with their lives.'

Annabeth smiled at him, but as soon as she got below decks, the smile dropped. It wasn't so much his safety she was worried about…

Once she was changed into jeans and her Camp Half-Blood t-shirt she stood in front of the mirror. What about jewellery? Her bead necklace, of course, went without saying, but what else? Oh, yes- her silver owl earrings, the ones Percy had loved so much. And as for rings… She picked up a small blue and grey box from the top of her dresser and opened it. The ring inside- Percy had given it to her only a couple of days before he disappeared. It was two bands of metal, one gold, one silver, entwined together with two stones on it. The stone on the silver strand was a piece of turquoise, and on the gold was a shard of grey agate. The stones were the exact same shade as Percy and Annabeth's eyes. The last time she had worn it was when she had kissed him goodbye at the campfire. Now, eight months later, she would be seeing him again.

Annabeth slipped the ring onto the middle finger of her right hand. She didn't dare think about what would happen if he wasn't there.

'Annabeth, you in there? We've nearly landed.' Annabeth ran a brush though her wind-blown hair and pushed open her bedroom door.

'Hi, Thalia. I haven't seen you in a while.'

'Don't forget me,' said a voice. 'I exist as well, you know.'

'Hey, Piper,' she said wearily. 'Has Leo come to join the party?'

'Hell, no,' Piper laughed. 'He's too busy trying to instruct Festus not to incinerate the whole Roman camp on landing. As far as I can tell, it's not working.'

Annabeth bit her lip. 'Thalia, Piper- I'm scared. What if Percy doesn't remember me? What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if- what if he's got another girlfriend?'

Thalia hugged her friend. 'Annabeth, that's just a load of what ifs. Jason had the memory of one person left- I'm betting that for Percy, that one person is you. Of course he'll like you. How could he not? And if he has got a new girlfriend,' she grinned wickedly at Annabeth. 'I'll just have to pound the memories back into him, won't I?' Annabeth smiled weakly.

'Thanks, Thalia. You don't know how grateful I am.'

'Hey ladies,' Leo yelled from above decks. 'You coming or not? We're nearly there!'

Annabeth leaned over the rail as the Argo II emerged from the clouds. They were about a half-mile away from the camp, and could see it quite clearly.

'Well, there it is,' Jason said, breaking the silence. 'Camp Jupiter.'

'It's huge,' Piper breathed.

'Yeah, well, it's not just a camp. It's a whole city. You can spend ten years in the legions, then go to college, get married, have kids, live a normal life.'

'So most of the Romans have never left?' This was Leo.

'Only to go on quests, and they don't happen very often.'

'Riiight,' Annabeth said slowly. 'So, basically, hardly any of them have faced real monsters?'

'Not really, no.' At this point Thalia finally got up enough courage to look over the rail and saw how far it was to the ground.

'Gods, I hate heights,' she moaned. Jason was immediately beside her, one arm round her waist, talking calmly to her.

'It's going to be alright, Thalia. I can fly, remember? Nothing's going to happen, and even if it did, I'd catch you. Alright? You're going to be fine. I'll look after my little sis…' Thalia immediately threw off her phobia and rounded on him.

'Little sis! I was born first!' Annabeth dissolved into laughter.

'What?' Thalia and Jason both demanded.

'You sound exactly like Artemis does whenever Apollo calls her that!'

Thalia looked rather pleased at being compared to her patron goddess, but Jason just snorted and turned back to the rail.

'Looks like they've noticed we've arrived,' he remarked. The other demigods rushed to the side of the ship to catch their first glimpse of the Roman demigods (other than Jason).

The Argo II landed, to gasps from the Roman camp. Leo flicked a switch on his handheld remote and a gangplank slid out of the side of the ship. Annabeth didn't wait for anyone- she sprinted down it and skidded to a stop just in front of the crowd.

'Percy!' she screamed. 'Percy, oh gods, Percy, where the Hades are you?'

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