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A little info: This is my first attempt at a drabble fic, and it's entirely different from my WIP. Chapters will all be exactly one hundred words (I know, I'm crazy – LOL!) I'll be posting two chapters a day until the story ends. That being said, I hope you like it.

Chapter 1 - Summit (EPOV)

Sierra Nevada Mountains…
Beautiful, peaceful, transcendent.

Rising sun, another day.
Spiritual awareness. Enlightenment.
Meditation, yoga, balance.
Nourishment, mental and physical.
Time to hunt.

Dew and fog encompass.
The rustling of leaves and branches.
A black bear, eating berries.

The thudding heartbeat, rush of blood.
Heat radiating toward me.
Mouth filled with venom, prepared to strike.
I stand still, waiting to pounce.

A slight breeze.
A smell. I know it.
Distinct, yet different.
One I haven't smelled in fifty years.
But there's no mistaking.

A craving, so strong.
Course changed.
No longer the bear.
I want.

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