"Now let's try this again," Mr. Schuester said as he walked over to his white board and wrote out 'DUET' in large bold letters with his marker "Can anyone tell me what a duet is?" He asked, turning around to face the entire glee club. After the fiasco that was Sectionals where almost half of his club had defected into Shelby's rival show choir group, the Spanish teacher was glad to see all 13 sets of eyes locked onto him. Rory Flanagan had become a well respected member of the glee club, even if some of the other students in the group liked to mock the way he talked at times.

"Brittany?" Mr. Schue asked, walking up to the blonde cheerleader. "I…" She started, blinking a few times as if she had just woken up from a particularly long nap "What was the question again?" The curly haired man rolled his eyes before turning around and speaking up rather loudly.
"A duet, Brittany! A duet!" He all but shouted before turning around once more and pointing at her in what he thought was an excellent method of teaching but was more of a way of singling her out to the club which quickly began snickering.
"I… Isn't that a girl dude?" She said, more of a question than an answer and the teacher rubbed his temples.
"No, a duet is-"
"When two people sing together, we gets it and we all knew what it was." Santana interrupted angrily, quirking an eyebrow at the teacher and crossing her arms over her chest.

Mr. Schuester took a step back before nodding and speaking up once more "That's right, Santana. So for this week's assignment I want you all to partner up and sing a duet together. This time instead of voting for yourselves I'm going to select a group of impartial judges who will decide who the winner is!" He walked over to his messenger bag and extracted a comically over-sized coupon for what he had labelled as 'An Enjoyable Evening'.
"Let this just be a visual for what you're winning - Two free spins at Color Me Mine, two tickets at Elder Theater, and last but not least, everyone's favorite, a free dinner at Breadstix!" He enthusiastically said as all of the kids began whispering excitedly among themselves.

"May I just say that Blaine and I will be winning this romantic evening?" Kurt stated, placing a hand on his boyfriend's knee and letting his eyes flick across everyone on the lower steps. Rachel laughed a bit nervously before speaking up.
"You really think that you can beat Finn and I, Kurt?" She asked, her voice a bit strained as Finn furrowed his eyebrows and smiled up at his brother in a competitive yet friendly manner.
"Yeah dude, we totally rock." Finn said with a smile as Kurt rolled his eyes and stifled a giggle.

Blaine was shoving away the book that Kurt had bought him for helping overcome his insecurities with his height just as the locker was slammed shut and he took a few steps back in shock. He looked down to see Rachel Berry smoothing down her hair and flashing him a gigantically dazzling smile.
"Uh, hey Rachel what's shaking baco-" He started but he was quickly silenced by the brunette with a wave of her hands.

"Listen Blaine, I know that you are just like me in the sense that we have an insane amount of competitiveness in us. We're the glee clubs shining stars, and we are obviously the most talented. Last year I threw this competition for the sake of a new member but seeing as we have more than the amount of people needed to compete and I doubt that Rory is going to go skipping off anywhere-" She took a deep breath before looking around the hallway as if she was about to say something top secret "I propose that we partner up for this duet. Our voices blend into a perfect harmony, we're the two most talented leads, West Side Story showed our obvious chemistry, and we wouldn't have to worry about people making fun of the height differences between our respective partners. As much as I love Finn, he isn't the best singer and I'm sure he'll understand why I've chosen you as my partner."

Blaine blinked a few times and glanced over his shoulder to make sure that no one was looking. The gears in his mind were turning as he considered Rachel's offer. As much as he loved Kurt he knew that his voice wasn't exactly one of the strongest in the club and he'd probably want to do something over the top with him…
"When do we start practicing?" he asked in a hushed whisper as Rachel gave out a tiny squeal and linked her arms with Blaine.
"Right now."

-The Next Day-

"I'm thinking Blaine and I can do a classical Broadway number, something like I Wish I Were in Love Again." Kurt stated happily with a grand gesture, gently bumping his hip against Mercedes'. They were on fragile territory ever since Mercedes had rejoined New Directions, Quinn of all people had been the one to finally break through to Mercedes right after Shelby's first loss at sectionals. She had been wary of joining a group that had abandoned her but she told her to stay for her friends and the music, not for Schuester or Rachel.

"Well Quinn and I are going to do something jazzy and it's going to be fierce, we still haven't decided yet but I'm thinking 'You Make Me Feel' by Miss Aretha Franklin." Mercedes said with a snap of her fingers as Kurt smiled down at her. The pair walked into glee club as he saw Blaine and Rachel speaking to Mr. Schuester. Kurt tilted his head a bit to the left and smiled confusedly, wondering just what they were speaking about. He walked over to them just as Blaine was telling him that he wouldn't regret giving them the auditorium. Kurt's heart filled with warmth, he must have been reserving the auditorium for them to practice their duet.

"Blaine!" Kurt stated happily just as his boyfriend turned around and gave him a shocked and nervous smile.
"What were you two talking about?" He asked walking forward and playing with the shorter male's bow-tie before he was grabbed by the elbow and gently led away from the rest of the club.
"Just stuff for the duet competition you know…" Blaine mumbled out as Kurt's smile grew wider.
"Oh, and have you given any thought to our song selection?" He asked lightly before Blaine coughed into his hand and gave out a long exhale.
"I'm kinda… Partnering with Rachel." He told him and Kurt's eyes widened. He blinked a few times as his hearing faded away. He could see Blaine's lips apologizing to him but all he heard was static.

Glasz eyes turned to scan across the glee club. Rachel was walking Finn over to Puck and placing their hands on top of each other, Quinn and Mercedes were laughing with one another, Santana was dragging Brittany away from Rory, and Tina was chatting away with Artie as Mike looked dejected right before Rory flicked his ear and they began discussing something amongst themselves. Everyone had someone, except him - once again. He looked over to see Blaine shaking his shoulder lightly and asking him if he was okay.

Kurt gave out a pained laugh and licked his lips before speaking up "Y-Yeah. Just fine." He walked back over to his chair and took a seat next to Mercedes rather than the one next to Blaine. He felt his eyes getting watery and quickly blinked away the tears. Mercedes stopped talking to Quinn before looking over at Kurt worriedly, she placed a hand on his shoulder before speaking up.
"Kurt what's wrong?" She asked in a concerned tone before the brunet looked down at her and gave her a soft smile.
"Nothing… Nothing…" The countertenor bit his lower lip before speaking up again "Blaine is going to sing his duet with Rachel." He whispered out, turning to see Blaine staring worriedly at him by the piano as Rachel leafed through various sheet music.

"Oh… Kurt, I'm so sorry." Mercedes started before she heard the door open, right now her friend was more important to her however. "Who are you going to sing with then?"
A few people screamed, Kurt saw Quinn and Mercedes gasp before he turned his head to see what the commotion was.

"Hey uhh… Anyone remember me?" Sam Evans asked his former glee club.