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"What's going on with you and Sam?" Blaine asked, just a bit of an edge to his voice as he stared up at Kurt with questioning eyes. The boy being questioned turned his head and gave a slight tilt to the left before raising an eyebrow at his boyfriend.
"Can you please elaborate?" Kurt stated pointedly before closing his locker and pressing his books against chest. He started walking down the hallway and glanced over his shoulder to see Blaine following him.
"Oh please, Kurt don't play dumb. The way he looks at you, he follows you around like a lost puppy, and the duet that you two had?" Blaine stated, his triangular eyebrows slanting downward as he followed after the taller male.
"Blaine, you're being ridiculous. Sam is just a friend, not to mention that he's straight. Are you really doubting my faith to you?" Kurt asked, turning around to stare down at Blaine with an offended look.

"No! I trust you, I just don't trust-" Blaine started before a tall blond ran over to them with a large grin plastered over his face. "Hey Kurt!" Sam greeted the countertenor excitedly before pulling him into a half hug before waving at Blaine. "Blaine." He said with a nod before turning back to look at Kurt. Blaine was glaring daggers at Sam now, before turning over to Kurt and mouth the words "him."

Kurt rolled his eyes at Blaine before speaking up. "Hello, Sam. Nice to see you." The brunet stated, his lips tugging up at the enthusiasm that Sam had greeted him with. Sam didn't like him, Blaine was just being paranoid. Sam was straight. It seemed the more time he spent with Sam the more he had to repeat that to himself. "Are you guys excited to see who won the duets competition?" Sam asked, the trio of boys beginning to walk once more. The last period had already ended and they were on their way to glee club.

"Yes! I have a feeling that it's gonna be us!" Kurt said excitedly
"Dude, totally! It'll be my second win in a row, I'm just that good." Sam joked, causing Kurt to slap his arm lightly.
"Don't get such a big head, Samuel. You'll run out of lemons." Kurt quipped causing Sam to give an offended gasp before he wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck and leaned in.
"Take it back or I'll mess up your hair."
"I'll do it! Don't try me!"
"You wouldn't dare."
With that Sam quickly began ruffling Kurt's perfectly coiffed hair.

Blaine was in shock, he had stopped walking and was blatantly gawking at his boyfriend and the blond football player. Kurt was giggling at the fact that Sam was messing with his hair and Sam was in hysterics as well. Every time he even so much as touched a single strand of Kurt's hair the brunet would nearly bite his head off; yet here he was laughing as Sam was ruining his hair. His eyes narrowed and he coughed loudly into his fist causing the pair in front of him to break apart and turn around.

"Yes, well I'm pretty excited for the results too. I hope that Rachel and I get the win. We practiced the song several times," Blaine explained as they all began walking again. Kurt was smoothing out his hair and sticking his tongue out at Sam while Sam made faces at the shorter male. "The choreography was done completely on the spot however." Blaine said with a forced chuckle. There was definitely something going on between these two and it bothered him to no ends that Kurt was lying to him. It was one thing to cheat, but to lie about it?

Blaine glanced at Kurt once more to see his boyfriend nodding absent mindedly at him. He wasn't even paying attention to anything he had to say. Blaine took a deep breath and forced a smile on his face before reaching forward and wrapping his arm around Kurt's waist.
"Let's hurry up so we can see who won." Blaine stated before picking up the pace a bit to leave Sam behind. A look of hurt flashed across Sam's face before he quickly, yet badly, masked it with indifference. He jogged after the couple before skidding to a halt right behind them as they reached the choir room.

Kurt glanced over his shoulder and gave Sam a tense smile - this was it! They'd finally get to see who won. Despite how often he was telling everyone that he and Sam would most definitely be the winners he was actually completely unsure how how likely they were to win. Everyone had given such amazing performances, he was for sure that Brittany and Santana would win after their rendition of "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele. Walking into the choir room everyone was glaring at them and the trio felt a bit put on the spot.

"Finally. While you gays were having your little threesome, some of us were trying to get our free coupon to Breadstix." Santana angrily told them causing Kurt to give and offended gasp and Sam's eyes to widen a bit. Blaine rolled his eyes before he tugged Kurt along and made their way up to a pair of chairs at the top of the steps. Sam followed them up before realizing that there were no chairs and awkwardly made his way down and sat down next to Tina and Mike.

"Now that we're all here" Mr. Schuester started, causing all eyes to turn on his direction, "I think we can finally get to the much anticipated results of the duets competition." The teacher reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a rather elegant looking envelope. Turning over to Finn who was sitting by the drums he cleared his throat and a drum roll was started. He grinned excitedly before making the motion to open the letter.

"Now before I open this I just want to say that the judges thought that ALL of your performances were amazing and tha-"

"Just open the damn letter!" Mercedes yelled out

With that Mr. Schue opened the letter and withdrew the paper from the envelope.

"Kurt Hummel and Sam Evans!" He announced causing Kurt to rip himself away from Blaine's grasp and start jumping up and down in excitement.

"Oh HELL to the NO!"

Mercedes, Santana, and Rachel jumped up from their chairs and quickly started yelling in protest but they fell on deaf ears. Kurt skipped down the steps and pulled a stunned Sam up from his chair.

"W-we won!" Sam stated and Kurt nodded rapidly before pulling Sam into a hug. Sam froze on the spot before slowly returning the hug, wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist and swaying softly from side to side. While the rest of the glee club tried to stop the three divas from tearing Mr. Schuester a new one Blaine remained in his seat. His eyes locked onto the two boys hugging below him.

Kurt turned his head up to look at Sam and smiled at him brightly. "We did it." he whispered to the blond, both of them completely oblivious to the yelling going on behind them or the intense glare that Blaine was shooting them. "Yeah, we did." Sam whispered back, leaning forward and bumping their foreheads together.

"I still can't believe that Santana slashed Mr. Schuester's tires." Kurt said, his tongue poking out of the side of his mouth as he tried to center his lump of clay on the wheel.

"Well Mercedes wrote 'HOOCHIE' on the side of Miss Pillsbury's car…" Sam stated as he molded his clay into a perfect cylinder and started creating an opening for it.

"Well I must admit I probably would have done something too if we had lost, we were flawless." Kurt stated, his eyes flicking up toward his friend, trying to figure out just how Sam was doing what he was doing with his hands.

"Hehe, I thought we were pretty good too." The blond stated as a tiny smirk found it's way onto his face, he was staring at just how cute Kurt looked as he was trying to get his clay ready before he let his gaze fall back down onto his own masterpiece.

"How are you doing that?" Kurt asked, trying to sound as indifferent as possible despite the fact he was jealous of Sam's amazing pottery skills.
"Oh it's just easy, you're just not centering it properly Kurt." Sam said, he got up form his stool and walked over to stand behind the other male.
"You have to put your whole body into it, you can't just use your hands. Like this." He leant forward, Sam's head hovering over Kurt's shoulder and his hands on top of the countertenor's. He ignored the blush that was rising to his cheeks and focused on centering Kurt's lump of clay onto the wheel. Kurt's breathing had hitched the minute that Sam's hands had found themselves on top of his. He could feel the blond's hot breath against his neck and the way his solid chest was pressed up against his back. It was unnerving to say the least.

"Just…" Sam whispered as he moved Kurt's hands and body against the clay to push it into the center of the spinning wheel. "Put your back into it…" He continued, moving Kurt's hands to start hugging around the spinning clay and causing it to tighten and rise into the air. Kurt gulped down a lump in his throat before he finally started following Sam's advice instead of just freaking out over the contact that they were sharing.

"L-Like this?" He whispered out in hesitation as he noticed that Sam's hands were slowly removing themselves from his own.

"Yeah, just like that." Sam murmured back in return, a bright smile tugging onto his lips. "You're a natural." the football player told the shorter male, causing Kurt's cheeks to redden.

"Th-thanks." He stuttered out before the door opened up and a brown haired girl walked in.

"Hey did you guys…" The young woman started before looking at the scene in front of her and feeling as if she was intruding on something very private. Sam backed away from Kurt and gave a sheepish smile. "Hey." He stated embarrassedly as Kurt tried to focus on continuing to throw his clay.

"I just wanted to know if you guys wanted to paint your pottery when you come to pick it up or if you wanted us to do it for you?" She asked, still feeling very rude and awkward.

"Uh I wanna paint mine, what about you Kurt?" Sam asked turning his head to look down at the brunet.

"I want to paint mine as well, I have quite a few styles in mind that I-Aah!" He yelped out as a bit of clay broke apart and smacked him in the cheek.

"Kurt you gotta hold it steady!" Sam stated, moving back in behind Kurt and placing his hands on top of his once more.

"Like this, dude…" The blond whispered and began guiding Kurt's hands around the clay once more.

The woman saw herself out as Sam continued to teach Kurt just how to properly mold clay.

"One day I hope that they build a new restaurant just so we have at least more than three options…" Kurt stated as he twirled his fork around his spaghetti before looking up and smiling shyly at Sam.

"I think this place is pretty good." Sam stated with a mouthful of pasta. "Y'know…" He swallowed his food before continuing and licked his lips messily. Kurt covered his mouth to stifle a giggle as Sam started up again. "Y'know I have another free coupon here since Quinn sorta made me pay for our dinner last year…" Sam told Kurt softly, wincing a bit at the memory. She had accused him of being gay and told him that his impressions weren't working on her…

"Well," Kurt said with a soft tilt of his head "I can assure you that I won't make either of us pay." He told Sam with a tiny giggle. Sam flashed him a bright smile before digging excitedly into his food once more.

"Sorry that you had to go with me, I'm sure this evening would have been much more fun with Quinn or Mercedes rather than with me." Kurt told Sam, giving him a weak smile.

Sam shook his head before Kurt could even finish his sentence "No! Dude, Kurt, I like… I'm having an amazing time with you." He flashed a sideways slightly dopey grin and Kurt felt his ears start to burn up with you. "This is really great and I'm like… having so much fun." Sam's cheeks were starting to redden and Kurt stared at him curiously before nodding gently.

"Me too." He twirled his fork around the spaghetti once more before raising a bit to his lips and eating the pasta.

"Like maybe if you wanted to we could do this again some time, even without all the coupons… I could pay if you want." Sam all but whispered causing Kurt to shoot him another curious glance. "As friends!" Sam quickly added in and Kurt had to stop himself from bursting out into laughter.

"Of course I would, Sam. Whenever you're free I'd be more than happy to have another evening of fun with you." The brunet whispered out with a tiny smile.

"Awesome." Sam stated with a far off look on his face and a giant grin on his face.

"Very much so." Kurt murmured back, as he let his eye flick down back to his food to eat the last bit of his pasta. Sam was already finishing his plate before he heard some weird song start ringing out from under the table.

Sam's fork clattered against the plate before he reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone. He quickly pressed his thumb against the red off button until the phone powered down completely.

"You didn't even check who was calling…" Kurt noted as Sam looked up at him with a bit of tomato sauce around his lips.

"I didn't uh…" He looked as if he was searching for the right words in his head before he cleared his throat and continued "I don't want anything to interrupt our night." Sam said with a bright smile and Kurt shook his head with a light laugh. Sam joined in after before the waitress walked by and slid them the check before taking Sam's plate of food away.

"I'm gonna go use the bathroom real quick, the movie starts at 9 right?" Sam asked and Kurt nodded in confirmation. Feeling a vibration as he watched Sam walk away Kurt reached into his pocket and turned his phone off without even reading who had texted him. He quickly finished his food and placed his napkin on top of the plate. Reaching into his bag he grabbed the coupon and slid it into the folder with the check before getting up and waiting for Sam. There was a part of him that knew that they were blurring lines but he didn't really care right now. He was having fun and he didn't want anything to ruin it.

"Hey," Sam whispered in his ear causing Kurt to jump up a bit. He whirled around as Sam was laughing at how jumpy Kurt was. "Didn't you go that way?" He snapped out at Sam as his cheeks were starting to burn. "Yeah but I came back the other way?" Sam said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world and Kurt pouted just a bit.

"Let's just be glad that the movie isn't a scary one then." Sam told the shorter male who gave him a bit of a side eye.

"Did you leave a tip?" Sam asked as they started walking toward the exit and Kurt shook his head no.

"Kurt!" He gasped, he ran back to the table. Kurt turned around to see Sam stopping the waitress show as taking their cups and Kurt's plate away. He reached into his pocket and grabbed his wallet before giving her some type of bill. Despite the pang of guilt he felt, he couldn't help but smile at Sam's politeness.

"Phew, that was a close one." Sam stated as he jogged back up to Kurt. Kurt rolled his eyes, scanning Sam's face before he realized he still had that tiny bit of tomato sauce around his lips. "Sam you have a little…" Kurt reached out and wiped the pad of his thumb against the sauce on Sam's face. Sam stiffened at the touch, looking like a deer caught in the head lights as Kurt retracted his hand and smiled sweetly at him.

"Shall we go?" He whispered out before Sam nodded absent mindedly and walked after Kurt out of the restaurant.

The movie was some type of musical that Kurt had been dying to see apparently but the movie could not hold Sam's attention for that long. Instead of watching the movie he found himself watching Kurt's reactions to it which were much more interesting than the people singing and dancing on the screen. He saw the way that Kurt's face lit up every time the songs started up and he thought it was really cute. Lots of things about Kurt were cute. Like the way that he ate, he ate all prim and proper like he was in someplace really fancy even though he was just as Breadstix. Sam also thought that the way that Kurt was smiling at the movie was really cute.

It was totally normal though, he could think another guy was cute without being… gay. Sam had for most of his life thought that he wasn't anything but straight. That is until he transferred last year and met Kurt Hummel. Kurt wasn't like other guys though so did that mean that he was still straight? It's not like he wanted to kiss Kurt or anything… Although his lips looked really soft and the way he smiled always kind of did make him think of doing just that. Sam shook his head and angrily turned his attention back onto the movie. This was getting really confusing and it was messing with his head.

There was a barely touched bucket of popcorn on his knee that came with the coupon but they had both just ate at the restaurant earlier and weren't really in the mood for popcorn. Sam reached into the bowl absent mindedly to try and distract himself from thinking more about Kurt when he felt his hand gently hit Kurt's. He turned his head at the same time as Kurt and laughed a nervous smile. Kurt smiled back before grabbing a bit of popcorn and placing it in between his lips. The brunet turned back toward the movie and Sam gave out a tiny sigh of frustration. This was starting to get really confusing… He grabbed a handful of popcorn and all but shoved it all in his mouth.

"Did you know that in the original Broadway production this song was actually cut to save time?" Kurt whispered as he leaned into Sam.

"R-Really?" Sam asked with his mouthful of popcorn. "Mmhm, it's one of my favorites." Kurt noted before turning back towards the screen. Sam swallowed the food down and decided to give up on trying to pay attention to the movie. He turned his head and let himself stare at Kurt. The porcelain skinned teen was smiling brightly at the movie and gasped a bit as someone performed a really cool dance move, or at least that's what he thought it was. He was too busy noticing how Kurt's nose would crinkle up a bit whenever he smiled.

The drive to Kurt's house was filled with comfortable silence and Sam insisted that he walk Kurt to his door step. "Sam, you're making me feel like some preteen going out on their first date." Kurt noted with a laugh as Sam opened the gate for him. "I'm just being nice." Sam explained as he kept in step by Kurt all the way to his door step. "Well I'm safely at my door step now. Thank you so much for driving me to all of our wonderful prize locations. Usually I'm the one driving so it was nice for a change." Kurt explained with a bright smile as Sam scratched the back of his head bashfully.

"Yeah, well I had lots of fun so it was no problem." He rocked on his feet a few times before finally gathering a bit of courage. Just as Kurt was about to tell him his goodbyes Sam leaned forward and pressed his lips against Kurt's cheek.

The brunet's eyes widened and he knew that he was starting to turn very red. Sam leaned back and smiled at him before pulling him into a half hug and running away toward his car. Kurt blinked a few times in shock and realization before he shook his head and waved at Sam. "Bye, Sam!" He shouted out as Sam waved at him. Kurt played with his scarf a bit before reaching into his pocket and opening his door. It was a very nice night indeed.


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