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Naruto laughed as Kiba stuck french fries up his nose. The brown haired mutt leaned his face closer to Naruto and bit his cheek, leaving teeth marks and a reddened cheek. Naruto shoved him away and wiped at his cheek, trying to rid himself of the slobber. Saliva wasn't always pleasant, no matter how much he loved his disgusting friend. He couldn't help chuckling though when Kiba did the same thing to Shikamaru who was sitting right next to him. He felt an immense relief when he looked around and saw all the girls that were there.

This is what he needed. He needed the soft body of a female and their sweet voices. He needed their curves and their bright smiles and their luscious lips and their flowery scent. He ignored the memories of a hard body and firm lips that were trying to resurface in his mind. What happened that night was just a mistake. It wasn't meant to happen and just because it happened it didn't mean that it had to change anything.

He still liked girls. Mhm, yes he did.

He leaned back on his hands and closed his eyes, enjoying the noise of the people surrounding him. He was so glad that everybody could come to the party for it was essential for leading him back on track. Things got a little...out of hand two nights ago but he needed his control back and what better way to achieve that then by showing himself that those past events meant nothing and changed nothing.

There was no better way to achieve that then to surround himself with booze and women, because, who DIDN'T love that? All in all, it was a win-win situation.

He heard the squeals of the girls and opened his eyes to find out the reason of all the commotion. His blue eyes widened and a soft whimper got caught in his throat as he realized what had captured all their attention. He should've kept his eyes closed dammit. At least then he could pretend that he didn't exist.

But to pretend that Sasuke Uchiha didn't exist was well damn near impossible. The man was made to attract attention for he was unbelievably handsome. No...there was no possible word to describe how handsome Sasuke Uchiha really was. For as long as Naruto had known him he was still blown away by the raven's looks and his body.

Damn him. Damn him to hell, that fucking bastard.

Why couldn't the raven just let everything be?!

Why did he have to appear here, out of all places? Naruto was pissed off. What gave him the right to disrupt his life? He was doing fine all by himself!

Why why why why! If it wasn't for the Uchiha bastard then Naruto wouldn't even be in this situation in the first place. The main reason for why Naruto even had to set up an event on such a short notice was because of the fucking bastard that had just walked in.

And said bastard knew what he was thinking, judging by the smirk he threw at the blond as he took a seat in front of Naruto.

Fucking Uchiha.


Naruto turned around as he heard his name being called. He saw the unruly brown hair and immediately knew it was Kiba. Nobody else on campus had crazy hair like that, not counting himself. Kiba was one crazy fucker but that was ok because Naruto was crazy too and together they had a great time.

He waved at Kiba and jogged over to him. They were supposed to meet to go to lunch together but the brunette had been late, not surprising as he was always late, and had Naruto known that the mutt would've taken so long he would've gone on ahead of him. As they walked past the school gardens, they heard the murmuring of voices. The setting was very intimate and was well known for its popularity as the "necking zone", with trees everywhere and shrubs planted here and there.

Naruto looked at Kiba and grinned and the latter rolled his eyes but didn't try to stop him as the blond ran towards the murmuring, in hopes of disrupting a romantic rendezvous. He was disappointed however when Uchiha Sasuke came into view.

Now, Naruto didn't really know the Uchiha but for some odd reason just seeing the raven grated on his nerves. It might've been the cockiness the man exuded or the way he carried himself, Naruto wasn't sure. Sure, he had to admit the guy was attractive. Ok, maybe a little bit more than attractive. And OK, he will admit that the first time he had seen him he was left breathless. But that didn't change the fact Naruto hated him. Just because of...reasons.

While Sasuke's popularity was based on his looks and indifferent attitude, Naruto's was based on his effeminate appearance and rowdy behavior. So, ok, Naruto will admit that he was maybe a little teensy bit jealous of Sasuke's manly appearance and his body. No matter how much Naruto worked out, it never changed his slender build and most people usually mistook him for a girl at first.

Ok, Naruto was maybe just a little bit bitter. But that was definitely NOT the reason for why he disliked the Uchiha. Nope, not at all. And if anybody asked him he would deny it. Perhaps for forever.

Curiosity took over Naruto and as quiet as a ninja, he crept up behind the bushes and crouched down, taking in the scene before him. The raven had his back to him and a girl was facing him. Naruto took in the girl's cute appearance and the letter clutched in her trembling hands. Judging from the girl's nervousness, he quickly deduced that it might be some sort of love confession. He grinned in amusement and turned away to creep back out when he heard a choked sob come from the girl. He turned back and saw the tears streaming down the girl's face. The look of indifference that Sasuke always seemed to carry was still plastered on his face and Naruto felt a twinge of annoyance.

Before he could carefully think it through, he jumped out of the bushes and stomped over to Sasuke.

"Hey, you jerk!"

Ok, so maybe Naruto was stupid. But just a little bit.

He pursed his lips and glared fiercely as Sasuke turned to face him and the girl stopped crying in surprise. Sasuke raised an elegant brow.

"Don't go around making girls cry! The least you could do is change your fucking expression!" Naruto was breathing hard now, his anger getting the best of him.

The girl's eyes widened and she started blushing. She didn't expect for a knight in shining armor to come to her rescue.

Sasuke just snorted,"Dobe."

Naruto's nostrils flared. Ohh, that no good bastard didn't just call him what he thought he did!

"WHAT? What did you just call me, teme?" Not allowing the bastard a chance of responding, he ran and tackled the Uchiha to the ground. He was pulling his arm back into a fist when he was pulled off the raven. Confused and angry, he turned around to tell the person off when his mouth was covered by a large hand. Realizing who it was, he glared at Kiba for stopping him when he was just about the give the no good bastard a very well deserved beating.

Kiba paid no mind to Naruto's glare and instead looked down at Sasuke apologetically "Eheh. Sorry! Pay no mind to the blond idiot!" With that, he dragged Naruto away, hand still covering Naruto's mouth.

Seeing that he wasn't going to be allowed to beat the raven into the next century, Naruto turned his glare to Sasuke, who was still on the ground, looking at Naruto in amusement.

Hmph. Kiba couldn't keep track of him all the time. He'd eventually find a way to kick Sasuke's ass.

And no, he wasn't just using the girl as an excuse for his bitterness. Hmph.


Naruto dropped himself onto a chair. He dragged out a large textbook and slammed his head against it, ignoring the warning glance from the librarian.

Fuck fuck fuck.

He hated math with a passion. When there were just numbers, it was alright. But when they started adding letters Naruto gave up. Mixing the alphabet with math was just NOT cool.

He leaned down to open his backpack when he saw black polished shoes come into view. He raised his head and was met with onyx eyes. His blue eyes widened and he pointed a finger at the bastard he had been looking for all week.

"Teme!" His finger quivered in excitement. He finally had his chance.

The librarian hushed him.

The raven raised an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth quirking up slightly. "Dobe. Careful with the book. Don't want to end up injuring it."

Naruto's mouth snapped close and his eyes widened. Then his mouth opened again, his cheeks reddening slightly "Bastard!"

The librarian stalked over to him and pulled him up by his ear, dragging him out of the library while berating him about disturbing the silence. Sasuke followed along quietly.

As soon as the librarian had left, Naruto rounded on Sasuke, not worried about raising his voice since the bastard got him kicked out of the library.

"Teme! You got me kicked out of the library!"

Sasuke chuckled mockingly, a glint of triumph showing in his eyes. "Ah, I did? I apologize. Let me take you out for some ramen to make up for it."

Naruto's eyes brightened at the thought of ramen. He loved ramen. He observed the raven, eyes narrowed in suspicion now. He didn't like him...but he loved ramen.

Sacrifices would have to be made.


The bastard was cunning, he gave him that. Thanks to the numerous bowls of ramen that the Uchiha indulged him in, Naruto forgot his plans of fighting the raven. And...maybe the Uchiha wasn't all that bad. Nobody who invited him to ramen could be a horrible person.

It was Naruto logic.

In between the small pauses, when Naruto finished devouring his ramen and was waiting for another bowl, Naruto found out a lot about Sasuke. He mentioned his family, his school work, and his after school life. He also mentioned that he was single. Why Sasuke bothered to tell him such a thing, Naruto didn't know.

In admist the grandiose ramen loving, Naruto didn't really care.

He didn't even pay any mind to Sasuke's questions about him.

What did he like? What were his hobbies? Was he single?

Ramen, eating ramen, and yes.

Odd questions, coming from a guy that he didn't really even know. But he wasn't going to complain. Ramen was ramen, and he'd eat it anyway that he got it!


Naruto laughed at Kiba's joke. He threw his head back and his arms flailed around as he tried to grab Liba. He punched him on his arm and laughed louder as Kiba caught him in a headlock. Pretty soon, both of them were rolling around on the grass, laughing like maniacs as they attacked any expanse of skin that was available to them. Messing around with Kiba like this was always a fun time. Sometimes he just needed to unwind and although he could relieve the tension in more creative ways, he liked being able to roughouse with Kiba because not many liked to.

He looked down in confusion though when he felt himself being pulled up off Kiba. He felt the arms tightening around his waist and Kiba smirked in amusement at the person behind Naruto. Naruto turned his head around and saw the familiar duck-butt of a familiar bastard.

"Teme! You interrupted my fight with Kiba, you jerk." The arms around him released him and Sasuke grunted.

"I'm making miso soup at my place. Are you coming?" Naruto brightened. Food. Why didn't he just mention that before?

Naruto nodded and waved at a still amused Kiba, ignoring the arm that slung itself around his shoulders possessively.

Food food food.


Naruto leaned back on Sasuke's couch, game controller in hand, his face scrunched up in concentration as he shot down all the zombies.

He clinking of plates being set down on the table, but ignored it as he got into the next level.

He spent most of his afternoons in Sasuke's apartment and the irony wasn't lost on him as he realized that before he didn't even want to be in the same vicinity as the raven.

But the Uchiha had video games and he was a good cook. With those qualities, Naruto immediately attached himself to Sasuke. He soon even got used to doing his homework with Sasuke and he sometimes even slept over. And Naruto had to eventually admit that Sasuke wasn't such a bad guy once you really got to know him. He was kinda like a cat...once you got past the surly attitude and sharp claws, Sasuke was manageable. Kinda. Maybe.

He paused his game as he heard Sasuke call out his name and slouched over to the table, mouth watering at the smell of food. He inhaled his first bowl and Sasuke looked at him, amusement clear in his eyes.

If Sasuke was a girl, Naruto definitely would've proposed the first time Sasuke had cooked for him.


After the dishes were put away and the table was cleared off, both of them sat around the coffee table, the televison lighting up the whole room. During a commercial break, Naruto looked over at Sasuke. He was still a little jealous of the raven, but over time that jealousy and bitterness was slowly dissolving. At first, the blond had been a little wary of Sasuke. But now, he wasn't even sure of why he was so against the raven anymore.

Naruto scooted closer to Sasuke, who was lighting up a cigarette. Naruto leaned onto Sasuke's side and rested his head on his shoulder. The raven looked down at Naruto, used to his need for closure already.

Naruto relaxed against Sasuke and sighed, content. "Ne...Sasuke?"

The person in question was puffing on his cigarette now and looked distracted.


"You know...you're kind of great. I guess this is why the girls all love you, huh?" Naruto pondered on this for a while, biting down on his lip lightly "You're handsome too. You're probably the only guy I'd be able to kiss." Naruto finished jokingly and laughed as he moved away from Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked and lifted his cigarette away from his mouth "Well, should we?"

Naruto glanced up, his brows furrowed, confusion showing on his tan face, "Huh?"

Sasuke leaned over Naruto, his face inches away from his own,"Do you want to kiss me, Na-ru-to?"

Naruto shuddered at Sasuke's breath hitting his mouth and gasped as lips pressed against his own. Naruto closed his eyes, enjoying the firm lips caressing his. He didn't pay any attention to his mind, which was screaming at him to break away from the kiss. Sasuke's tongue met his, and they intertwined, Naruto letting out a soft moan. They broke away, both breathing harshly, eyes trained on the other. They closed their eyes in unison and their lips met again.


Naruto heard the soft rustling of the bed sheets. He gasped as strong hands roamed over his bare body, fingers playing him like an instrument. He felt the hard callouses of the fingers pressing against his skin, hands slipping down to his hips to grip him tightly. He arched his back, throwing his head back as Sasuke stroked the fire inside him. Sasuke groaned and bent down to kiss his neck, alternating between light nips and harsh sucks, marring the creamy tan skin with red blemishes. They moved together, the bed creaking loudly as the thrusts sped up. His blond hair was sticking to his forehead with sweat and it felt so hot.

He was suffocating.

He tried to breathe but could only manage short gasps. He raised his arms to pull Sasuke down on top of him, his hands roaming over the broad back. He sobbed as he felt the band of pleasure deep inside his snap, and he was engulfed in a hot white pleasure soon followed by the raven who released himself inside him. Breathing labored, Sasuke lifted himself off of Naruto and both met in a languid kiss.


When Naruto woke up, he realized two things. One, that he was in pain and two, he was naked. He hissed as he sat up, trying to ignore the pain. He then realized that there was a heavy weight around his waist. He looked down and saw a pale arm, contrasting with his tan skin, wrapped tightly around Naruto. Blue eyes widened and he turned to his side and saw Sasuke.

Naruto cursed himself mentally. They lost their self-control last night. He couldn't believe he allowed for it to get so far. What started out with a kiss ended with an intimate embrace and Naruto was slowly freaking out. He wasn't expecting that, he didn't know how to react and he didn't know what to even think.

He stared at Sasuke, noticing that he was even more handsome asleep than when he was awake. Blushing in embarrassment for getting distracted, Naruto decided to sneak out of the embrace Sasuke had him in. Lucky for him, Sasuke was a heavy sleeper and in five minutes he was dressed and out of the apartment.

He thought back to last night and flushed. What had happened was a mistake, nothing more. The both of them were so sexually frustrated that they decided to relieve themselves together.

Yeah, that was it.


Which brought Naruto back to his current situation. He couldn't believe that Sasuke was here. How he even got there, he didn't know. He hadn't informed the Uchiha about the party at all. Which was absolutely useless since he ended up here anyway. Naruto had ignored his phone calls and his texts.

And he had organized this party to help him get back on track. Which now was pretty much now useless because instead of paying attention to the girls who were by his side, clinging to his arms, he was remembering what happened two days ago.

He glanced up at Sasuke, who was looking at him but quickly averted his eyes when Naruto met his eyes.

Is he...mad at me?

Naruto didn't know why he felt so disappointed but he was. No, the truth was, he knew exactly why. If Naruto couldn't even lie to himself then there was no point in lying at all. His constantly changing emotions were starting to give him a whiplash and he knew that Sasuke had every reason to be upset with him. Had Naruto been in his shoes, he'd be pissed too.

He heard Kiba's voice from a distance but paid no attention to it, mind still occupied by the raven sitting in front of him. He heard the girls start to squeal and that jerked him out of his thoughts. He looked down at one of the girls in confusion as she dragged him away to a group that was forming a circle on the floor. He noticed the empty vodka bottle on the floor, in the center of the group but lost his focus when he noticed Sasuke join the group with them.

Kiba grinned at him,"We're playing spin the bottle!"

Naruto glared at him. Spin the bottle? With Sasuke in the same room?

Kiba's grin grew at Naruto's glare,"And our host gets to have a turn first!"

Naruto groaned inwardly. He was going to kill Kiba, he should've known that the mutt would've figured it out. He was handed the bottle and spun it half heartedly. His eyes grew wide when he saw who it had landed on and he gulped. He couldn't believe his damn luck. He must've really pissed off someone in his past life. Hell, he must've pissed off every possible deity in the world. His lucky was so shitty, it was unbelievable.

The girls giggled, excited to have two bishounens kiss. Naruto wanted to knock himself out. Or he wanted the floor to swallow him up. Or he wanted to have powers and magic himself to anywhere in the world. Anywhere but here. It would've been the only way to escape this situation, seeing as Sasuke was already moving towards him.

He leaned back as Sasuke leaned forward, but eventually his back met the floor and there was nowhere left to run. Sasuke smirked at him and leaned down to kiss him. No matter how much Naruto was telling himself that he didn't want this, that he didn't want Sasuke, it was all chased away as his lips molded themselves into Sasuke's. He forgot himself and lost himself to Sasuke, ignoring the annoying tittering of the girls and the loud jeers of the guys. All that existed was Sasuke, and his tongue moving against his. All he wanted was to be in this moment forever, with Sasuke's lips against his and his tongue flicking against his and with Sasuke's big hands gently on his cheeks. Sasuke's hands slipped down on his body, grazing against his neck and his hips and eventually moved to cup his ass and Naruto moaned as Sasuke lowered himself down on top of him. They both groaned and with that, Naruto remembered where he was.

He discreetly lowered his hand into his back pocket and grabbed his cellphone. He then gathered all his strength and pushed Sasuke away, avoiding his intense stare and stood up. He walked away, phone pressed up against his ear already, in a half hearted attempt to excuse himself and headed towards the bathroom.

He had to get away from Sasuke, or else he might've done something that he would not be able to take back.

As soon as he was sure that nobody was following him, Naruto pulled his phone away from his ear and put it away. He ran his slender fingers through his already unruly hair as he finally arrived to the bathroom.

Hopefully, he'll be able to hide out and compose himself for a few minutes at least.

Sighing, he opened the door and immediately headed to the wall, leaning back on it as he ran his hands through his hair again. He was agitated and frustrated and he really didn't know how to even begin to deal with it. A part of him wanted to just give into his feelings but he really had no idea how he would even address it, especially to Sasuke.

He groaned as his hand reached down to slightly cup his growing erection, he grinded his palm against it and hissed. He could not believe that a simple kiss could make him lose so much control.

If he hadn't realized just how far he let Sasuke go then Naruto was absolutely sure that Sasuke and him would've given everybody a free show. He didn't even bother denying it anymore. All this running left him feeling exhausted and he had no idea why he even bothered anymore. All it managed to do was confuse him more.

His head jerked as the bathroom door opened and in stepped the object of his thoughts. Naruto grimaced.

He should've know the bastard wouldn't leave him alone after that kiss. Stubborn bastard.

Sasuke smirked as he walked up to him,"Are you done with your phone call?"

Naruto ignored the question and turned his head away,"Why are you here?"

Sasuke stepped closer and grabbed him by hips to pull him in closer,"You look as if that kiss wasn't enough."

Naruto blushed but still refused to meet Sasuke's eyes. He'd be damned if he gave that bastard the satisfaction,"Teme..." Not finding the right words to say, Naruto reached up to tangle his fingers through Sasuke's black locks and his head raised to meet Sasuke's as his lips smashed against his. Both groaned and Sasuke grabbed Naruto's thighs and pulled him up as Naruto wrapped his legs around the raven's waist. Sasuke grinded into Naruto and their mouths separated as Sasuke's lips trailed down to the tan neck he had marked two days ago.

"Are you done running?" Sasuke asked while sucking on his neck.

Naruto pouted. How did he even know that?

His eyelashes fluttered as Sasuke pressed him up against the wall. Naruto didn't even care anymore. Not when Sasuke was grinding their erections together like that. He gave up. He was done running away from his feelings. It hadn't really worked the first time and he was sure it wouldn't work if he tried it again.

Damn teme.