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Arms wrapped themselves around a slender waist and a raven head leant down to kiss the tan shoulder of the blond. Naruto sighed, content, as Sasuke nuzzled his neck and kissed his neck lightly before leaning back.

Naruto turned in his arms and brought his hands to lock around the back of the other's neck.

"You're a bastard, you know that?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow and gave his usual response of "hn" as he leaned down to peck Naruto softly on the lips.

Naruto rolled his eyes and untangled himself from the raven and tried to pull away when Sasuke grabbed his hips to press them closer.

"No, no, no. We have to see our friends, Sasuke, you're not getting out of this. We haven't hung out in a while teme and dammit, you're fucking going and that's final," Naruto wagged his finger in Sasuke's face and almost poked his eye out.

Sasuke gave him an annoyed glare and finally let him go.

"They're your friends, not mine. Please enlighten me as to why I am being forced to go to your...ridiculous reunions, dobe." Sasuke walked to the kitchen, grabbing an apple and bit into it as he tried staring down Naruto.

Damn dobe. If only he didn't look so damn sexy most of the time, Sasuke would have an easier time ignoring him and pretending he didn't exist when Naruto tried pushing him into "hanging out" with "friends".

Naruto walked over to Sasuke and smacked him on the head as if he knew what he was thinking.

He probably did.

They've been dating for a year now and during that time, Naruto had developed a skill of reading Sasuke like a book. Sasuke would've minded, if he wasn't being repaid with great sex, that is. Sure, he usually had to argue with Naruto to get it, but sex was sex and he was happy in whatever way he got it.

Preferrably with Naruto of course. Naked. Very naked. And very aroused.

Because of course when Naruto was turned on he did that thing where he bent in incredible ways so Sasuke could reach -

Naruto smacked him on the head again.

Sasuke rubbed his head with a sigh.

"Stop being a pervert when I'm talking to you! Get dressed, the gang is waiting for us at the bar," and with a last glare, Naruto marched off to ready himself and to escape Sasuke's clutches.

Sasuke glared at the door Naruto had slammed behind him and scowled.

Just when it was getting to the good part.


Naruto dragged Sasuke along, pulling him by his arm as soon as he saw his friends sitting down waiting at the bar for them.

"Teme, hurry up, you're so slow!" yelled the hyperactive blond, nearly pulling Sasuke's arm out of its socket.

As soon as they got close, Sakura squealed and ran up to hug Naruto in greeting, blabbering on about her latest boyfriend and then turned to give a cool glare to Sasuke. Sasuke glared at her and sat down beside Naruto, an arm slipping around the small blond. Naruto subconsciously leaned in closer to Sasuke as he chatted with his friends and started chatting about their latest adventures. They hadn't seen each other in a few weeks and Sasuke definitely wasn't making it any easier with his antisocial ways.

Naruto took a pause in his ramblings as he spotted a person he hadn't noticed before sitting at their table. He had silky black hair, very pale skin, and dark eyes and looked strangely a lot like Sasuke.

He blinked, confused, and looked at Sakura and Kiba questioningly.

There was a new person? How come nobody had told him?! He liked new people. Naruto pouted and decided to introduce himself because he was Naruto and dammit if he didn't like introducing himself to random people. Friendly Naruto, all around!

Too bad that just as he opened his mouth for an introduction, the Sasuke look-a-like opened his own and let out a "Heh. Dickless."

Naruto's mouth snapped close, his teeth clanking together in surprise.

Did he just...did that...was he just...but...dickless?!

"Hey, I'll show you dickless!" Naruto growled, more than fueled up to prove this asshole wrong.

Sasuke's grip around him tightened and he glared at Naruto in warning. He knew what Naruto was thinking and there was no way he was about to let his boyfriend drop his pants in front of other guys. He'd gouge all their eyes out. Only Sasuke could see Naruto's goodies. Sasuke then turned his glare to the stupid idiot who dared talk about his boyfriend's penis in front of him. He was going to pay.

Their friends just sighed and shook their heads. This always happened when they invited the couple out. Sakura got rid of the problem by pulling said stupid idiot far away by the ear. Sai would thank her later.

Naruto crossed his arms, still pissed off that his manhood was questioned and he muttered to himself angrily. Sasuke glared at the air, vowing to find that black hair look-a-like and kill him in his sleep.

Kiba, who was sitting across Naruto rolled his eyes.

This always happened.

Stupid idiotic couple.


Later on, Naruto's mood had improved with a few drinks and he said goodbye to his friends and made promises to meet again soon. He grabbed Sasuke's hand in his, lacing their fingers together as they walked into the cool night. The night was still young and it was beautiful out, the stars shone brightly in the sky. Naruto gazed up at them, Sasuke gripping his hand tight to ensure that the blond didn't fall on his face as he walked, distracted.

"Ne...Sasuke?" Naruto squeezed the raven's hand.


"You know, you're my longest relationship."

Sasuke turned to Naruto with a raised eyebrow and a silent question in his eyes.

Naruto rolled his eyes "Yes, really, asshole."


"I'm being serious! I've never been with anyone for longer than 2 months."


"No, that doesn't count, that was like a week. How about you?"


"Yes, one night stands don't count!"


"Teme, you're such a slut, I swear, I'm lucky I didn't get any STDs."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, already used to Naruto's uncanny skill of decoding his grunts. Despite the odd questioning, Sasuke could only agree with Naruto. He'd never had a relationship that lasted for more than a few days. With other people, he grew bored of them quickly. They provided no challenge for him. With Naruto however, it was different. As cheesy as it was, and fucking swear to never tell Naruto because of the hell he'd get, the first day he saw Naruto, he knew that he was different.

He knew that Naruto was for him. He fought for the damn dobe, stupid idiot that he was, didn't notice his advances. He had a hard time fighting off all the people that wanted the blond, because like hell Sasuke would allow anybody else to have him. He didn't even worry when Naruto ran off after their first time, becase he knew he'd have him again after, there was no way he would even consider letting the blond go. Sure, Naruto had had a few freak outs afterwards even then, but Sasuke was a persistent bastard. What he wanted, he got. Naruto got used to the idea soon enough anyway, running away never helped.

Sasuke smirked to himself.

Naruto swung their hands around, jarring Sasuke out of his thoughts. He raised his blue eyes to meet Sasuke's black ones and smiled softly at him.

Naruto leaned against Sasuke, snuggling up to him as Sasuke unlaced their hands and wrapped his arm around the blond instead.

"Mm, Sasuke, love you," Naruto mumbled into Sasuke's shirt.

Sasuke didn't reply. He leaned down and kissed Naruto's cheek and nuzzled him.

Naruto smiled. He already knew, it didn't need saying.


Naruto was shoved hard against the apartment door and Sasuke's hands reached down to cup his ass. Naruto moaned, lips meeting his in a hard kiss, teeth nipping and tongues roaming. Sasuke grabbed Naruto and hoisted him up on the door. Naruto got the hint and wrapped his legs around Sasuke's waist, their lips never leaving each other in the process. Sasuke pressed Naruto into him, making him feel how much the blond was affecting him and Naruto moaned in response, head falling back with a soft "thump" against the door. Sasuke's lips trailed down to the tan neck, biting and nibbling on the unblemished skin, determined to leave a mark. Sasuke rutted against Naruto, the blond grinding down against him to match his pace.

"Mmm, wait, Sasuke, Sasuke."

Sasuke gave Naruto an annoyed glare.

"Don't look at me like that, teme. We're out in the hall, the least we can do is get inside before the old lady from next door decides to come see what all the noise is about."

Sasuke groaned and searched for the key, still in the same position. He found the tricky key deep inside his pocket and he fumbled with the lock as he tried to quickly open the door. The door opened suddenly and the force made both of them fall into a heap on the floor.

Naruto groaned beneath Sasuke but started to laugh. Sasuke looked down at Naruto, who was red faced and slightly wheezing and chuckled and soon both of them were laughing like mad men.

As soon as the laughter died out, they both looked at each other. Naruto reached out a hand to tuck Sasuke's hair behind his ear and leaned in. Soft lips met in a gentle caress, Sasuke's hand reaching up to cup Naruto's cheek. They broke apart, their breath mixing with the other, eyelashes brushed against each other as they both stayed in that position and simply enjoyed the moment.


Sasuke, however, was not easily deterred and as much as he loved laughing with Naruto, he loved being able to make him scream out his name even more. He couldn't wait to taste Naruto.


He pulled Naruto up with him and wrapped his arms around his waist, his hands sneaking up under his shirt. His thumbs traced the dips in his back and Naruto's hands reached up to cup the sides of Sasuke's neck. They both silently kicked off their shoes and the blond tilted his head up and mouthed at Sasuke's collarbone, lightly nipping the skin he found there. Sasuke let out a groan at the hot mouth that was now nibbling at the sensitive flesh.

He could think of better places of where he could place that mouth.

As Naruto continued on marking his neck, Sasuke lead them both towards the bed, although it was a bit difficult with Naruto's inability to detach himself from Sasuke. That mouth was too distracting and it was with surprise that Sasuke found himself sharply shoved back onto the center of the bed. It was dark out and they had been in too of a desperate need for each other and they had forgotten to turn on the lights. As Sasuke's eyes slowly adjusted to the lack of light, he could make out enough of Naruto's face, the small amount of light provided from the moonlight casting shadows across his form. He watched warily as the beautiful blond slinked towards him, crawling slowly to join him upon the bed.


Naruto's finger landed on his lips, interrupting him. Sasuke glared at being hushed but knew better than to annoy the blond at the moment. Sasuke pushed himself back to rest on the headboard and relaxed as he waited for his dobe to make a move. Most days, Sasuke was the one to take control and he was perfectly fine with it. But other days, rare days, Naruto wanted to be the one to make the rules in bed. It didn't happen too often but when it did, Sasuke made sure to take advantage of it. He wasn't patient at all but the results were always so satisfying. He was already so hard but felt his dick give another twitch at the thought.

Naruto threw him a coy smile as he pulled off Sasuke's shirt and then that distracting mouth latched itself onto his neck once again. His teeth worked against his neck and Sasuke slightly winced at the sharp sting. Naruto used his tongue to lave soothingly in apology and then led a blazing trail down, pressing wet kisses along the way. His hands explored the pale skin with a patience that Sasuke really didn't have.

Trust the blond to be the biggest tease in the world.


Said blond glanced up at the raven and smirked. He could tell that what little patience Sasuke had, was quickly running out. The little shit.

"Any day now, dobe."

Instead of replying back, Naruto simply leaned in to peck him on the lips. It was meant to be a chaste brush of the lips, but Sasuke wrapped his arms around the blond and pulled him in to deepen the kiss. He bit down on the other's bottom lip and slipped his tongue into the warm cavern. Naruto tasted of ramen and beer, he tasted sweet and salty and bitter and Sasuke couldn't get enough. He could never get enough. He wrapped his tongue around Naruto's and sucked and had he not been listening, he would've missed Naruto's soft whimper. The kiss wasn't sweet and it certainly wasn't innocent, it was wet and hot and filthy and desperate.

He almost didn't notice Naruto's hand traveling down once again and landing on the buckle of his belt. He pulled away from Naruto, both of them softly panting as they tried to breathe once again. He watched Naruto's hands undo his belt and deftly unbutton his jeans. He licked his lips, still savoring Naruto's taste as the blond unzipped him, impatience now noticeable. Sasuke's hand reach down to grasp onto the hem of Naruto's shirt and quickly pulled it up because dammit why wasn't the dobe already naked, they were wasting time, fuck. Naruto complied but pulled on Sasuke's jeans and Sasuke quickly helped, kicking them off. Sasuke's hands slipped down to unbutton Naruto's jeans and the blond took the hint and slapped Sasuke's hands away and inched them down, looking up at Sasuke's beneath his lashes with a sly upturn of his lips, until he had them completely off.

Fucking tease.

Impatience soon winning out, Sasuke grabbed the now half-naked blond and turned them, swiftly switching their positions.

He let Naruto have his fun already and now...now it was Sasuke's turn to drive the blond crazy.

Naruto pouted up at him and he huffed, his blue eyes narrowed in anger as if he knew what Sasuke was thinking.

The raven just raised an eyebrow at him. The dobe couldn't stay mad at him forever, Sasuke had his ways of winning him over. Plus, sex was the only thing that ever shut Naruto up.

The pale skinned man ran his hands up and down Naruto's sides, his hands lightly brushing over Naruto's dusky nipples and watched as blond lashes fluttered, a soft blush already appearing on Naruto's cheeks, spreading down to his chest. He pressed pale pink lips against tan skin and sucked hard at random intervals, already knowing that by tomorrow, Naruto would have dark hickies all over his body. He hummed at the thought, loving that Naruto would be wearing proof of Sasuke's ownership. His mouth moved on to the dusky nipples and his tongue rolled the pebbled skin in his mouth. Naruto softly moaned and he turned his face into the pillow he was resting on, hiding his flushed face. Sasuke held onto the waistband of Naruto's boxer briefs and pulled them off, running his hands over the smooth skin of his legs. They were slender and long and so fucking deliciously tan and Sasuke couldn't wait until he had them wrapped around him. He nipped Naruto's knee as both of his hands held onto his legs and spread him out obscenely. His eyes feasted at the sight that Naruto presented and he growled knowing that it was his.

"Teme..." Sasuke ignored the blond, already feeling the other's embarrassment as his black eyes roamed over his body.

Naruto's cock was flushed red and precum was already leaking from the top. Sasuke got in closer to lick at the salty bead and Naruto arched off the bed in surprise. Sasuke grabbed a pillow from the side and pushed it under Naruto's ass. Sasuke leaned in closer and the new angle helped him to see Naruto better. From this angle, he could see the pretty little pink hole that rested beneath Naruto's balls. Sasuke's hands reached underneath Naruto to spread him further and he watched the wrinkled pucker twitch at the movement. Sasuke groaned and used one of his hands to reach down to press up against his erection in an effort to relieve it. Above him, he could hear Naruto's quiet gasps and hitched breaths as his spread legs trembled beside Sasuke's head. He inhaled the musky scent that belonged soley to Naruto and without further ado, stuck his tongue out and licked a quick stripe from Naruto's balls to his hole. Naruto squealed from up above and Sasuke chuckled darkly. He leaned back and used both of his hands to hold him open, his thumbs resting on the sides of his hole. Sasuke devoured the sight greedily, both of his thumbs pressing hard to spread him even more and watched as Naruto's pretty pucker winked at him. He flattened his tongue out to press against it, enjoying the earthy taste that was all Naruto. He flicked his tongue back and forth, tightening his hold on Naruto as he squirmed. He glanced up quickly at Naruto and saw him try to quiet his cries of pleasure. He smirked and pressed his mouth against Naruto and sucked hard.

Naruto screamed.

Sasuke's tongue poked and prodded and laved and his mouth sucked and Sasuke lost himself in the feel and the taste and Naruto's gasps and then, he let go. He could eat out Naruto all night long and he would, the night was young, but Sasuke was so hard that it hurt and he could already feel that the front of his boxers were wet.

He shoved them off hurriedly, his cock bobbing up awkwardly and already leaking and leaned to the side to rummage through the side drawer where he knew they kept the lube.

"Sasuke..." finally feeling the small tube, he turned his attention towards the blond and faltered slightly at the sight.

Naruto has one of his hand around his cock, slowly jacking off for him. His other hand fondled his balls and slowly dipped to trace around the wrinkled ring of skin that lay beneath them.

Sasuke's mouth went dry and he swallowed, almost forgetting what he was supposed to do. Naruto's blue eyes twinkled in amusement at that and his pink lips slightly turned up at the corners as he tried to surpress his smile. Naruto laughed as Sasuke growled and pulled his busy hands away to pin them up above his head. The raven bent down to capture Naruto lips, still feeling Naruto chuckling into his mouth.

Well, that just wouldn't do.

He continued kissing Naruto, mouths passionately slanting against each other and used one of his hands to open up the bottle of tube. Giving him one last tender press of the lips, Sasuke pulled away from Naruto and slathered an almost indecent amount of lube over his index and middle fingers. He quickly warmed the cold lube between his fingers, before he scooted down to his previous position. His fingers reached down to Naruto's pink hole and he pressed his index finger against it, watching hungrily as he slipped his finger in slowly. He licked his lips as the pucker swallowed his finger, biting down hard on his lip at the hot heat that surrounded it. He looked up at Naruto, to make sure that there was no discomfort in his face and when the blond looked down at him with a soft tender look in his eyes and nodded, Sasuke softly kissed a tan thigh and inserted his middle finger to join in with the other. He waited a moment and pushed both fingers up to the knuckle into Naruto, the blond throwing his head back against the pillows as Sasuke began scissoring them in and out at a leisurely pace. He wanted to desperately be inside Naruto's heat but he wouldn't dare to cause him any unnecessary pain so he took his time putting in a third finger and opening Naruto up for him. Soon enough, Naruto was pressing himself down onto his fingers, squirming underneath him, crying out.

"Sasuke...please...more...fuck me."

The blond's whimpered and moaned wantonly and the way that Naruto was taking his fingers to eagerly...there was nothing more that he loved in these moments than making Naruto lose control. His pupils were blown wide, only a sliver ring of blue around them. His body was flushed and his lips were swollen from so much mistreatment. He was the only one who could see this, the only one that would ever see this.

"So fucking beautiful...so tight, I'm gonna fuck you baby, fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week," Sasuke leaned down to whisper filth into Naruto's ear, his fingers speeding up their pace as he searched for the little bundle of nerves.

"Ah!" Sasuke grinned, triumph in his eyes as he finally found Naruto's prostrate and stroked it his fingers over it. Naruto tried moving his hand up to touch himself but Sasuke bit his neck in retaliation.

He wanted Naruto to cum on his cock.


Sasuke smirked at the choked cry.

Kami knows how the fuck he hasn't blown his load yet, but he supposed that constant sex with Naruto helped improve his stamina over time. If he didn't move fast though, he knew he wouldn't last long and fuck if he didn't love coming in Naruto.

He pulled his fingers out and ignored Naruto's protests as he poured lube over his cock. His hand smoothed it over and he sighed at the stimulation, slightly alleviated at the friction.


Sasuke chuckled at Naruto's impatience and bent down to give him a quick kiss. He couldn't blame him of course, he was just as eager to be inside his dobe.

Finally, he moved over the blond, resting between his spread thighs, rubbing his cock over his hole for a few seconds and then guided himself into the blond. Naruto groaned loudly, biting down on his hand. He leaned back to watch as the ring of muscles gave away as he pushed his cock in slowly. He bit his lip at the view. He pushed himself up into the hilt, bottoming out, balls smacking against Naruto's bottom.


No matter how many times they have had sex, and there have been many many times over the last year, Naruto was always so tight around him. So hot.

Naruto wrapped his legs tightly around Sasuke, locking him in.

"Fuck me."

So perfect.

Sasuke set a hard pace, his hands gripping Naruto's hips tightly. He watched as Naruto's greedy hole took him in and clenched down on his cock when he withdrew. Naruto matched his pace, his legs unlocking around Sasuke to dig his heels into the bed and he worked himself harshly onto Sasuke. Sasuke's balls smacked lewdly against Naruto's ass with each thrust and Naruto cried out at the sound. The blond clenched the sheets in his hand, pink mouth falling open with soft 'ah ah ah's, and cock bobbing with the force of Sasuke's thrusts. Naruto's hole squelched loudly from all of Sasuke's previous thorough preparation and Naruto blushed as Sasuke smirked down at him, black hair wet from sweat and falling in his face.

Sasuke loved fucking Naruto. His crazy, loud, gorgeous boyfriend. He loved the heat of him, he would never tire of it, each time was just like the first.

His dobe.

His thrusts sped up and the bed creaked loudly. The headboard slammed against the wall with each forceful thrust and Sasuke idly wondered whether their neighbors would hear them this late at night. Had he been a better man, he probably would've told Naruto to silence his cries of pleasure but Sasuke was selfish and he didn't really care about anybody else other than the blond that he was fucking right now. Let everybody hear how much Naruto belonged to Sasuke.


Sasuke reached down to stroke Naruto's shaft and the blond screamed as he came, his hole clenching tightly around Sasuke, cum spurting over Sasuke's hand and Naruto's stomach. The raven knew that he wasn't going to last long either and both of his hands slipped from Naruto's slick hips to hold on his legs. He placed both of Naruto's legs over his shoulders, thank Kami for Naruto's flexibility, and leaned forward, pounding Naruto into the mattress. He thrusted once, twice, three more time before the force of his release nearly whited out his senses as he came inside his blond. He groaned loudly, hips stuttering against Naruto. His legs fell off his shoulders and Sasuke nearly collapsed on Naruto as he tried catching his breath. Naruto wrapped one leg around Sasuke, sighing happily and stroking Sasuke's back soothingly.

"Mmm...love you teme...now get outta me," Naruto smirked and pushed Sasuke off.

Sasuke huffed in amusement and kissed Naruto tenderly, extracting himself from Naruto. He pushed himself off and moved down between Naruto's legs, his fingers prodding the blond's entrance as he smugly watched his cum trickle out.

"Freak," Naruto mumbled out sleepily.

Sasuke smirked and pulled the covers out from underneath them and pulled it over themselves. Naruto placed his head on Sasuke's chest and within a few minutes was already asleep.

Sasuke glanced down at him and fondly kissed his head, sweeping back his bangs.

They fought often and drove each other crazy sometimes but...

There was nobody else Sasuke would rather be with.


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