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The oven beeped as it announced that the third batch of cookies were ready. Megan opened the oven and levitated the hot plate over to the stove. Just as she was spreading a towel over the freshly-baked goodies, she heard a strange wailing sound from somewhere inside the other rooms. She removed her apron and started tracing the sound.

After a few moments of listening she was able to pinpoint the origin of the wail from inside Wally's room. After receiving no answer when she knocked, the martian opened the door cautiously. No one was inside so she shrugged and closed the door. He mind was probably just playing tricks on her. Heading back for the kitchen, the wail sounded again but this time it was coming from behind her.

Swiveling around, she spotted a strange furry creature sitting calmly a few feet away. Crouching down to inspect it, she racked her brain trying to identify the creature. Pointy ears, wagging tail, orange fur and green eyes...

"Hello Megan," she exclaimed when she realized what was standing in front of her. "You're a cat. Strange. I never knew Wally owned a cat..."

She trailed off as the feline started approaching her. Unsure of what to do, she reached out her hand and gently patted the top of it's head.

"Recognized, Robin. B01," the mechanic voice rang through the hall. Megan smiled, glad that she would be able to share this discovery with someone.

"Robin, could you come here for a second," she shouted, glad when she heard his footsteps approach.

"Hey Me- why is there a cat in here?" Robin looked the small animal over, seemingly displeased.

"I heard it crying and found it inside Wally's room," Megan explained, smiling when the cat walked closer to Robin. The acrobat backed away, obviously not trusting it. "I'm not touching anything that came from KF's room."

"Come on Robin, he's so cute." The orange fur ball perked up at Megan's words and jumped into her arms. It started purring loudly and Robin rolled his eyes. "Recognized, Artemis. B07."

The Martian's eyes lit up and she levitated over to the transportation tunnels to find Artemis.

"Hey Arty. Look what Miss M found."

The blonde looked from Robin to Megan to the ginger ball of fur resting in her hands. "Is that a.. cat?"

"Isn't it just adorable," the other girl squealed, making her way to Artemis. The cat was still purring but as the archer moved her hand forward to pet it, the cat lifted it's head and hissed loudly. Pulling back her hand as if she was burnt, Artemis glared at the cat. "Well isn't he just adorable" she said sarcastically, causing Robin to snicker from his place behind Megan.

"Where did he come from anyways? Another one of Superboy's strays?" the archer asked, still glaring at the stupid furball.

The dark haired boy smiled. "Actually we found him in Wally's room."

Artemis frowned. "Well then I'm glad I didn't touch it."

Robin's chuckle was drowned out by the robotic voice and the shining blue light coming from behind Artemis. "Recognized, Aqualad B02. Suberboy B04."

Both of the boys walked through the tunnel and instantly became curious when they saw their other teammates huddled around something. Connor walked up behind Robin and easily looked over his head. That's when he saw the cat.

"Since when do we own a cat?" he asked, causing Kaldur to step up to the group. "We don't. It's Wally's," Artemis explained grumpily.

Megan backed up so everyone could have a look at the now sleeping cat. Everyone instantly moved closer to get a better look except Artemis. She liked animals but she could hold a grudge to anyone that made her mad. And speaking of being mad. "Hey, does anyone know where that cat's owner actually is?"

All four turned to Artemis, realizing that she had a point. Even though Wally had had a day off, they thought he would have returned by now. Just as everyone was pondering the whereabouts of their friend, the snow colored wolf walked into the room in search of his owner. He instantly spotted the other animal in the room and started growling. The cat's ears twitched before it opened it's eyes. Spotting the wolf, it jumped from Megan's embrace and down to the floor.

Wolf seemed to get even more aggravated as it started approaching the cat who seemed a little too relaxed. The larger animal was now towering over the small feline, baring it's sharp teeth menacingly. It lifted it's paw and made a strike for the cat. Unfortunately, all it hit was thin air. The spot the cat had been occupying was now vacant. Everyone snapped out of their trance of watching the two animal as they started looking around for the orange cat.

They didn't need to look for long because a loud "Meow" was suddenly heard from the other side of the hallway. Standing there was the orange furry, looking very proud of himself. "How did he get there so fast?"

Everyone shrugged at Robin's question, pondering the same thing. Megan crouched down and spread her hands as if inviting the cat for a hug. "Come on. Here kitty kitty."

After a few moments of waiting the cat finally lifted up from it's sitting position and in a fraction of a second it was in Megan's arms. Everyone gaped. Robin was the first to speak, as he asked tentatively,"W-Wally?"

Artemis also moved closer to the cat as she noticed for the first time the small yellow patch of fur, that resembled a lighting, on it's stomach. Peering her eyes slightly, she moved her hand out to run it over the symbol. The cat hissed and swiped at the incoming attack with it's paw, leaving a red scratch on the back of her hand.

"Son of a..."

Robin was laughing loudly and when he finally stopped to breath, he pointed at the cat. "That, is definitely Wally."


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