Hey guys, so a lot of people were asking for an epilogue, but thinking it over I realized that doing a full blown epilogue or a sequel wasn't a good idea. So instead I went with a somewhat epilogue-ish one-shot which you should definitely read for some fluff! That is, after you kindly read this important Author's Note!

But holding on the important, I'm gonna start with some shameless advertising :) I made a Dick Grayson video with the song Conversations With My 13 Year Old self that is worth checking out... and... you know, commenting on! Pwease? *.* http:/ www . Youtube . com /watch?v=YaSPkfyf5a4 (Remove the spaces)

On to more important stuff. Now that HKK it finished I'm dying to write some more Spitfire's and I have a few ideas, but unfortunately I can't decide which I want to write, I like them all too much. So, I need your help. Below you'll find the summaries and if you would be so kind as to review and tell me what you'd like to read, it would help me a lot! Thanks ;)

Summary:"What do you mean I'm useless? You can't even hold a bow. All you do is move your feet and run. There is no way you could last without powers, you'd be dead within the week." The famous soul-switch in the form of Spitfire. Enjoy!

Summary: Despite destroying Cadmus, some DNA got salvaged and used and now the redheaded clone is intent on causing trouble within the Young Justice group, especially with Artemis. Wally/Artemis Spitfire Supermartian Robin/Zatanna

Summary: "Is this Artemis? My name is Mr. Thomphson and I'm calling on behalf of you friend Wallace. Seems someone spiked the punch and he is in no shape to get himself home." Drunk Wally and pissed Artemis. Sounds fun! Spitfire One-Shot

Now what are you doing here? Go read that one shot! (A Year Later...)