(Everything in this story is the property of someone else.)

The world was chill white mist.

With the wafting leisure and the pale grace of a cherry petal, Jen drifted. Beneath her the mountain's slope angled away. Behind her, her love waited. The white breath of the air itself toyed with the light fabric of her clothing and her heavy black hair, and Jen realized that she herself was waiting. But for what? A landing? A sign from the kami? A miracle?

"Wait a minute," she thought to herself. "I don't need to wait for a goddamn thing. I can FLY."

And fly she did, all the way to Cancun, where she found work as a bartender, and from where she sent part of her pay to Lo until he could afford a ticket out, which eventually he did. They both became brown and pink-cheeked and learned to love rum drinks and lived happily ever after, even when Jen got splinters from her coconut-shell bikini. Hurrah!

(All true. I swear.)