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She didn't recognize me. After everything we went through together… She forgot about me...

I let out a growl of frustration as I punched the wall, wishing desperately for another balloon, but everyone was going to be here soon and if they knew I still used they'd take it away from me again. I had to be careful.

"What did that poor wall ever do to you?" A voice said from behind me. Spinning around I came face to face with Sabine.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, deciding to take my anger out on her.

Her eyes narrowed slightly at my tone, Sabine hated it when I yelled at her, something I didn't do often.

"You know why I'm here." She said as she reached for me. I jerked away from her, unwilling to let her touch me. I didn't want her to hear my fears. I didn't want her to know what I now knew. That Kaylee was back, weather she knew it or not.

I was saved from having to explain myself to Sabine when Tod popped up in my room, leaning back on my chair.

"How long have you been here?" I demanded, knowing my Reaper brother could spy on me without me knowing.

"I have better things to do than spy on you all day." He said, a touch of anger in his voice. Since Kaylee died we had little more than hatred for each other.

"The only reason I'm even here, little brother, is because you invited me here. Mom will be here soon. She just got off work."

Sabine glared angrily at my brother, I'm sure a part of her convinced that given a few more moments alone with me she would have broken me. but with Kaylee so close into my grasp i couldn't risk it.. not anymore. I looked at my brother before glancing at Sabine, hoping he would catch my silent message.

"Leave." He said his eyes now fixed on Sabine. He couldn't pass up an opportunity to anger her. Not after she tormented Kaylee so much. She opened her mouth to object or tell him where to shove it, when he continued. "Leave now, or i will teleport you half way across the world and leave you there. or maybe i'll just ditch you in the nether world and see how long it takes you to get back." he said, his voice low and steady, eyes betraying nothing.

Angry, Sabine stormed out of the room, slamming the door on her way out.

"Thanks" I said. "You wouldn't really have sent her there would you?"

Tod just shrugged and leaned back in the chair. "Why did you want her gone?" he asked

"I need to discuss something with you, mom and Adien" I said carefully. I didn't want really want Tod to know, he'd only cause problems for Kaylee and me, but weather I liked it or not he would find out so i might as well tell him.

He raised an eyebrow, but a knock at the door silenced any coming questions.
I walked out of the room to the door, Tod appearing beside me as i opened the door. Standing there was Harmony Hudson, our Banshee heritage keeping her looking young and pretty. Followed by her was Kaylee's father, Aiden, Kaylees dad, or Mr. Cavanaugh to his face, he still hated me, but my news would change that. He would like me so much he would beg me to be with Kaylee. And I would, I loved her. Our life's together would be perfect.

As they walked into the house I could see the curiosity rolling off them in waves as they sat down on the sofa. It was quiet for all of two seconds before Tod, who was never one to beat around the bush, finally asked they question they all had wanted so desperately to know.

"What the fuck inspired you to call us all here?" he said, anger from before coming out, he had put up his walls, his emotions well hidden, but us all being here together made us all remember who wasn't here. But that was about to change, I reminded myself, smiling more to myself than Tod when I answered.

"I called you all here because I have news that you all would like to know." I said taking a deep breath. "Kaylee is alive." Whatever reaction I had expected, it wasn't this one.

Tod was next to me in a heartbeat, more than ready to beat the explanation right out of me. My mom was shocked and looked confused, and Mr. Cavanaugh looked… Pissed. There wasn't another word for it.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Tod growled at me, and even he couldn't hide his emotions now. Anger, resentment, sadness and.. hope? I wasn't quite sure.

"What I mean is what I said. please sit down and we can settle this rationally." I said, and when Tod continued to stand, icy glare still fixed on me, I continued anyway. "When a person dies a reaper takes his soul, right Tod?" I asked, knowing the answer, just as everyone else did.

"Yes." He said I could see him latch onto my train of thought. "Nash, I know where you are going with this and yes, your right. Somewhere out there, Kaylee's soul is still here. But there are millions of people in the world. how do you expect to find one person, without a name or anything really to go on?" he said. It killed him to say that, I could see it. I hated to admit it but the one thing my brother and I rivaled in was our love of Kaylee Cavanaugh. He wanted her back just as much as I did.

"But I already found her!" I said looking at everyone now. "When Kaylee died and Tod refused to reap her soul, Levi reaped it." Tod had been sent back to the nursing home for three years for that. "Well I got to thinking about it and I took a chance. I tracked do Levi and we… talked. He got me in contact with someone in the know of the souls. Her name is Jasmine Road. She is 16 and she lives in Cary, North Carolina. I saw her the other day. I talked to her. Will you all help me get her back?"

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