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Sore Loser

Chapter 8

Not bothered by the click and clang of metal hitting the ground the Cullen brothers pressed on.

"Okay boys let end this before we have way too much to explain," Jasper whispered to us. "We will call this one a truth. Deal?"

"No freaking way," Edward responded far too loud.

I could hear more metal hitting the ground. I looked down to find more employees surrounding the wall. I could hear them talking about how they were going to get us down.

They do realize this is only a fifty foot wall made of some fake concrete right?

"Alright screw it," I said.

Forgetting the Emo could read my thoughts, he got a glimpse of what I had in mind.

"Oh, no you don't!" Edward screeched.

I guess Jasper caught wind of some determination 'cause suddenly he seemed to know the secret too.

"Over my dead body!"

"Memo to Jasper: that ship has sailed."

And with that I was gone; finishing the wall in less than three seconds.

I sat on top of the ledge just in time to see my kid brothers pulling up the edge.

"You idiot! Jasper and I are both older than you are," Edward said.

"Sticks and stone, Emo, sticks and stones."

"Dang it! I hate losing," Jasper said, slamming his fist on the fake mountain.

And Edward called me the idiot.

I could hear the fissure opening up along the wall and the stone crushed beneath Jasper's strike. The terrifying onlookers below us screamed as they saw the shift in the platform. My brothers and I let go of the once one piece rock as it shock, leaving us to freely hang from our protective lines.

"Okay this is not good," I squeaked a voice not my own.

"No shit Sherlock," Edward replied full of snide. "Jasper, what the hell is wrong with you?" he whispered.

"Sorry! You know I hate to lose!"

The employees began to manually lower us from the safety rafters. When we were "safely" on the ground and out of that crotch pinching harness, we got a look at the damage Jasper had caused.

The fracture ran down the entire length of the rock wall!

Edward, Jasper, and I stood with our backs to our family. I don't know about them, but I was terrified to turn around. I figured I would use my brothers to assess the situation first.

"Jasper?" I didn't even have to tell him what I needed to know.

"Humans are shocked and surprised . . . Vampire family plus one wanna-be-vampire are all very pissed."

"Okay . . . Figures . . . Edward?"

"There are a few words I don't think I really need to repeat, but as a warning the harness was nicer to your stones than what Rosalie is threating right now," Edward informed me.

At the same time we all turned around to face our very angry family.

You know those scenes in westerns when the sheriff's entire department walks up to the outlaws, and they have vengeance in their eyes . . . yeah that is what was looking back at us.

"Always know I loved you boys'" I said wishing my brothers a farewell.

When I looked over at Edward he had a shit eating grin that made me wonder what thoughts he was picking up and from who?

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