The Storm CHAPTER 1

(UNIMPORTANT INFORMATION: this was first planned on a rainy day in London seeing We Will Rock You. Seen it twice with my Mum, Dad and younger brother who may make a cameo in this…)

Film: Cars

Rating: 12+ or Teen

Genre: Romance & Drama

SUMMERY: McQueen had a family now. When a huge heated row with Sally, his two elder kids sets up, he leaves the town for a few days and runs into his fathers past. He finds out what happened to him which leads him back to town. Will he uncover mysteries of the past residents of Radiator Springs? (Set 16 years after cars 2)

This is basically my ONE YEAR gift of signing up to FFN! OH YEAH! (27th October 2010 the day I joined)^^


Life couldn't get any better for a certain racer. He had a family, wife, friends, money, career…you name it. He had a beautiful wife called Sally who he had been married for 17 years (he got engaged with her after the World Grand Prix) and 3 children. His kids were called Nick, Amber & Colbie. Nick was a confidant handsome sixteen year old who loved racing like his dad and basketball and had a pretty cheerleader girlfriend. Unlike her brother, Amber was a 14 year old girl although pretty, she lacked confidence, hated racing but also liked basketball. But she loved songs and writing. Colbie was a very cute five year old who could make anyone laugh with her adorable smiles and jokes. The family lived in the town of Radiator Springs. Since there was no nearby school, Sally home-schooled them and Flo helped her. The kids were adventurous and were never in one place for too long.

McQueen was at the Willy's Butte with Doc's son, Darren. He was equally good at racing as Doc and was studying medics. He was 48 (Doc was 73 when he died.)

"The key is to go left on this corner then power slide over there," Darren instructed. He was pointing to the right lower corner then to the cactus patch. Suddenly, an approaching sound of thunder erupted.

"Call it a day, Darren, a storm's coming. Race ya to Flo's," McQueen challenged, jumping into his red Corvette car before speeding off.


Amber McQueen glanced over to her younger sister Colbie. Colbie was watching Dora the Explorer next to her. Amber was planted on the leather couch in the living room reading Breaking Dawn. She loved a good book, including lengthy ones like Breaking Dawn. She pulled her long black-brown hair over her left shoulder. Her ice blue eyes were pierced onto page 180. She had been lost in the book since midday. Her watch read Sunday 28th June 1.20pm. Suddenly, a crash of glass broke her thoughts. Colbie muted the TV and Amber looked up. She saw books scattered all over the floor, photo frames, pencils, pens, the DVD remote, an Xbox 360 remote and a PS3 remote and broken glass. She saw the thing that caused the accident. A basketball. Amber rolled her eyes. Stupid Nick she thought before planting her eyes on the book again and her butt on the sofa. Her brother could be so clueless and clumsy. She heard her mother storm in.

"Where the hell is that boy!" Sally demanded. Amber looked up eventually. Sally looked angry. She had her cooking apron on-which she only wore on Sundays to make Sunday Roast- and her soft as silk blonde hair tied back into a high ponytail.

"I think he is hiding from grounding," Amber said coolly. She froze her eyes on the book and continued reading. Sally sighed and took the book off Amber.

"WHERE. IS. NICK!" Sally yelled. She snapped the book shut-but bookmarked it.

"I think he is outside or-?" Amber trailed off to see her older brother standing in the door way. Sally could sense where her kids were. Nick sent a panicked expression to Amber. Nick backed out the room.

"Stop. Right. There. Nicholas. McQueen." Sally commanded without even looking. Nick sighed and walked in. "Are you responsible for breaking the window?" Nick blushed.

"Uhh…Yes? I'll pay for it?" Nick smirked.

"And how's that? You spend all your money on sweets, magazines, DVD's, Sporty things, hair gel, presents for Natalie (his girlfriend) or the cinema! Last time I checked, you only have like $5. If the one with the most money out of you three is Amber! She knows how to spend it SENSIBLY unlike you son. Oh wait till your father hears," Sally scolded.

"Can't you lend me money? We have more than enough!"

"Nope; just make sure you can pay for the window SOON," Sally said before walking off into the kitchen. This was a daily thing for Sally and one of the kids. Something happens, kid can't do anything, and Sally tells off, kid tries to get money off. Mainly Nick. Amber went back to reading, Colbie flicked on the TV again and Nick stomped upstairs to go on Facebook.

A few minutes later, McQueen walked in. He was greeted by Sally.

"Hey, Sal. How's life? Kids arguing?" McQueen asked.

"Not really. The girls are in the living room- Colbie watching Nick Jr and Amber reading. And Nick broke the window…AGAIN…I think he is upstairs sulking," Sally responded with a sigh. "I don't know what to do with that boy! Honestly, he breaks everything. He is worse than Lucky!" she groaned referring to their deceased Beagle who died a few years after Colbie was born.

"Lucky was not that bad. Besides I was hoping to get another dog…" McQueen hoped. Sally laughed.

" Nooo. No. We already have a dog," Sally teased.

"Who?" McQueen laughed.

"You. Haha. Now c'mon, help me with the dinner. Don't burn down the kitchen last the last two times! This kitchen is built to last, Sweetie," Sally chuckled walking into the kitchen with McQueen following.


A few hours later, the McQueen's were sitting at the dinner table.

"Uhhh really? Burnt roast chicken?" Amber asked with disgust.

"I'm not the best cook okay? You established that ages ago!" McQueen sighed. "Sorry Sally, the kitchen was not built to last…" Sally shot her husband a look before laughing. She stood up and playfully hit him lightly.

"I'll order a pizza. But you're paying for a new fridge, stove, counter, microwave and TV (there was a TV in the kitchen)," Sally laughed before whipping out her phone.

-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-That night, Amber was still reading when Nick waltzed in.

"You're so perfect ya know," he said making Amber jumped who hadn't heard Nick walk in.

"W-what do ya mean?" Amber asked book marking the page walking over to her brother.

"you're the smartest out of us, you're the nicest blah-blah-blah. No wonder why Mom loves you most!" Nick snapped. He punched Amber in the arm.

"Oww… Mom does not do favourites! She loves us both!" Amber shot back, punching Nick equally hard.


Sally and McQueen were watching a film in the living room downstairs and heard the yelling. Sally sighed.

"There they go AGAIN," she groaned. She paused the film and walked upstairs. She saw her kids fighting and yelling like The Simpson's episode when Lisa and Bart were in the hockey teams. She flicked the light on and off multiple times.

That was the usual Sunday night for the McQueen's. Colbie hides in her room and plays with her toys on Sundays and never participates in her older siblings fights.

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