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Chapter 6: His Shingyoshi

July 7th Tannabata. The day where hopefully all his questions would finally be answered had arrived. Considering all of the important work relating today and the music festival was completed Misu allowed himself to press the snooze button on his alarm clock for the first time in a long time. After what had happened to him earlier he couldn't risk getting sick again so he closed his eyes and allowed himself to doze for the next ten minutes.

When the alarm went off again he reached over to silence it and looked across the room to see his roommate' bed unoccupied and neatly made. Misu wasn't sure what Hayama's plans were for that day-the two hadn't discussed anything-but he figured Saki would be somewhere in the picture.

After a long relaxing shower Misu looked through his choice of attire to see what would be best to wear on his very first date or whatever it would be called. Finally after much consideration he decided on a pair of light colored pants his dark blue undershirt and a blue and white stripped long sleeve overshirt. He looked at his reflection and smiled at himself approvingly. Yes causal but nice looking.

Misu's thoughts were interrupted when his cellphone buzzed. Looking at the caller id he smiled. "Moshi moshi, Sagara-senpai."

"Misu- it's good to hear your voice with pep to it again. I was just calling to make sure we were still on for the day."

Misu once again felt his heart beat a little faster when he heard that voice. "Hai in fact I'm already dressed. To be honest I was just about to call you. You never said where you wanted to go."

"Well do you know that café that just opened a few weeks ago the one located just a few blocks from the bus stop?" Sagara asked.

Mmisu didn't know the place personally but he had heard about it. "Hai a few of the teachers have commented about it."

"Well I was thinking we could eat there., there's indoor seating as wel. as outdoor. It's a beautiful day outside we might as well enjoy it."

Misu smiled. "Hai what time should I meet you there?'

"Well if you are already dressed do you think you can meet me in an hour?" Sagara asked. "if you'd like I will meet you as the bus stop."

"Hai of course, thank you very much, Sagara-senpai. An hour sounds fine. I still need to sign out for the day but that shouldn't take long." Misu said.

"Very well I will see you soon Misu."

Misu flipped his phone shut and pocketed the device before grabbing his wallet, double-checking his appearance in the mirror, and heading down to the main office. With it being a holiday students were given a day off com classes and permission to leave campus without a request form as long as their location was within 10 miles of the campus itself. Any further destinations did require a request form. Since Misu's location was within the distance limit he merely signed out on the clipboard provided including his location brief description of his outing time left and time to be expected to return.

Once that was all said and done he made his way off campus and headed to the bus stop pass in hand. The bus stop was two blocks from the campus entrance and the café Sagara-senpai had suggested was 4 miles from the bus stop.

Misu stepped off the bus and noticed a figure leaning against the bus stop post and he felt his heart slightly speed up. Taking a deep breath he stepped forward and bowed. "Thank you for meeting me Sagara-senpai, I hope I didn't keep you waiting long."

Sagra shook his head with a smile. "It's no trouble Misu, thank you for coming with me." He looked at Misu's chosen attire and approvingly raised his eyebrow. "You look very nice."

Misu could almost feel his cheeks grow a slight pink color, "Thank you senpai." He looked at Sagara's own choice of attire and if he had been the type to he probably would have started drooling a little.

Sagara took Misu's hand and led him up the street towards a small quaint like village. "I hope I didn't interrupt any plans you had thought of making for today."

Misu was about to claim he had planned to keep the entire day free but then thought back to when Shingyoshi had suggested to fulfill that promise. "Well if you hadn't invited me I would have had other plans."

"Oh if you don't mind my asking what would have they been?" Sagara asked approaching a small café.

"I owe someone a promise and I would have used today to fulfill it." Misu explained.

'I see well let's head inside shall we." Sagara smiled and led misu into the café, 'inside or outside?"

Misu smiled, "You said yourself earlier on the phone it's a beautiful day out and we shouldn't waste it."

Sagara nodded knowingly and turned to the young lady standing behind the hostess booth, "Excuse me are we allowed to eat on the patio?"

"Why yes of course, if you'll please follow me." The young woman led them out to the patio and handed them two menus before bowing and excusing herself.

Misu took a seat and looked around, "This is a nice place."

'I'm glad you like it." Sagara said, "So Misu might I ask what the promise you intend to keep is?"

Misu was taken aback by the question. 'Oh a few weeks ago I accidently spilled my coffee on one of kouhai's shirts and it was dry clean only. I told him I would by him a new shirt later on to apologize."

"That's very kind of you." Sagara said. "Have you decided what you want?"

Misu scanned the menu and decided on something in a very reasonable price with iced tea for a drink. Sagara agreed his choice was nice and ordered the same. The waitress brought them their drinks and claimed their meals would be out briefly. The two continued with small talk but the atmosphere around them stayed quiet for the most part. Their meals were brought out and the enjoyed their choice of cuisine between their conversation… Just when misu had finally worked up the courage to ask his senpai why he had chosen him to stay in contact with this past year he was interrupted when he heard other customers.


Misu looked up not believing what he was seeing. Why was Shingyoshi here now of all times and places?

"Good afternoon Sagara-senpai, Misu." Saki greeted the two other occupants of the café.

To Misu's surprise Sagara-senpai stood up and moved to confront Saki. Misu however didn't hear a thing spoken between the two. He was drawn into that same broken hearted gaze he had seen on Shingyoshi's face that day in the cafeteria..

After the confrontation between Saki and Sagara everyone had taken a seat at their respected tables every that is except for Shingyouji.

"Hayama-san, Saki-senpai, would you excuse me for now?"

"Eh? Why?" Hayama asked clearly concerned.

Misu glanced up at Shingyoshi again this time meeting his eyes but broke the contact immediately after. He couldn't stand to see that look in the other boy's eyes it hurt too much.

"What's up? Are you feeling sick again?" Sagara asked him snapping him out of his thoughts.

"No." Misu answered looking away again.

"Oh I remembered. Aren't you Examinee number 135 Shingyoshi-kun?" Sagara asked out of nowhere.

Shingyoshi turned, "Hai."

Sagara leaned back against his chair, "I thought so. I was sure I had seen you somewhere before."

"Thank you for treating me back then." Shingyoshi said as he bowed low.

"Don't think about it. Did Misu consule you properly?"

Misu looked up not wanting this to continue any further. "Just let it be senpai. It was a long time ago."

Sagara turned to face him, "You're acting embarrassed again."

Misu looked down when he felt Sagara ruffle his hair; the same gesture he would always do to Shingyoshi, "Please stop treating me like I'm a child."

"Well then excuse me."

Misu looked up in time to see Shingyoshi bowing to all of them and turning to leave…

Leave him….possibly for good… No no he wasn't going to let that happen he couldn't. Shingyoshi was his and his alone and he wasn't going to lose him no matter what. He finally understood why he could never look the other boy in the eye or why he felt the need for the other boy to be near him but not have to ask for it. He needed Shingyoshi and if he didn't do something he was going to lose him.

He was out of his seat in a second reaching for the other boy just barely missing his arm.

"Shingyoshi!" When Shingyoshi stopped and turned to face him with a look of surprise in his eyes he let it all out. "I told you to wait or did you not near me Shingyoshi?" he stepped forward. "You belong to me Shingyoshi. So why don't you do as I say? When I tell youto wait do so. If I tell you to stay you stay."

He had officially claimed Shingyoshi as his in front of everyone including Sagara-senpai. He knew his crush on the other man was now gone and in it's place was admiration and friendship only.

Taking Shingyoshi's hand he walked back onto the patio. "I'm sorry senpai. I'll just go and pick out some clothes for him." He was going to keep his promise. Once everything was clear Misu dragged Shingyoshi to a clothing store he had seen on his way here. It was small but seemed to have a fair amount of items to select from. He already knew Shingyoshi's size so he headed straight or the racks of clothing and began filling through the shirts.

"Um Arata-san is it okay? Maybe you should go back to Sagara-senpai." Shingyoshi said.

"I told you. Just do what I tell you to." Misu responded not wanting to hear such suggestions from the other boy. He picked out two shirts and two pairs of pants, "Try these on.' With that he went in search of a dressing room with Shingyoshi trailing behind. Once he found one he pulled the curtain back and shoved Shingyoshi into to the small cube-like room and stepped in closing the curtain behind him.

"Arata-san.' Shingyoushi started again.

Misu cut him off again holding up the clothing. "Hurry up and get changed."

Shingyoshi took the clothes and hung them on the provided hooks before turning around and proceeded to take off his plaid overshirt but kept the white shirt on. He reached for one of the pairs of pants and tried them on but shook his head. "Gomen Arata-san these don't fit."

Misu looked the boy over and shook his head. "Then try the other pair on."

Shingyoshi obeyed and tried the dark colored pants on instead. He looked up at his reflection to see Misu who in turn gave a nod of approval.

"Now try the shirts." Misu instructed. When Shingyoshi pulled on the white shirt with the leaf like pattern he waited before stepping forward to adjust the boy's collar from behind. Just as Shingyoshi began to fasten the buttons he took over using the mirror as his eyes. "It looks nice."

He finished buttoning the shirt and finally worked up the courage to ask the one question he had wanted to ask for the longest time, "Were you throwing me away? Even though you invited me out, going out with Hayama and Saki. Just what were you thinking, Shingyoshi?"

"No that was-" Shingyoshi started as he turned to face Misu.

"In the first place not being by your owner's side when he's feeling sick makes you a bad pet." Misu said claiming he had wanted Shingyoshi to come to see him while he had been ill without saying it outright. He couldn't say it out right. "How come you didn't visit me even once?" A lot of the other students and paid their respect to him but not once had Shingyoshi stopped by and it hurt it hurt so badly he could barely stand it. But Misu wasn't one to admit to something like that and he wasn't about to start now.

"That's, I'm really sorry."

"You thought you could do that now that you'd already cast me aside?" Misu asked, "But you can't, do you understand?" There he had finally said it, he wasn't going to let Shingyoshi get rid of him that easily and the other boy had to understand that because Misu refused to lose Shingyoshi no matter what the stakes.

When Shingyoshi looked up at him Misu could read the realization in the other boy's eyes and he knew that Shingyoshi finally understood that Misu wasn't giving him up.


The embrace happened quickly but it was a long time in the making. Shingyoshi fit in his arms perfectly. Misu returned the embrace and ran his fingers along the back of the other boy. "This shirt feels pretty nice. Shingyoshi, let's pick this. Wear this and during the summer holiday, go on a date with me." There he had done it he had asked the other boy out properly.


"What you don't want to?' Misu asked when he could have sworn he could feel a sense of doubt from the other boy.

Shingyoshi pulled away and looked at Misu, "No I really do."

"Really?" Misu asked knowing the answer already but was now desperate to hear it straight from the other boy's lips. Was this what they both wanted?

"I love you, Arata-san." Shingyoshi said..

Misu had heard Shingyoshi say that to him so any time and each and every time he had only paid attention to it halfheartedly. Now he was listening with everything and hearing those words and seeing that look of love admiration and something indescribable in the other boy's eyes made Misu do the only thing he longed to do for the longest time…


Misu stroked Shingyoshi's cheek before leaning in and pressing his lips to the other boy's. The kiss was nothing like he had ever experienced before in his life and he had been kissed in the past. Shingyoshi's hesitant lips felt like a perfect match and he gave himself into the embrace. At first he could tell Shingyoshi was indeed hesitant to return the kiss but he continued the kiss wanting Shingyoshi to understand that he needed him and he wasn't going to give up. He pulled Shingyoshi closer and in return Shingyoshi finally seemed to catch on and returned the kiss with what felt like every once of love in his very being.

Misu wasn't a man of words. If he could show what he was thinking rather then say it outright he would and he knew this kiss may not have been able to say exactly how he felt about the other boy but it was the best he could do.

He wanted the kiss to last for as long as possible but thanks to the need of oxygen their embrace ended sooner then he had desired. The two of them were both flushed and their lips were slightly bruised but not noticeable enough they would be questioned.

No other words were exchanged between the two of them as they paid for the shirt and pants and headed back towards the bus stop. When they returned Misu claimed he needed a walk to clear his thoughts and Shingyoshi hesitantly asked to accompany him. After dropping his clothes off at the dorms Shingyoshi began to follow Misu as the two of them walked around the campus grounds. It was still a while before curfew.

As they walked Misu noticed that Shingyoshi was not walking beside him like he had been when they had waked from the bus stop, "Why are you dragging your feet like that? Can't you walk properly?"

"I like it, your back."

Now Misu was confused, "Huh?" but instead of waiting he continued to walk with no destination in mind.

"Back when I passed the test for Shidou I went looking for you right away. Running around here and there until I could see this back. Then as your promised you told me your first name and for some reason you liked me. And from then on I was always waking behind you like this watching your back like this."

Misu had never noticed that Shingyoshi had been watching him from behind. Had the younger boy really taken after him that much? As for him liking him back then that hadn't been entirely true he hadn't fully liked him it was more that he had been fascinated by him and in order to be able to read the other boy he had allowed Shingyoshi to stay near him.


Misu stopped when he heard that tone.

"After all I might not be able to stay beside you like this forever?"

Misu turned around and looked at the other boy finally seeing all the hurt and worry on his face. How long had Shingyoshi been wondering about this? Was this the reason he had stayed close yet kept his distance at the same time? Misu honestly hadn't allowed the thought of the two of them not being together to ever cross his mind but he knew that even though it was inevitable it didn't mean he was going to let Shingyoshi just leave him.

He walked towards the other boy and looked him straight in the eyes. "Look Shingyoshi, I'll say this only once to listen closely. " he took the other boy's wrist and raised his hand to place Shingyoshi's hand on his chest right where his heart was located. "Don't get to close to Hayama. It irritates me, got it?"

When Shingyoshi looked p at him with wide eyes he knew the other boy could tell what he was trying to say. But Misu knew Shingyoshi wasn't afraid to say it..

"I love you, Arata-san."

"Cut it out." Misu said cutting the other boy off. Shingyoshi didn't need to say it to him. Misu already knew now how truly the boy felt about him and even though he wasn't ready to say it out loud he now knew he felt the same way, "Don't think too much of it Shingyoshi. A pet should act like one and just quietly follow behind it's master.

With that Misu turned and began walking away knowing that if Shingyoshi was smart enough he'd understand that he meant that even though they would be seperated for a while after Misu graduated, to stay together all the younger would have to do is follow behind him.

To his surprise he felt Shingyoshi's arm drape around him but he shrugged him off. He wasn't ready to public affection yet and perhaps one day he would be but for now this was his little secret his feelings his thoughts…

His Shingyoshi…

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