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My Interview With Mina

Me: Hello everyone and welcome to yet another interview! I've managed to recover from my injuries (finally) and now I can start up my interviewing process again! Yay! I have with me today a friend that Lita reccomended. Her name is Mina. Hello Mina!

Mina: HI!!!

Me: Um…

Mina: IjustwannaletyouknowthatIthinkit'sanhonortobeoneofyourinterviewsubjectsandIp romisethat

I'llanswereverythingtruthfullyandyouwon'tbeboredsoIjustwannaletyouknowthatI' mWAYexcited!

Me: Did anyone else just understand a word of that? Mina dear, in order to do this interview properly, I'm gonna need to have you put spaces between your words.

Mina: OK!!!

Me: Um, yeah. Anyway how old are you?

Mina: 14

Me: And unlike 3 of your friends so far, you live in a normal house with two parents and some siblings?

Mina: Well, we're not, um, normal. My mom is a grouch, my dad is cool, and my siblings are major pains in the butt.

Me: Uh-huh…so what's your favorite color?

Mina: It's a tie. I just LOVE yellow but I also just LOVE orange! Maybe I should just say that my favorite color is pink.

Me: How in the world do yellow and orange make pink?

Mina: Well, I'm a big fan of love and hearts and stuff so maybe it oughta be pink!

Me: Um, yeah. So you gotta a boyfriend?

Mina: Loads of em'!

*Suddenly Serena, Amy, Raye, and Lita burst through the dead-bolted door*

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita: NO SHE DOESN'T!!!


Mina: I DO TO!!!

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita: SINCE WHEN?!?!?!

Mina: I've had a TON of cute, hot, wonderful, nice, cute, hot, wonderful, nice…um…cute, hot, wonderful, nice boyfriends!

Me: (In total shock) this is something new. Normally you guys barge in saying that the person DOES have a boyfriend.

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita: NOT THIS TIME!!!

Mina: I DO TO!!!

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita: YOU DO NOT!!!

Mina: I DO TO!!!

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita: YOU DO NOT!!!

Mina: I DO TO!!!

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita: YOU DO NOT!!!

Me: …

*30 minutes of non-stop screaming did to's and did not's, 4 cops, a police dog, and the CIA later.*

Me: We are back yet again with Mina!

Mina: I have boyfriends! Don't you believe them!

Me: …Ok…so…do you have a job?

Mina: Nope.

Me: How many Protons are in a Radon atom?

Mina: 3?

Me: Wrong, it's 86 (true fact, I learned this in science). If I had 5 apples, 4 kumquats, 2 potato chips, and 10 papayas, and I took away the apples, how many fruits would I have?

Mina: I forgot most of the question.

Me: What is 8 times 5?

Mina: 20

Me: Who wrote "Romeo and Juliet"?

Mina: Steven Spielburg

Me: Who discovered America?

Mina: Um…Atilla the Hun?

Me: Where was Pokémon created?

Mina: Either China or Taiwan.

Me: How do you say hello in German?

Mina: Oh oh oh! I know this, I know this! I once had to take German for a stupid extra credit thingy. The answer is "Guten Shmaggen"!

Me: Um, it's "Guten Tag".

Mina: Close enough.

Me: Who is your favorite Sailor Scout?

Mina: Um, Sailor Venus I guess.

Me: Why her?

*Suddenly there is a ramming sound coming from the door.*


Me: Ha ha! This time I had the doors welded shut so that YOU CAN'T GET IN!!!

Mina: Hey that's mean!

Serena: (Muffled by the door) YOU'RE FROM THE NEGAVERSE!!!

Me: YAY!!! I get to escape the wrath of that psychotic girl this time!


Me: Oh great! Well I had better make a run for it while I can! Thank you for reading this interview with Mina!

*Merc runs out the window and down the emergency fire or Serena escape.*

The End

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