Naruto wasn't always quiet. He was an energetic 13 year old boy, he was told the truth by the Kyuubi, the most powerful and youngest bijuu ever. Now Kyuubi, would normally be a nine tailed fox but inside Naruto's mindscape she was able to go back into her original form. She had long red hair, beautiful red eyes and tan skin. She wore a purple kimono with white flowers. In her hair had a silver barrette in the shape of a fox.

"Naruto kun they lied to you, your parents didn't abandon you, you see they saved you" said Kyuubi.

"How would you know anything? You were too busy attacking my village" said Naruto.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I wasn't in my right state of mind. I was controlled by an evil man and I couldn't break free. Listen Naruto kun my parents knew yours, they were like best friends" explained Kyuubi.

"But how, you're a demon?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto kun I wasn't born a demon, in fact i was born about two months before you, before me and my family were killed. Your father had managed to make a deal with Shinigami, she agreed to bring me back, but not as a human but as your demon guardian. When you were born I loved you from the moment I set my eyes on you, but I am a demon and I would never be able to get you to love me back when you got older" said Kyuubi.

Naruto's eyes widened untill he finally asked "What, Kyuubi you really felt that way about me?"

"Yes Naruto kun but I knewyou'd hate me. That's why I ran away, I was so blinded by my emotions that I let that evil man take over me"said Kyuubi.

"What evil man?" asked Naruto.

"I can't tell you now but I will soon, when you are ready. The man who saved me, your father was the fourth Hokage" said Kyuubi.

Naruto went silent, until he spoke softly "what about my mother?"

"Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki, princess of whirlpool country" said Kyuubi. "I'm sorry Naruto I can't tell you what happen between the three of us" said Kyuubi, her voice breaking.

"I have an idea; the evil man sent you to attack the village and my mother and father gave their lives to help you, and sealed you into me to break his control" Said Naruto.

"Yes, that's right" said Kyuubi. "So that means for 13 years I was treated like trash because of you" conclude Naruto.

I'm sorry Naruto kun, I wish I could take it all back" said Kyuubi.

"Well you cannot" said Naruto.

Kyuubi, couldn't hold it in anymore, she dropped to her knees and began to cry, only to have Naruto hug her, "Thank you Kyuubi chan" said Naruto lovingly.

"For what killing your family? How can you look so happy after what I've done to you? you should be furious with me yet you hug me and smile" says Kyuubi" only to be interrupted by a kiss.

"I'm not mad at you, I'm actually happy that you told me the truth. Now I know that i cannot trust those people, I only trust those who are willing to see me for me and nothing else. Can I call you something else? I don't like calling you Kyuubi" said Naruto.

"Mikoto, my name is Mikoto Yuuki.

"It's nice to meet you Mikoto chan" said Naruto.

"It's nice to meet you too Naruto kun" replied Mikoto.

Chapter 1

It was morning, the sun had just decided to show its shining surface. "Naruto kun wake up, it's time for breakfast" said a lovely voice.

"Who's there?" asked Naruto.

"Its me silly" said Mikoto.

"Miko chan what are you doing outside of my mind?" asked Naruto.

"Well its quite simple, you changed my seal last night" said Mikoto.

"What? I don't remember that" replied Naruto.

"Well you weren't yourself when you did it. Your chakra was surprisingly cold and it looked like you were out of it so I brought you into my domain and let you sleep, after about half hour you got up again but you were different" explained Mikoto.

"How was I different?" asked Naruto.

"I can't really explain it but when I called you you wouldn't answer, then you changed a part of the seal and a door appeared behind me and you went through it and told me to follow you,and that's how I got out" said Mikoto.

"Well what's done is done I guess. Miko chan you wanna walk with me to the academy?" asked Naruto.

"Sure Naru kun, I'd love to, but you'd better eat I'm not recooking that food." Said Mikoto

After Naruto and Mikoto finished breakfast they went on their way to the academy. On their way they saw Sakura Haruno who was arguing with her friend Ino Yamanaka.

"Hey Sakura, Ino" said Naruto.

"Hey Naruto" replied Sakura.

"Who's that?" asked Ino. "Oh, this is Mikoto Yuuki, Miko chan this is Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka" said Naruto.

"You're pretty" said Ino.

"Well thank you I always try to look my best for Naru kun" said Mikoto as she grabbed Naruto's arm and rested her head on his shoulder, as a result Naruto began to blush.

Sakura and Ino froze at the sight of Naruto with a girlfriend and a hot one at that.

"Naru kun?" asked Ino and Sakura simultaneously.

"Yeah Naru kun" replied Mikoto.

"Miko chan and I knew have been friends since we were kids, as a matter of fact we-" Naruto was interrupted by Mikoto's hand, they both span around.

"Naru kun,we don't have to tell them about our personal status, at least not yet. If you decide to tell people without my permission, I'll castrate you with a rusty spoon, am I clear?" said Mikoto.

"Yes Miko chan" replied Naruto.

"Good now you can tell them that I'm your girlfriend but nothing else" said Mikoto.

The two turned around to see two confused faces. "So yeah Naruto we'll see you later okay said Sakura". "Okay bye" replied Naruto as the two best friends ran off

Sakura and Ino conversation

"Do you think they're dating?" asked Sakura.

"The way she shut him up says so, no one was able to shut him up, yet she's got Naruto wrapped around her finger" replied Ino.

"Do you think they did, you know, kissed?" whispered Sakura. "Definitely, did you see the way he looks at her, totally not just friends, besides childhood friends usually end up dating anyways" replied Ino.

"Well we'd better get to class" said Sakura.

Back to Naruto and Mikoto 1/2 hour later

Everyone was sure acting weird, oh man we're an hour late.

Naruto and Mikoto rushed towards the academy. "Are you sure you'll be fine going home?" asked Naruto.

"Sure Naru kun I'll be fine" replid Mikoto.

"Alright get home safe" said Naruto.

As Naruto entered the classroom all the guys rushed towards him. "You're a lucky dude Naruto" said one of the filler characters.

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto. "Don't play dumb with us Naruto we know about the sexy fox you were with, we saw you talking to her out the window" said another filler.

"Oh, you guys mean Miko chan. Well yeah she's my girlfriend but I wouldn't say I'm lucky, I knew her my whole life" explained Naruto.

"Alright everyone leave him alone" said Sakura.

"Hey why do you care?" asked yet another filler. (Damn really need to add more support characters)

"I really don't, its just that Iruka sensei has been standing here for about two minutes" said Sakura as she pointed towards him.

"Yes, if you would all take your seats the test will commence. (skip all the non-important people) Naruto Uzumaki, you're next" said Iruka.

"Alright then" said Naruto in a rather drained voice".

"I would like you to perform a bushin" said Iruka.

"I can't Iruka sensei, I have too much chakra for that, is there something else I can do?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah there is" said a voice at the door, it was Mizuki, Iruka's assistant teacher.

"Mizuki what are you talking about" asked Iruka.

"I've come up with a test just for Naruto, I know about his chakra control problem, a bushin just requires a little bit of chakra, but a little bit of chakra for him is enough to do the bushin jutsu a hundred times over".

All the students looked at Naruto, "wow a hot girlfriend and a massive amount of chakra" said yet again, another filler character.

"Naruto meet me in the forest at midnight with the giant scroll that's behind the hokage's desk and you'll pass, it's a test to measure your stealth" whispers Mizuki into Naruto's ear.

After school Naruto went outside to see Mikoto sitting on a swing waiting for him when Sasuke Uchiha walks up to her and start to flirt, Naruto angered by this fades into nothingness only to appear behind Sasuke. "Leave that dumbass failure and be with me, an Uchiha" boasted Sasuke.

"Listen you egotistic, self centered little brat, I've tried being nice and letting you say whatever you wanted about me to your little posse when I'm in public but then you have the nerve to tell me to dump my boyfriend who has never done anything to hurt me and go out with a brooding little emo piece of shit. I'd never leave Naru, even if I did I'd never in one hundred million years go out with you!" yelled Mikoto.

"Well how would that dumbass feel if he found out you let some random guy fuck you before him?" asked Sasuke as he grabbed Mikoto by her arms.

"I'd say I'd kill the teme who did that to her" said Naruto with a sadistic tone in his voice.

Sasuke turned around slowly to see Naruto. "I heard everything Sasuke, don't think you can get away with trying to rape my girlfriend" said Naruto.

"What are you gonna do cry?" asked Sasuke tauntingly.

Naruto to then started to laugh, his laugh however was filled with pure evil as Sasuke and Mikoto found themselves unable to breathe until he suddenly stopped.

"No; I'm not gonna cry, Im gonna kick your ass" said Naruto with a terrifyingly sadistic smile.