Raising his head up, he took a good look around him.

At the friends that are trying to kill him.

He gave a slight grin, canines growing a bit larger and eyes becoming a shade of red.

Spinning, he retrieved the weapons in his pocket. Letting them fly through the air and smirking as he heard the familiar thud of bodies.

He lunged at the characters in front of him, pouncing like a lion upon it's prey. Dragging his claws through their faces, snarling, like the animal he was.

He spotted his mentors, teammates. "Stop this," They cried, desperately, "Just give yourself up!"

He shook his head, slowly, grinning like a madman, "Tsk," He clucked his tounge, "This is your impending fate. It can not be stopped." He spoke, almost in a trance.

Standing to his feet, and swaying, arms at his sides. A few nin tried to advance, while others snuck up behind him.

But the animosity returned, and he mutilated the bodies. Ripping through them like sheet paper.

"You cannot stop me!" He screamed, voice deepened. A red aura swirled around him, shaping a type of animal.

He saw his teammate, one that was never fond of him, go forward. "Naruto, stop this! We're trying to help!" She shouted, eyes tearfilled.

He cackled, "Foolish of you to try," He screamed. Body morphing, nails thickening, sharpening. Clothes ripping, shredding.

Teeth snarling, snapping at each person. Villagers ran, children screamed, ninjas cowered.

"That's right." He spoke lowly, "Shriek under me and my power. The demon's power. You're all at my mercy now." He reared back and let out a terrifying laugh, enough to chill the blood of the bravest of ninjas.

Naruto had finally given in. Lost within himself, the Demon took over.

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