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Chapter 30

Her heartbeat, that's all she heard.

It pounded in her ears, her eyes closed, fearing to open.

The music had stopped, the dancers were bowing to the cheering crowd, everyone was clapping, they had a standing ovation.

Thump, thump, thump

That's all she heard.

She slowly opened her eyes, the lights blinding her view. She quickly put her hand to shield her eyes, the sound of clapping and cheering slowly and gradually creeping to her hearing.

She bowed and managed to smile, just for appearance's sake.

She skimmed through the crowd, she saw a few classmates of her, namely Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy seated next to each other, the minister of magic, her sister Astoria at the front, and then she saw the Blacks. The Duchess, with all her grace, was smiling at her and clapping gently. Even the duke was clapping for her. And then she saw him, with his enchanting green eyes glistening, as they always do. Her breath constricted in her throat at the sight. How will she do this? How will she hand him over like a lamb for slaughter? She closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

'I have to…' She thought somberly, as she looked at her beaming younger sister again. She knew nothing of her schemes; she knew nothing of her being a death eater even. She knew nothing of her sacrifice, for all she was doing was to protect her, to protect her fool of a father.

She stood there as the curtains closed again, and then she was slowly ushered by the stage manager backstage, where she was told the duchess was waiting to congratulate her. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor as she marched towards the duchess and her family. It felt like a march of death, and everything felt so heavy, she felt heavy, she felt guilty.

"That was marvelous Daphne, well done!" Hestia's blinding smile made her squirm on the inside.

"Thank you, your grace" she curtsied, her eyes to the floor.

"It was a great performance young lady, you have a bright future awaiting you" The duke said to her, smiling as well.

'I doubt it' She thought as she smiled back and curtsied again "Thank you, that is very kind of you, your grace."

"We will be expecting you for New Year's Eve's dinner Daphne. I hope you will be able to join us" The duchess spoke again.

"I am honored your grace, thank you" Her eyes then shifted to him, as his parents turned to congratulate the rest of the cast. He held a bouquet of orchids, her favorites.

"You were amazing Daphne" He said as he handed her the bouquet. She felt as though he was handing over a knife for her to stab him in the back.

"Thank you, my lord"

He frowned at her words "My lord? I thought we were on friendlier terms Daphne."

She shook her head and forced a smile "We are Orion. It means so much to me that you came"

He smiled back 'Damn that smile' she thought.

"Orion, would you mind it so terribly if we took a walk outside, I'm afraid it's getting too crowded in here" She asked 'So I can turn on the charm' She thought bitterly.

"Not at all" He offered her his arm as they headed outside. The gardens outside the theater were gorgeous, warmed with a charm to keep out the winter cold. Lilies, roses, and tulips were grown in large numbers, and adorned the gardens with a very satisfying odor. They marched towards the gazebo, where the Black heir led her to take a seat, following suit soon after she did.


"Mhm" He stared at her

"Did I really do well, or are you just complimenting me?" She looked deeply into his emerald eyes.

He smiled at her and shifted closer to her "Of course not Daphne, you truly were amazing. You have the voice of an angel"

She knew she had to take things further and shifted even closer to him, her hand slowly brushing against his. "It means a lot to me, to hear you of all people tell me this. I never had faith in my talent before, her grace helped me a lot, and you, your words are so encouraging…I don't know why, but your words matter most to me…"

Orion felt perplexed at this, surely he was misinterpreting this…could it be she felt the same?

"I…I like you…a lot, Orion" She murmured, looking into his eyes.

He closed his eyes and breathed 'I am not betraying Susan…'

"Forgive me for my blunt words, but I couldn't hold back" She said, her heart thumping furiously in her chest 'Why is he not saying anything?' She thought, trying not to panic.

He opened his eyes again and was met by her moist beautiful sapphire eyes glistening. She was about to cry, he must have made her feel like a fool for staying silent. Her eyes were just so entrancing, he couldn't help himself, but then his gaze shifted to her lips…her blood-red lips, and then he couldn't, he just couldn't stop himself.

His hand cupped her warm pink cheek, his eyes shifting again to her eyes, then to her lips again, and he got closer, and closer, until their lips met.

The kiss started off gentle, timid almost, but Daphne knew better than to leave it at that. Her fingers slowly caressed the nape of his neck as she drew him closer, deepening the kiss. It was almost electric, the way it felt for both of them. He took command again as he deepened it more and more, taking her into his lap, one hand steadying the small of her waist, while another caressed her cheek, his fingers then getting entangled in her long luscious black hair.

"Orion" she whispered against his lips and kissed him again.

Her voice, her touch, it was all driving him insane. His tongue slid inside her mouth, demanding to be let in, and she allowed him. She was pulled even closer against his body, their torsos almost glued to each other. He felt like he was in a trance, a trance that was interrupted by the sound of his name from afar

Orionnn, Orion where are you

He knew that was Hermione looking for him, Draco probably there with her. He quickly let go of Daphne, seating her down next to him, straightening his robes and combing his hair with his fingers, as she did the same for herself.

"I'm sorry, we must have been out here for long for them to come looking for me" He looked at her apologetically.

She kissed him quickly and said "You must go before anyone sees us, I'll go back inside in a few minutes"

He smiled at her and left to meet his friends.

'The seed has been planted' She thought, and she knew her master would be pleased. And it killed her inside.

Orion couldn't sleep that night. He couldn't get her off his mind. He had never kissed anyone like that before, with such passion, not even Susan.

'What is happening to me?' He thought to himself as he shifted to the side, pulling the covers closer to him.

She was entrancing to him, her beauty, her wits, the way her mind worked. His finger touched his lips as he remembered the way she whispered his name.

They had gotten fairly close the past term at Hogwarts, and he was growing attached to her presence, even though he hated admitting it to himself. He felt like a traitor, like he was betraying Susan's love. He felt as though he was killing her all over again…

He closed his eyes, tears slowly creeping out.

Everyone told him he was allowed to go out with girls again, that he was allowed to love again, even Amelia Bones made sure to tell him that in a letter a couple of months ago.

It didn't make him feel any less guilty.

But he just couldn't take her away, from his mind, from his heart.

Daphne Greengrass had let herself in without permission, and he couldn't but feel his heart warm at the thought of her next to him.

Could a heart move on to another person so fast? And without remorse?

Well, he guessed it now could.

After tonight's kiss it did.

And he couldn't deny that fact.

A couple of hours later, slumber claimed Orion Black. But not without his nightly visitor of a dream, the woman spoke his name again, and this time, he saw her hair clearly, it was long, it was luscious, and it was black.

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