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Chapter Four

Sheldon looked up at the knock at his door. Raj was out for the day again, so he had the office to himself. Opening the door, he was pleasantly shocked to find Ellie waiting outside. She was wearing a lacy black skirt and a Spiderman t-shirt. She smiled up at him. He felt a flutter in his stomach. "I'm so glad you're in your office. I was worried I wouldn't catch you."

"Would you like to come in?" He asked motioning towards the door.

"I'd love to thank you." She replied with a shy smile, looking up at him through her lashes.

The flutters had returned. Sheldon was worried he would need to see a gastro-specialist. Ellie wandered around the room looking at various things in the office. Sheldon fidgeted nervously. "Was there something you came to see me about?"

Ellie spun around on the spot, pinning him with her eyes. "Well, yes, there was a reason I came to see you." She said in a low tone. She took a step towards him.

His heart pounded in his chest. His breathing was becoming shallow. Sheldon was seriously beginning to worry about his health, but the closer she got to him the less he actually cared about what was going on with his body. "A-and what was that reason?"

"Well you see, Sheldon, I seem to have this problem." She explained, as she stopped in front of him. She seemed to consider her words as she nibbled her bottom lip. Sheldon's stomach lurched at the sight of her teeth nipping the supple swell of her lips. "And it's a problem that only you can help me with." She looked up at him with those impossibly blue eyes.

"What kind of problem is it? I find it hard to believe you're having any kind of problem. You're vastly intelligent. However, if it is physics related, you've come to the right man." Sheldon laughed nervously after he'd finished rambling.

Ellie took a step closer to Sheldon which forced him to take a seat in his chair. Placing her hands on the arms of the chair, she leaned in close to him. "I don't think you understand, Dr. Cooper." She then proceeded to climb in his lap. "I have a different kind of problem." She whispered in his ear. She then leaned back to look into his eyes. "Up for the challenge, Doctor?" She asked right before she captured his lips with hers.

Sheldon's eyes shot open and he stared into the darkness of his bedroom. This was not the first dream he'd had like this in the past few weeks. Ever since their first lunch together, he and Ellie spent a lot of time together at work. She'd also begun to join them for game nights and such at the apartment. Also, as Howard and Bernadette's wedding approached, they had all been spending a great deal of time together. Ellie was Bernadette's third bridesmaid and he was Howard's third groomsman. Although, he and Amy were dating, he would walk down the aisle with Ellie.

He sighed heavily at the thought of Amy. Although he and Amy didn't have a traditional version of a relationship, he had asked her to be his girlfriend. However, with his recent dreams of Ellie, he was beginning to rethink his decision. He had only asked Amy to be his girlfriend so that she wouldn't spend her free time with others when she could spend it with him having intellectual conversations. Sheldon had never had any kind of connection with a woman, so he'd felt it was best to make sure that no one would come along and take her. But there had never been any attraction. He knew that Amy was aware of it as well.

Looking at his alarm clock, Sheldon knew there would be no way he would fall back to sleep with so much on his mind. He knew that he would have to break off his relationship with Amy. Amy was a sensible woman and he was sure that their friendship would remain intact. However, he was unsure on how honest he should be with his reasons. He didn't want to taint Amy and Ellie's new friendship. Just as he had suspected, the two had hit it off greatly. Ellie's father had been away on business since she'd mentioned introducing him to Amy, but he was supposed to return home tomorrow. Amy was extremely excited.

He'd hate to destroy any of that excitement, but he also didn't see any reason to prolong it. Rising from his bed, Sheldon put on his robe and then walked to the living room. He sat down at his desk and then logged onto his computer. He would make a list of the reason's he was terminating their relationship as it was a part of their contract. But first he wanted to write down this recent dream in his dream log. He wanted to analyze the past few dreams he'd had about Ellie. He was confused about them. He was Homo Novus, for Pete's sake! He didn't experience these types of feelings. Another reason to end his relationship with Amy, it was making him more vulnerable to other feelings he didn't wish to feel. Sheldon was glad that it was Saturday. He had a lot of work ahead of him.

By the time Leonard had woken up, Sheldon had already finished his work and dressed for the day. For Leonard, it seemed as if nothing was any different than any other morning. "Good morning, Leonard."

"Morning, Sheldon." Leonard mumbled as he shuffled towards the coffee machine. "Are you ready for today?"

Sheldon looked to his friend in confusion. "What are you talking about, Leonard? Of course, I'm ready for today, it's kite day!" He told his friend as if it were obvious.

"No, Sheldon, today's our last fitting for our suits before the wedding next week, and then we're going with Ellie and Howard to pick up her dad at the airport." Leonard looked at Sheldon worried. "Are you feeling ok?"

He was worried himself. How had he forgotten that? "I'm fine, I was just up late working on a project."

"Well, alright." Leonard replied still unsure. "I'm going to go wake up, Penny, so she'll be ready to go when we are." He said and then walked out the door.

Sheldon stared at the screen as Doctor Who played. He wasn't really seeing what was going on with the show. His mind had wondered once more to his dreams. How were they were effecting him this much? He had to pull himself together. First things first, as soon as Leonard showered, he would Skype Amy and present her with his termination notice.

Ellie stood on the stool as a woman bustled about her pinning her dress in various areas. The dress was too long, it was too loose in the bosom, it didn't hug her curves right. She blew her hair out of her face with a frustrated sigh. If she didn't love Howard and Bernadette so much, she would have say no to being in the wedding. She looked over to wear Bernadette was getting her last fitting. But she did love them, and they were her best friends, not to mention family. Howard had always been her best friend, and when she'd met the woman he loved, they'd instantly hit it off.

She was actually very happy she'd come back to Pasadena. Not only was she closer to her father and Howard, but she also had a job she enjoyed and she had made so many friends. She looked to where Penny stood. While she'd never thought she would be friends with a girl like Penny, Ellie found herself really liking her. She was funny and had a real friendly and upbeat personality. Then there was Amy, who hadn't arrived yet. Amy was extremely intelligent as well, and has such a quirky personality that just drew Ellie to her. As for the guys, she'd gotten to know them quite a bit at work. Although Raj was quite shy, she was very slowly getting him to open up and come out of his shell. Leonard was also quite intelligent but so awkward sometimes that Ellie couldn't help but giggle. He was also so obviously still in love with Penny.

Then there was Sheldon. She felt butterflies in her stomach, but chose to ignore them. At first, she'd found him infuriatingly arrogant. He viewed himself as a superior being. However, as she learned more about him, she began to understand why he behaved the way he did. She could appreciate his mind for what it was, and enjoyed their daily conversations. He would come by her office everyday at noon and escort her to lunch. He'd also helped her procure a desk and chair that was better suited for her height. She also noticed the other things he did for his friends that she suspected they missed. For one, he offered to share his office space with Raj so he wouldn't be sent back to India. He also fixed the small problems that Raj sometimes missed but never actually drew his attention to them. She'd seen him do it one day when she was in his office. He made sure that Leonard and Howard took their lunches instead of working through, as he said, they'll complete much better work by being well fed. On the surface he seemed selfish. But she could see that he was kind, in his own twisted kind of way.

Ellie shook the thoughts of Sheldon out of her head as Amy walked into the shop. She seemed a little flustered but fine all the same. She stepped down from the stool and joined Penny and Bernadette at Amy's side. "Sorry, I'm late." Amy apologized. "I had a conversation with Sheldon earlier today, and then there was something I had to do." She told them with a blush on her cheeks. At their curious looks, she continued on. "Sheldon and I have decided to end our relationship and just be friends." Ellie's heart jumped at these words. Sheldon hated change. All three of the other women rushed to console Amy. "Oh, no, it's perfectly fine. I know that Sheldon was only clinging to me so that I would always be there for conversation. There was never really any attraction between us." She told them. "He said that he could tell I yearned for something more that he could not give me, and that it would be best if we returned to friends. I agreed." A giddy smile then spread across her face. "And then I went to the comic book store to invite Stewart on another, more proper date!"

Penny's brow furrowed. "Well, I'm happy for you Amy, but that doesn't sound like Sheldon. I mean after he put so much effort to fit you into his life as his girlfriend, he lets you out of the contract because he could tell you want more. I think there's more to it! I mean, what does Sheldon gain?"'

Ellie's brow furrowed at this comment. Penny really didn't give Sheldon enough credit. She, herself, has told Ellie about how Sheldon had loaned her money without even a second thought or worry. Amy interrupted her thoughts. "Well, he also rambled on about something disrupting his life, but I really have no clue what he was talking about. But I suppose you're right Penny, it does seem odd."

She could keep quiet no longer. "I don't think you guys give Sheldon enough credit! I mean, he's selfish with most situations, but his selfishness really stems from his OCD tendencies. But deep down he's really sweet and caring. I mean, he's probably helped all of us out at least once or twice!" She exclaimed, defending the man.

The other three women shared a look. "You two eat lunch everyday together, don't you?" Bernadette asked suddenly.

"Uh, yes, but what does that have to do with anything?" Ellie asked warily.

"Sometimes just the two of you, right?" She continued.

Ellie nodded slowly. "Well, yes, you know Sheldon has his schedules, and sometimes Leonard and Howard are too busy to come right away."

Bernadette looked to Penny and Amy, and nodded knowingly. "So do you enjoy these lunches?"

"Yes, I suppose. I have to eat, and Sheldon's nice company to have." Ellie replied cautiously. "Are you going somewhere with this Bernadette?"

"Oh, right, you've never done this before so you probably have no idea what I'm talking about." Penny said with a smile. She sat down and patted the seat next to her. Ellie took the seat. Bernadette sat on Ellie's other side and Amy on Penny's. "Sweetie, I think you like Sheldon."

"Well, of course I do. I wouldn't endure lunch with him if I didn't." She replied obliviously.

"You're so innocent." Penny said with a chuckle. "No, hun, I mean that you're attracted to him."

Ellie's eyes widened. "I, no… I don't!" She quickly denied. "I mean, he's nice and I-I suppose he's attractive but he's just my friend." She could feel her face heating up, as she glanced to Amy. "Besides, he and Amy were-"

"Sheldon and I were always just friends, no matter what we called one another." Amy told her new friend. "He and I are too alike to be compatible as anything other than friends."

"How can you not see it, Ellie?" Bernadette asked. "I always feel something when I'm in the same room as you two and now I get what it is!" She exclaimed.

"That's it! That's why Sheldon broke it off with Amy!" Penny looked apologetically to Amy. "He likes Ellie! How cute!"

Ellie looked from one friend to another as they gushed on about her and Sheldon. She was still in shock from the revelation that she was indeed attracted to Dr. Sheldon Cooper. She had never really liked anyone or even had a little crush. She was always too busy with school to worry about it. And now here she was, twenty-six and possibly on the brink of experiencing her first romance.

"Guys… There's one problem. I just figured out Sheldon's ramblings." Amy interrupted. "Another reason he was breaking it off was because I was making him weak and vulnerable to human feelings. As Homo Novus, he is above such things. He's apparently having these feelings and fighting them. He's not going to accept that he isn't above such things as attraction."

Ellie felt her heart sink slightly. At least she hadn't gotten too used to the idea. She looked to her friends, who looked at her with sadness and pity in their eyes. However, Penny's had a spark of determination in it. "Don't worry, El, we'll make him cave." The other's agreed and then the four women shared a hug. Again, Ellie found herself glad that she had returned to Pasadena.

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