Chapter 1

Vash Zwingli was sitting at his desk at the police station. Naturally, being the lead investigator, he had lots of work to do.

"Officer Zwingli." a voice came from the intercom, "There's a man here who says he needs to see you."

"Send him in Elizaveta."

"Sure thing."

A man with messy hair and glasses walked through the door.

He was acting rather shaky.

"Hi," he said, "I'm Alfred Jones."

"Hello Alfred," Vash replied, "I'm Officer Zwingli. "So what seems to be the trouble today?"

"Well...I know that it's probably nothing," he said nervously, "but my brother Matthew has been missing for a few days. I tried calling him, but he never picks up!" Alfred was getting really upset now. "I checked his house too, but he's never there."

"Right, well I'm too busy to get to that now, but I can get to that later in the day when I finish my work."


"However, I can get two investigators on it right now." He picked up the intercom. "Agent Gilbert, Agent Ludwig, I need you two down here for an investigation on a missing person."

"Why can't you do it?" asked an arrogant voice.

"I have too much work to do."

"No you don't!" the voice on the other end shouted, "You just want to go on another picnic with your sister!"

"No I don't!"

"We're on our way." said another voice (clearly German) from the intercom.

About ten minutes later, two men in dark suits and sunglasses walked in. One of them kept his sunglasses up on his forehead so you could see his unusual red eyes. He also had a little yellow bird sitting on his head, also wearing ridiculously small shades and a suit. Alfred wanted to ask what that was about, but thought it best to remain silent.

"Hello Agent Gil, Agent Ludwig." Vash greeted.

He pointed to the albino, "This is Agent Gil. And this," he gestured to the blonde one, "is Agent Ludwig."

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Gil asked pointing to the little canary.

Vash sighed, "And this," he reluctantly pointed to the bird, "is Agent Gilbird."

"Nice to meet you." Alfred greeted.

"Hello." Ludwig replied.

"So," said Gil, "where to?"

"M-Maple Lane." Alfred replied.

"I know where that is." Ludwig replied.

"Ja, but I'm driving!" Gil yelled.

"You might want to buckle up... and pray."

"Why?" Alfred asked.

"Because Gilbert got his driver's license through sheer miracle."

They all got in the squad car and drove to Maple Lane.

"Here's the place." Alfred pointed out the window to a big, nice looking house.

"Got it." Gilbert said. He swerved into the driveway so fast that the little bird on his head almost flew out the window. "So brüder, what do you think of my driving?" he asked arrogantly.

"I'm just happy to be alive." Ludwig responded disgustedly.

"So, who's the person we're looking for?" Gil asked.

"My brother, Matthew Williams."

"Matthew Williams?" Gil asked nervously.

"Something wrong?" Alfred asked.

"It's just that Matthew and I are good friends."

"I'm sorry Gil." Ludwig apologized, "You don't have to investigate if you don't want to."

"Nein," Gil replied, "I'll be fine."

All three of them exited the car and entered the house.

"Gil, you take the downstairs, I'll take the upstairs."

"Sure thing."

"Alfred, you can stay down here or come with one of us."

"I'll go with you, Officer Ludwig."

"Okay, I'll start investigating now." Gil said.

"Okay." Ludwig responded as him and Alfred started up the stairs.

"So Alfred, what does Matthew look like?" Ludwig asked.

"Well, he looks a lot like me." Alfred responded, "We're twins. The only difference is our hair and eyes."

"Very interesting." Ludwig commented, "Do people ever mistake you for each other?"

"Sometimes, but most people don't even notice my brother, and if they do, he's usually mistaken for me."

"Why is that?"

"Well, maybe it's because he's not very outgoing, and because we look so much alike."

"Hang on." Ludwig picked up his radio, "Gil,"

"Yes brüder?"

"Apparently, Matthew looks a lot like Alfred."

"Ja, I saw a few pictures on the wall."

"Did you find anything suspicious?"

"Nein, I've checked every room."

"Are you sure there aren't any more?"

"Well, there is the basement."

"Check it and call me if you find anything."

"Got it."

"It's okay Alfred, we will find him."

"What if it's too late?"

Ludwig didn't know how to answer this. But he didn't have to since his thoughts were interrupted by Gil screaming.


"Gilbert!" Ludwig and Alfred ran down the stairs to see the basement open.

"I'm down here guys." Gil called.

"Okay. Come on Alfred."

"Wait!" Gil yelled.


"Don't let Alfred down here!"

"I'm sorry Alfred, but you must stay here."

Alfred nodded his head and sat down on the couch.

Ludwig proceeded down the stairs and saw Gilbert standing there, tears streaming down his face. He was covering Gilbird's eyes. Ludwig followed his brothers eyes and saw something so horrific. He clasped his hand over his mouth and shakily picked up his radio.

"Vash, we found him."