Okay, I'm going to warn you guys now. I think that this might be, single-handedly, the worst AHS I've ever written. I don't know why, but lately it feels like I've been rushing all of my writing since school is practically kicking my ass right now.

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The song it's based on is 'The Full Course for Candy Addicts' by Miku Hatsune and it was one of the earliest songs made using Miku's new Append software when it came out so, if you look it up and it sounds like Luka for a moment, yeah… That's why.

And since I don't give content warnings for any of my fics (I like to have people surprised~), the only thing I will say is if you got through AHS: Zetsu Conchita… You'll be fine.

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Okay, enough chatter! Let us make ze magicks!

Two cups of flour, white and pure dust being gently, gently sifted into a rose-shaded mixer.

Two cups of sugar, crystalline powder that sprinkled down, down into the slowly swirling mix; soon the sweet smells of a cake batter filled the room, even before the dish had been baked.

But this mix wasn't for a cake. Well, half of it wasn't. Half would be made into the most delicious cupcakes and the other half would be used for a special cake-batter ice cream.

Three cups of sugar, sparkling dust raining into a steel black mixing bowl.

Two cups of corn syrup, sticky and clear slowly drizzling down to meet the sugar.

The bowl was set on top of a small burner and just as the mix began reacting to the heat, a wooden spoon entered the party; quickly stirring and keeping the mixture from burning.

A small black jar was picked up by a slim, pale hand as its counterpart worked. The jar was opened; the smell of licorice root filling the air before just a bit of the black powder was poured in, the color and consistency of the mix changing immediately.

After that, he had to work quickly; otherwise the mixture would gel up in the bowl and be useless. So, into braided molds the black liquid went before said molds were set by a cooling fan.

A bowl of raspberries, fresh, ripe, plump, went tumbling into a copper pot.

They were followed by three cups of sugar and corn syrup before a fire snapped up underneath it. Those pale hands worked hard to crush all the ingredients together into one fine paste, the heat helping break things down a little.

It took a bit of time, but soon the combination was poured out onto a surface covered in wax paper. A spatula was used to even everything out until it was smooth and cool enough to be cut up and rolled into edible portioned fruit snacks.

"A tray of black licorice sticks…" A calm, gentle voice counted off as a golden tray of black candies were set in a display window.

"A jar of raspberry Fruit Rolls…" The paper-thin treats were set besides a cash-register, the jar holding them decorated with a copper ribbon.

"Two dozen more cupcakes to even out the circulation…" Two trays of orange and red velvet cupcakes soon joined their brethren of many other cupcakes that had their own display case.

"And finally," The voice gave a content smile as a canister of white, white ice cream was added to a massive ice cream display freezer, filled with other flavors, "The cake batter ice cream…"

When the canister was safely set up, and the freezer set to a certain temperature, the owner of the residence took a deep stretch and wiped the sweat from his brow before looking at his reflection in the display windows. His skin was elegantly pale, going along perfectly with the rest of his regal stature (like that of a young prince); his long, ink-black hair was tied into a pony-tail, and his onyx eyes matched his smile as he turned and whispered, "Alright, time to open."

Itachi Uchiha.

If you looked up prodigy in a dictionary, you would probably see a picture of him between William Shakespeare and Vincent Van Gogh.

From the day he entered pre-school, everyone could see that Itachi was going to go far. And he went even beyond what was expected of him.

Honor rolls throughout primary school, Principal's List in middle school, and nation-wide recognition for his talents all throughout high school. Which he completed early, allowing him to go to the best University of his family's choosing and graduate from there with a PH. D. in law within just a few years.

Now, such a feat along with getting a job would seem practically impossible to attempt, let alone keep up with.

And, unfortunately for Itachi, it was.

The poor brunette had burnt himself out, all of his energy was depleted and he couldn't even function on a day to day basis without some sort of medication: all of them having some sort of violent side effect from massive mood swings, self-mutilation, or the weirdest cravings…

One afternoon, the year Itachi turned nineteen, his family went to his uncle Madara's wedding; not because it was a special occasion, mostly because this was the perverted old fool's fourth marriage to some ditzy, blonde, big-boobed bimbo…

"And Maddy-poo here managed to get a champagne and chocolate-flavored wedding cake~!" The bouncy, bubbly bride gushed as the newlyweds went to show Itachi's family a sneak-peek of the reception-hall. Fugaku could only glare at his brother, the look saying more than enough.

However, when she opened the door, she managed to bump into a waiter, who crashed into a dancer, who tripped right into the piece de resistance, the wedding cake.

The scene of the cake falling to the floor could have been played in slow-motion, but the result was still the same.

"Wah~!" The bride bawled her eyes out, "My big, fancy, dream-wedding's ruined! Maddy-poo, do something~!" Madara groaned, digging into his pocket for a cell-phone.

"The bakers are on the other side of town… Damn it, I can't believe this!" As the small group was panicking, thinking about what the hell they were going to do with the reception being due around the corner, Itachi just looked at the toppled masterpiece for a long moment.

In the flicker of an eyelid, Itachi rushed forward and grabbed a plate, fork, and knife from one table before retrieving the ceremonial cake knife from the main table.

"Itachi, what are you doing?" Mikoto asked, but Itachi ignored everyone as he quickly salvaged the majority of the fallen cake (whatever was touching the floor would just have to stay there to be cleaned). He looked at the display towers before readjusting them and cutting the remaining cake into simply elegant designs (flowers, doves, bells) and set them up before using what icing was left to cover everything up.

By the time he was done, Madara's bride blinked her wide eyes and squealed in excitement, "Oh Em Gee!" The cake display, if anything, looked three times as amazing as it did before; a true testimony to the beauty of marriage. "Itachi, you're like, a genius or something!"

"Aniki…" Sasuke whispered, "When did you learn how to do this?" Itachi panted from all the energy he put in his work. He didn't know where it came from, but he liked it. He briefly noticed a spot of icing on his finger. So, of course, in an effort to clean it but not mess up his clothing, he licked it off.

In that one lick of dessert, that one tongueful of sugar, Itachi had flashed back to a time in first grade. Oh, how everything had been so much simpler then! That day he had been studying, like a good little Uchiha, and staying inside class while everyone else was enjoying recess…

"Uchiha-kun?" Itachi blinked as he looked up and saw the smiling, handsome face of his teacher looking at him. "What are you doing inside? Everyone else is already playing."

"I have to study." Itachi stated, "So I can become something in life." The teacher was a bit put off by the small child's response. But Itachi's determination made him smile, resting a hand on the small boy's head.

"Whatever you want to do in life, Itachi," The teacher smiled, "I'm sure it'll be great."

Even after the teacher left to go watch over the other children, Itachi felt his face heat up in a blush.

On that day, after the wedding had gone off without a hitch, Itachi had told his family that he wanted to own a confectionary store. And after seeing how he had acted when he was saving the wedding cake, they knew that it would be a good investment.

Every morning, on the main street of Konoha City, a suburb where leaves shined green and cherry blossoms fell every spring, Itachi's bakery Kokoro would open its doors for all those seeking something to pacify their sweet-tooths and cravings.

Itachi's intelligence and new-found love of sugar had translated into being a confectionary genius. He always had to wake up two hours before opening time to make sure he had enough products for the day.

He had grown up fair, beautiful in some senses of the word, so he had more than his fair share of customers. Even though most of them had originally started coming there just to see Itachi's face, but one taste of the Uchiha's wares…

And they were hooked.

"That was a caramel-topped vanilla cone for you…" Itachi announced as he quickly drizzled a swirl of molten caramel on top of a vanilla scoop of ice cream resting in a freshly made waffle- cone. He handed it to a small boy whose mother was practically grabbing his arm to keep him steady. "And a strawberry sherbet spire…" He took a length of rock candy and slowly covered it with a scoop of strawberry sherbet, shaping it into a small pyramid before handing it to the boy's mother, "For you."

The woman thanked him and quickly paid so that her son could eat his treat before spilling it all over the floor.

"…With flowers made of cream cheese frosting…" Itachi whispered as he took a small, round, red velvet cake and decorated it with beautifully sculpted flowers. "And a small white rabbit to remind you of what time it is…" With a small marzipan base, a small rabbit was constructed out of icing; even down to the pocket watch in its hand. "Put it in a box… And we're…" Itachi carefully set the small masterpiece in a red box before wrapping it up in a white ribbon. "Done."

Itachi loved his business, loved his customers. It had been a long time, but he had finally found something that made it worth getting up in the morning.


One of the things that made it worth getting up in the morning for him.

Although Itachi loved his customers, there were three that he absolutely had to see in his shop at least once a week.

The first was a blue-haired woman. Her orange eyes, at one point bright and shiny, had taken on a dimmer look since earlier this year. She was dressed to impress, just back from school, and she kept up the look of accomplishment that people expected off her.

But something about Konan Ame was just so… Depressed.

Itachi smiled as the blue-haired woman walked in and gave a gentle hello as she walked to the counter. "Konan, how has your day been?" She only sighed,

"Not so good. Though, none of my days have been since Pein left me." Itachi shook his head, gathering a few slices of orange crème cake and wrapped them up in a sunset-tinted wrapper.

"Hang in there." He gently spoke as he handed the package to Konan, "A pretty woman like you will find someone new in no time."

"Thanks Itachi." Konan nodded, paying the brunette before she went on her way. When he was sure that he was alone, Itachi rolled his eyes; reaching into the display case for a bear-claw which he quickly devoured in two bites.

The next customer stormed into the small shop, immediately calling out, "A pack of licorice: half cherry and half black!"

"Hello to you too Hidan." Itachi smiled, packing the young man's order, along a box of chewy caramels. Hidan, a young, fair, albino policeman trainee, slammed a few bills down on the counter and snatched the candies up. "Tough day?"

"Tougher than a prostitute's pussy!" The short-haired albino huffed, ripping open the package of licorice and stuffing two sticks into his mouth, talking around them, "My school is hounding my ass because of my tuition fees. And fucking Kakuzu won't answer my calls so he can pay them for me!"

"A shame that he would leave…" Itachi nodded as he packed up a cherry-filled donut for the fuming albino. "He'll come around, they always do."

"Your mouth to Jashin's ears, Itachi." Hidan smirked before paying for the donut and walking out of the store. A quick glance to make sure that he was by himself, and Itachi reached under the counter for a can of whipped cream. He pointed the nozzle into his mouth and pressed down; filling his mouth with the thick, creamy substance, swallowing occasionally, until he tossed the empty can to the other side of the room.

"Un…" That sad noise came from a young, blonde art student named Deidara. He was currently slouched over the counter, drinking a vanilla milkshake and occasionally taking nibbles from a raspberry fruit-roll. "Why hasn't Sasori come home yet, un? I haven't been able to sculpt anything for weeks…"

"He's probably on a sabbatical…" Itachi offered, topping off the blonde's milkshake.

"Thanks un…" Deidara offered, immediately downing the rest of the shake before he announced, "I should get back to campus. See you later Itachi!" The opening and shutting of the door were the only noises in the store before Itachi gave a weird sort of growl and seized a jar of jelly beans; tipping it open above his mouth and letting the small bits of sugar and gelatin shower down into his open mouth, not caring that most of them fell to the floor, but mostly wanting to feel a certain sensation.

The feeling of being full to the point that you wouldn't have to think…

The jar shattered to the ground, empty, amongst all the stray jelly beans that didn't make it into the brunette's throat. The young man coughed a bit, trying not to lose anything in his mouth but try his damndest not to choke, but he slowly managed to swallow the thick, sugary mass; an off-colored line of drool escaping the side of his mouth.

Itachi loved his customers alright. Though… There was one old woman who would just ask too many questions. And they all regarded the large framed picture that Itachi had hung up on the wall behind the counter.

When he had first hung it up, she had come in to buy some soft caramels (wanting something sweet but wouldn't agitate her old teeth). As Itachi rung her up, she looked up at the picture and commented, "What a noble looking young man." Itachi blinked before he looked up at the picture that showed him in the arms of an orange-haired man.

"Yes. He's the light of my life."

But six months later, the woman came in for her weekly fix and as Itachi rang her up, she looked up at the picture and asked, "Did you change the picture dearie? The one on the wall?" Itachi looked up and saw the picture that had him in the arms of a fierce-looking brunette.

"No." Itachi shook his head, "My boyfriend has always been a brunette."

But another six months later, the woman came in again and while she was paying for her caramels, she blinked at the picture and asked again, "Are you sure you haven't changed that photo?" Itachi shut the cash-register with a bit too much force, the coins rattling around inside, gritting out,

"No ma'am, my lover has always been a red-head!"

But today, as she paid for her caramels and got a nice cupcake for her grandson, she looked up at the picture and hummed, "I really do think my eyes must be playing tricks on me. That picture is different than the other day, isn't it?" Itachi turned his head and saw the framed photo before smiling,

"No ma'am. My fiancé has always had blue hair."

"Thank you, please come again." Itachi greeted to his last customer of the day (they had ordered the last of his cupcakes for a last-minute party) before he began to close for the evening. Turning the freezers and refrigerators to energy-saving mode was easy enough, and then he had to make sure that nothing had been left out (he couldn't have any rats or vermin coming in)…

He was sweeping the floor in front of the counter, when a soft ringing cut through the silence. Quickly and efficiently, Itachi reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone; answering it without even glancing at the caller-ID. "Hello, Itachi Uchiha speaking…"

The broom fell with a clatter to the floor, Itachi's eyes going wide and a smile growing on his face as he spoke, "Hello Kisame. … Yes, I'm just about to lock up. Hm? Meet you where? … Is this a date? … Of course. … So in thirty minutes? … Yes. … Yes… I love you. I love you so so much." With that, Itachi ended the call; a smile and a perfect rose blush gracing his delicate features before he glanced at the picture on the back wall.

His sweeping got that much faster, soon allowing him to lock up his store and head home to get ready.

Six months.

Six months ago, Itachi had been working in his bakery when someone rushed in, asking, "Do you guys sell Japanese sweets? Like dango, pocky, etc.?" Itachi, who was working on a tray of cookies, replied,

"Yes we do. Did you need to…" His voice trailed off as he saw the figure who had just walked in. Tall, broad, dark, and handsome were four words that fit this man perfectly. His skin, so dark that it almost seemed blue, covered his towering figure of perfect muscles. His blue hair was messy, but the clothes he wore (business casual) showed a slight sense of sophistication. And Itachi felt himself melting as he looked at the bluenette's handsome facial features.

Itachi gulped as he felt it.

That filling sensation that started in one's chest before spreading out to your entire body.

He was falling in love at first sight.

In a desperate attempt to save face, he cleared his throat and continued, "Did you need to place an order?"

"No, I've just been having a serious craving for dango and mochi lately."

"Well," Itachi walked over and opened the small display case by the ice-cream freezers and pulled out a tray of the treats that the man had been asking for. "I just made these this morning. But I could make more if you would be patient for a bit."

"No problem, that's what lunch breaks are for." The other man nodded as he took a seat by Itachi's workspace. He watched Itachi slowly start to mix the sweetened rice-flour with just the right amount of water before his delicate hands began to mix the combination together. "So, what's your name?"

"Uchiha Itachi…" Itachi stated, looking away from his work to ask, "And yours?" The bluenette gave a sharp smirk before replying,

"Hoshigaki Kisame. And it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Itachi."

From that chance meeting, Kisame and Itachi had slowly gotten closer to each other through phone calls, dinners, concerts, and walks around the park.

Itachi was in seventh heaven during this time. Kisame was the perfect gentleman, and his strong presence was just what Itachi wanted, no, needed. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this man. That's why, on one of their dates, he jumped into Kisame's arms before snapping a picture.

It was that same picture that had been hanging in his bakery for the past six months.

And even now, as Itachi walked into the café that Kisame had asked to meet up, he had nothing but love in his heart and expectation in his very soul. Expectations that maybe Kisame would ask that all important question.

Accompanied with a ring.

Golden, but with a ruby instead of a diamond.

Oh, Itachi could almost taste it.

He looked around the crowded café, it was thirty past eight so he couldn't say that he didn't expect the dinner rush. But it was of no consequence, because there he was sitting at a table in the center of all the chaos. His blue-haired prince. Itachi let a rare smile appear on his face before he called out, "Kisame!" The bluenette looked up at the sound and gave a light smile, waving Itachi to come over.

"Hey there." Kisame greeted as Itachi walked over, pressing a sweet (literally sweet) kiss to his lips before he sat down.

"So, how's everything?" Itachi asked, reaching across the table to slide his hand into Kisame's. Maybe it was because he was on a 'love-high', if you will, but Itachi didn't too much notice Kisame's uneasy disposition as the brunette sought out touch.

"It's fine. Everything's… fine." Kisame gave a nervous smile. Itachi returned the gesture, whispering,

"I'm glad." Itachi let his slim fingers run along Kisame's large hand before he sighed, "You're so handsome… I love you."

"Uh-huh…" Kisame looked away, seeming very uncomfortable.

"I love you."

"Yes…" Kisame sighed.

"I love you… So, so, so, so much, Kisame—"

"Alright, that's it!" Kisame groaned before he snatched his hand away and whispered harshly, "Itachi, I asked you out tonight for two reasons!"

"Yes?" Itachi batted his eyes, thinking 'This is it!'

"The first to see if my current feelings were just fleeting instances of unease or not."


"And also… Look, Itachi," Kisame brushed his hair back, taking a deep breath before he said,

"I need a break." For Itachi, it seemed as if everything had slowed down exponentially.

'Wait a minute,' He thought, 'That doesn't sound like 'will you marry me'.'

"A… break?" Itachi asked, his voice unsteady, "Like a vacation from work?" He knew that Kisame worked in public relations for the city, and he knew that city work was so stressful…

"No Itachi," Kisame scratched the back of his head before he simply decided to bite the bullet, "Itachi, if this relationship between us has any hopes of surviving, I think we should take some time apart for a little bit. You understand?" Itachi could only blink.

What was Kisame saying?

He didn't understand.

Should he answer?

What should he say to get Kisame to come back to him?

Should he just answer however Kisame wanted him to?

Well, it looked like Kisame wanted him to say yes…

"Okay." Itachi nodded, his eyes downcast towards the table. Kisame let out a heavy sigh of relief,

"Thank you so much for seeing things my way, Itachi. Listen, the reservation for the table is for all night so order whatever you want. It's all on me." He picked his coat up from the chair and smiled, "See you around, get home safe okay?"

And, just like that, he was gone.

When Kisame had left, Itachi simply sat there for a long while. He didn't even move, almost like a statue; some would even wonder if he was breathing. His eyes were wide, barely blinking, as his mind tried to process what just happened.

Finally, an hour later, Itachi slowly took the menu and opened it to the dessert section before he raised a slim hand to get a waiter's attention. They quickly came over, a young, perky pink-haired girl who asked, "What can I get for you tonight?" She asked. Itachi was deathly quiet before he answered, completely calm,

"Everything on the dessert menu."

"Huh?" The pink-haired waitress yelped, "Sir, maybe I didn't hear you right-?"

Itachi slammed a fist against the table, the two glasses there falling to the ground in a shatter before he turned to the waitress and seethed out,

"Then let me make it clear enough for someone like you to understand, you pink-haired dime-a-dozen whore! You see this part of this paper?" The girl was scared stiff, she could barely manage a nod, "You get it for me! I pay for it! We both go on with our lives! Is that easy enough for you to understand, you little bitch?"

"Y-yes… sir…" The young waitress nodded, taking the menu and rushing to the kitchen. Usually, if someone was rude to her (she worked in a public setting, it was a common occurrence) she would show them the door. But there was something about Itachi that was just… unsettling.

As she gave the order ticket to the cooks, she shuddered even more as she thought: 'Was it just me… or were his eyes orange and purple just now..?'

The door to Itachi's condo slammed open, the doorknob actually leaving a dent in the wall before Itachi stormed in; in his hands, two heavy bags from the café. He kicked the door shut, his eyes wild in fury, before he threw the bags onto the coffee table, various desserts and sweets spilling out.

"How dare he..?" He whispered, taking an éclair and shoving it into his mouth. The chocolate-covered pastry wasn't even all the way down his throat yet before Itachi swallowed down a slice of chocolate cake, what he couldn't force down being spread all over his mouth and face.

"Get rid of it…" Itachi muttered the best he could with his mouth full, "Get rid of this feeling…"

He ate and ate: sticky buns, Crème Brule, ice cream (five different flavors), chocolate-caramel cookies, red forest cheesecake, gourmet fortune cookies (fortunes still inside)…

It was right when he was about to force down some orange sorbet, that his body turned against him. No, keep it down! KEEP IT DOWN, DAMN YOU! But it was no use.

With a grotesque sound, a mixture of choking and drowning, Itachi vomited up everything that he had eaten in the past fifteen minutes of his crazed gorging. It was a violent couple of moments, but when it was over Itachi sat on the floor, panting: his eyes glossy and his hands covered with the dark colored sludge of his stomach contents.

The brunette sat there, quiet, as he looked at the still bubbling muck. Then, with a shaky hand, he scooped up some of his vomit before moving it towards his lips, licking the substance back up.

"He wants a break…" Itachi said to himself later that evening, in one hand a chocolate-iced, chocolate-chocolate chip cupcake, in the other a photo album. As his eyes looked over image after image of him and Kisame together, Itachi had to choke back tears.

Why am I crying? He smiled, despite the tears streaming down. We're not breaking up, he just wanted a break…

"And I'll give him one…" Itachi softly sated, devouring the cupcake in two bites, icing and wrapper in all. "Because I love him… And he loves me… I just need to show him that no one else in this world cares more about him than me…"

So Itachi kept his distance.

For three months…

Ninety days…

Seven-hundred twenty hours….

Forty-three thousand, two-hundred minutes…

Two million, five-hundred ninety-two thousand seconds…

A loud crack filled the bakery, a wooden spoon sitting in two pieces in his hands. His eye twitched as he rushed over to a calendar, desperately searching for…

Was it?

It was, oh thank God!

It was exactly three months to the minute when Kisame had said he needed a break. Itachi was giddy as a schoolgirl as he packed a basket full of Kisame's favorite sweets. He had shut down shop early that day, his incessant watch of the calendar taking most of his time.

He gave a calm, collected smile as he covered the basket in a neatly pressed, red and blue sheet.

"Kisame… It's okay, I know you've missed me…" Itachi spoke to the picture of the bluenette and himself. "I'm coming to your job today, I know you'll be anticipating it. So, I'll see you soon."

The bell on the bakery door chimed as Itachi locked up.

Like Itachi had found from so many times of Kisame taking a detour from their dates, Kisame worked in City Hall. The brunette hummed to himself as he walked in through the front doors of the prestigious building. He walked right passed the receptionist's desk and into the elevator that went up to Kisame's floor. He happily hummed as the compartment rode up and up and up, tapping the beat of an undescript song on the basket until the elevator dinged at the fifth floor, walking out.

With every cubicle he passed by, there was either a gasp of, "Is that Itachi?", a whisper of, "Doesn't he know that Kisame..?", or the beeping of a phone as someone would try and call the bluenette down the hall, letting him know that he had a guest.

An uninvited one.

Just as Itachi was about to knock on Kisame's office door, there was a call of, "Itachi?"

"Kisame!" Itachi turned towards the voice, a smile of pure joy on his face. Maybe it was the fact that they had been apart for so long, but Kisame looked downright dashing in his business-casual suit; even if the bluenette was looking less than happy at the moment. "I brought you lunch! Well, it's more of a collection of sweets rather than lunch, but still…"

"Damn it!" Kisame gritted out, grabbing Itachi's arm and leading him into an elevator that led down to the underground parking complex.

"So where did you want to go to eat this?" Itachi asked as both men walked out of the elevator, "Because I know a great park on Eighth Avenue and…" He was stopped when Kisame held up a hand, heaving a huge sigh. Then he calmly spoke,

"Itachi, what did you think it meant when I told you I needed a break?" Itachi hummed before replying,

"That we needed time apart. That I gave you, and now we're back together again!" Kisame shook his head, asking,

"And what did you think when I never answered any of your calls? All 2160 of them?"

"That you lost your phone," Itachi shrugged as if talking about the weather, "Which is the reason that I decided to pop in. If I couldn't talk to you, I should just come here to see you—"

"Itachi, it meant that I broke up with you!" Kisame shouted, desperate to get his point across.

The area was still. The younger of the two could barely breathe.

'Did he say…

What I think he just said?'

"What do you mean…" Itachi blinked, shock mixing with confusion, "It's over?" Kisame groaned, pressing his face into his palms before he finally began,

"Itachi, you could not have seen this going for too long? I mean, honestly…"

"You're too needy…" Itachi's first boyfriend, an orange-haired man named Pein, explained as he was moving Itachi's belongings out of his house.

"You're like a bad, whiny housewife…" That had come from Itachi's second boyfriend, one Kakuzu Hoku, who was busy getting ready for work after a night with the younger brunette; breaking off their relationship as if he were talking about the weather, "And I never wanted to get married."

"I feel like I'm suffocating whenever I'm with you!" Sasori Akasuna, Itachi's last boyfriend, yelled as he struggled to get a sobbing Itachi away from his car.

"We can work this out!" Itachi screamed as Sasori finally shoved him away, hopping into his car and speeding away, stillwater from the curb splashing all over Itachi, leaving the brunette drenched.

"And you're too damn clingy!" Itachi had come back to the present moment just as Kisame was about to finish ranting, "I need my space. Not a break, but I cannot keep up this relationship with you!"

"What do you want me to do..?" Itachi whispered, refusing to let the tears welling in his eyes fall, "I can be anything you want… I can do anything you want… Just tell me…"

"Itachi…" Kisame sighed, agitation growing such a pitch that he finally held up his hand and shouted, "Do you see what this is?

Itachi's heart went cold and still as he saw it: a golden band around Kisame's ring finger.

"WHO?" Itachi screamed in disbelief. This can't be happening! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!

"All you need to know is that it's over between us Itachi." Kisame stated and with that, he went back into the building; leaving Itachi in the parking structure all alone.

He barely knew how he made it back to his store; for Itachi, everything seemed to be in a daze as he walked down the streets. But soon enough, he collapsed through the front door in the late afternoon.

He didn't even switch the closed sign to open. Itachi only walked to the back of the bakery…

Opened a trapdoor in the floor…

And walked inside.

The halls that winded through dark and damp spaces were lined with jars of thick, off-colored substances and floating appendages. A child's hand bobbed in its jar, almost waving to Itachi while he passed.

He wandered on, his mind clearing a bit as he got to a door which he deftly opened with a key kept secure in in his pocket at all times. The door led to a small sitting room furnished only with a coffee table, a reclining chair, a chest that sat next to that, and a flat-screen TV hanging on the wall. Itachi quickly locked the door and took a deep breath, desperately trying to calm himself.

It worked: he stood up and strolled through the room until he came to the chest and opened it, his eyes shining in childish excitement before he brought out a large item that had a shiny wrapper all around it, a small candy dish filled with brightly colored sweets, and a jar of dark, red liquid. He set the items all on the coffee table before picking up the jar and saying, "I'll be right back…", before he went through another door inside the room that seemed to lead to an exact replica of his normal bakery shop…