The brunette returned with a steaming kettle and a glass. He poured a gratuitous amount of the kettle's contents into the glass before setting it aside and sitting down in his easy chair. "Where… to start?" His stomach grumbled as he looked at the spread he had set aside for himself. He licked his lips before grabbing the large, wrapped item and set it in his lap as he began the unwrapping process.

Soon, it could be seen that the item in the pretty wrapper was nothing near as pretty. It was a human head, severed clean from its body. Not that one could recognize the head seeing as how it had been dunked and coated in a sweet, caramel candy-shell. Itachi's frame shivered, a weird sort of giggle escaping his lips as his eyes widened, "I can't wait anymore…" And with that, he began licking at the sweet; occasionally chipping of pieces of candy and rotting skin into his mouth and sucking them down with a vigor that could only be called manic.

More… Gods, only something as delicious as this Itachi lapped his tongue against his perverse treat again and again, like a child with a lollipop. Only this will get rid of that empty feeling!

"Hm?" He had licked down through skin, weak flesh, and gotten to the bone near the bridge of the head's nose only to discover something weird about the eyes. Itachi blinked, looking at the small, off-white clumps of flesh squirming by the head's eyes. "I thought that I sprayed for maggots last month." The brunette thought for a moment before he shrugged, "Oh well," before he forced his tongue into the eye socket and whipped it around inside before slowly pulling away, his tongue holding fast to a dripping golden eye: one side had been crusted over with sugar, but the other was dripping rotting puss filled with maggots.

The brunette let the foul treat rest on his tongue for a moment, his eye-lids fluttering at the sensation of the maggots adjusting to a new environment, before he took it into his mouth; crunching the small morsel and moaning as the putrid-sweet juices flooded his mouth and ran down his throat.

Oh my, what a mess… Your head seems to be decaying…
"Lick, lick" Around your eyes… So delicious, so tasty…

He watched the television screen, filled with images of him and his darling Kisame at a concert. Subconsciously, his hand reached for a small candy dish on the table besides him and grabbed a handful of the delights: small eyeballs coated in molten sugar stared up at him before he tossed them all into his mouth, crunching and licking the thick liquids that were released up from his lips. "How many dogs did I have to go through for this batch?" He asked himself as he took more of the candied eyes and popped them into his mouth, mixing them amongst the fleshy, sugary mush that was already in his mouth.

"So cute…" He sighed as he went grocery shopping one day and saw a small girl giving away puppies, the hyper balls of fluff and wet noses tumbling over each other in the box.

"Sir, could you please take one?" The girl asked, holding one of the puppies out to Itachi. Itachi stared for a moment before he smiled,

"I'll do you one better. I'll take three of them off your hands."

"Really?" The girl gasped, eyes going wide. She quickly bowed as Itachi picked out three puppies, "Oh, thank you!" The brunette carefully picked his three out, paying close attention to their eyes before he walked off, the girl crying out, "Promise to take care of them."

"Oh, I will…" Itachi smiled as one of the puppies licked his cheek.

It took sixteen puppies for Itachi to get a whole jar of these candies, and that wasn't even the hardest part of it. Eyes only stay sweet and crunchy while their host is alive, so Itachi would have to carefully force a hook into a puppy's eye cavity, tear all the nerves and veins from the hole, and then pull the organ out; one at a time, carefully as to not injure the treat.

Plus, the squirming and whines of the puppies didn't help with his concentration either.

Shiny, candied eyes of newborn, baby puppies…
Let's fill a jar up with these delicacies…

He gulped down the mixture before he picked up a glass of what looked like steaming, red tea, but as he drank it, it went down far too slow to be any semblance of the liquid. Boiled blood, mixed with cherry extract; the perfect way to relax after such a day. He grabbed for the remote and pressed a button for the dvd-changer to change discs. The footage that soon appeared on the screen had him in Kisame's arms as they both lay down on a bed.

Oh, Kisame had wanted to record the two of them having sex so badly… Why on earth, if Itachi loved him so much, would Itachi refuse him?

Oh, Kisame's muscles were so amazing, Itachi was practically salivating as images and sounds of their love, their pleasure, moved across the screen. It was at this time that Itachi decided to reach for a plate that held a delicate slice of cake. The cake had many, thin layers; each separated by a spreading of thick, off-white cream. Itachi licked his lips before picking up a fork and beginning to eat his delicious slice of mille-feuille that he made special…

Cum was an excellent base for certain desserts, so as Itachi pressed a bite of the mille-feuille between his lips, he moaned at the delicious burst of decadent flavor; his member starting to grow hard at the taste.

The Mille-feuille sitting there upon the dish has the sweet, sweet taste of love!

By the time he had finished the cake, Itachi was fully erect and the dvd was just about to hit its climax as the brunette on screen was on all fours, Kisame thrusting into him from behind. Itachi panted, licking any remnants of the mille-feuille from his lips before he brought his heated flesh out of his pants and began stroking himself in time with the video. While he worked, he reached towards the table and grabbed a plate of chocolate-coated strawberries, placing them into his mouth one at a time with his free hand. He had three when a voice in his mind asked,

Q. Surely you can't contemplate eating all that's on the plate?

To which Itachi chuckled and replied with his mouth full, chocolate and strawberry juices smearing his lips,

"A. 'But it's all mine and I love sweets!'"

It was blue, long, hard and spiraling up towards the ceiling as it glistened with Itachi's saliva. It was a blueberry-flavored lollipop that Itachi had made the other day and, seeing as how it reminded him so much of Kisame, he decided to use it to keep himself company while he watched the video over again. Therefore, after lapping his tongue around the sticky, blue treat once more, Itachi trailed it down his body until it circled his entrance, which he had prepared with whipped cream a few moments before.

With a breathy moan and a gasp, Itachi pressed the sweet inside himself; biting his teeth as he felt himself sucking the treat up, like he would have if it was going in his mouth. When he had let himself get used to it, the brunette began to pump it in and out, playing with his nipples and the skin of his chest and stomach, effectively smearing the chocolate that he had smeared over his hands all over himself before he turned towards the screen, His eyes hooded over towards Kisame's image as he begged,

"Please my darling, my sweet lover; make a delicious, full candy-course…"

He pumped the blue lollipop in and out of his ass, moaning and gasping as, with every few pumps, he managed to hit his prostate. "Kisame…" He whispered, stopping his motions so he could crawl over to the TV. He ran his fingers of the image of the bluenette's face before whispering,

"Let me have it: face, fingers, mouth… Everything of yours!"

He began moving the sweet in and out of himself in a frenzy, beads of sweat rolling down his pale skin as he panted,

"Let me utterly enjoy the mild honey within your heart…
Shall we savor every part in front of my eyes with my tongue..?"

With a final shout of Kisame's name, Itachi came; his own sticky, white crème staining his chest. As he lay there, exhausted but feeling a tad more relaxed, the brunette wiped a chocolate-covered finger through his quickly cooling cum before slipping the digit through his lips. His sweet moans filled the heated air as he sucked his finger clean, imagining that it was a certain part of his beloved's body.

When he was done, his glossy eyes looked up towards the ceiling as he whispered, "You love me. I know you do. So I will not allow some unknown whore or bitch or whatever the hell she thinks she is ruin that. Kisame…" He smiled, "You're mine to savor. Mine and mine alone…"

Itachi, from the day he was born, had never taken rejection well. It was only when he was a child and the first love of his life had betrayed him that he decided that things would not stand in such a way…

"Uchiha-kun?" His teacher, his incredibly handsome teacher, had called out to the small boy one afternoon. Itachi let the smallest smile grace his face before he turned around –

Only to have his heart sink into an unfathomable abyss as he saw the man holding the hand of a young woman and looking at her with love and adoration that Itachi had dreamed off before he said, "This is my fiancée. I've told her so much about how excellent of a student you are that she wanted to meet you as soon as possible!" The woman smiled,

"A pleasure to meet you Uchiha-kun!" Itachi's eyes narrowed, the small child's blood boiling as he saw this woman – This bitch! – With the person he loved.

The brunette remembered with fond memories how that bitch found her dog choked to death with its own intestinal tract, its eyes carved out and its tail chopped off and forced down its own throat. But it hadn't been enough to get her away from his precious teacher.

So he had to give up. But on that day he promised that no one he loved would ever be taken away from him.



Pein was such a kind, quiet soul… Until he tried to get together with that whore Konan…

"Itachi…" The orange-haired male gulped, his grey eyes wide as they whipped around his surroundings. "Itachi, untie me…" Pein had gone to sleep in his condo after a long day of work, just to wake up and find himself on, what could only be described as a large baking sheet. The only reason he could tell that Itachi was in this dark, imposing space with him was that every few minutes the brunette would walk up and spray his nude body down with a bottle of sugar-water.

As the water dried, it left a crackling, sugary shell on Pein's skin.

Now, one could ask why Pein didn't get up. But his body felt like it was being weighed down by lead; he could hardly feel anything. But hearing the other's pleas only caused Itachi to look straight into Pein's eyes and smile, "I love you. So, so much."

"Then get me off of this thing!" Pein shouted, but Itachi seemed to ignore him, humming,

"That's why I can't let any other whore or bitch try to steal you from me. Besides…" The manic brunette had moved over to a large oven door, his hand turning the dial all the way up. He briskly pulled the large doors open, revealing a roaring fire, "I need flour."

"Itachi, no! NO!" Pein yelled as Itachi shoved the tray he was on into the fiery inferno and shut the door, leaning against it; a smile and a whisper on his lips as Pein's screams died down to pitiful coughs and gurgles and finally, silence,

"I love you. I love you. I love you…"

Kakuzu Hoku had a tough shell… But only Itachi knew how to get to the sweet, sweet center…

"Love you… I love you so much…" Itachi told Kakuzu as the other brunette had been chained to the chair across from him, lines of bile seeping out from behind the gag in his mouth as Itachi picked up a slice of a strawberry tart and poured a thick, red, chunky, foul-smelling substance over it: two eyeballs plopping onto before the slim Uchiha added a dollop of cream on top, singing to himself,

"Let's have a strawberry tart with a very special sauce
Decorate it with eyes and add more cream!"

He pressed the mess into his mouth and swallowed it whole, chewing the eyes to help them go down before he licked his lips and jumped into Kakuzu's lap, the older turning his head away every time Itachi tried to kiss him. Itachi was confused, but after a moment, he asked,

"Feeling dizzy because of the saccharine smell?
Dear, just add a fork and knife!"

From behind his back, Itachi took out the two implements before twirling the fork into a lock of Kakuzu's hair… And yanking it back with almost inhumane strength, leaving a bloody patch where the hair and that portion of the man's scalp had been torn away.

"You wouldn't believe the type of licorice I can make out of hair…" Itachi explained, setting the bloody mat of hair into a plate before repeating the process again…

And again…

And again, his eyes almost glowing orange and purple with every agonized sound that Kakuzu let out…

And Sasori, oh Sasori… How DARE he try to leave Itachi for that blonde-haired bimbo?

Sasori's yelp of pain echoed through the dark, foul-smelling room as Itachi pressed a needle into the vein on the red-head's right wrist. "Itachi, what the hell are you doing?" Sasori knew he had been knocked out, that's why Itachi had been able to tie him up so easily. What he didn't know was why Itachi was attaching the tube of the needle to some sort of device that looked like a pump that led into a bucket.

"Making candy~!" Itachi smiled, "My silly little lovey-dovey bear!" He held up a plastic bulb before explaining, "Do you know what this does? If I squeeze it, it helps get the most delicious red nectar out of someone. Perfect for making raspberry fruit-rolls!" Before Sasori could say anything, Itachi squeezed, Sasori seizing up as he felt something being pulled out of him.

Itachi giggled as he saw red dripping into the bucket. But he soon pouted, "Not fast enough." He then squeezed the bulb faster, again and again. When red began streaming in, he spun around in joy, scarcely noticing Sasori losing consciousness due to his blood being drained so haphazardly from him…

"Kisame…" Itachi whispered as he lay in bed that night, a jar of chocolate sauce in his hands. He dipped two fingers into the jar and wrote the kanji for Kisame's name over his heart, sticking the fingers into his mouth afterwards.

"Oh, my beloved! Oh, my beloved!
I adore you so much I could eat you whole!"

Those were his thoughts as he repeated his actions all over his body. "I'm yours Kisame, always… And you'll… always… be mine…" He whispered as he poured the rest of the jars contents into his mouth, most of it dripping down his chin. "Chocolate is the flavor of love Kisame…" A perverse grin grew on his face, "Allow me to share it with you…"

"The hell…" Thick, brown liquid dripped from every corner and surface of Kisame's office, "Is this?" The bluenette had come into work that morning just for someone to tell him that his office had been vandalized. However, he could never have believed to this extent!

"Who do you think could have done it?" One of his co-workers asked. But Kisame gritted his teeth and ripped his phone out of his pocket,

"I need to make a call."

He walked into the bathroom and leaned against the wall as he called a familiar number that he had yet to delete from his phone. "Hello, you've reached the private phone of Uchiha Itachi. I'm unavailable at the moment, so if you could please leave me a message after the beep, I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible." Kisame was about to say something, waiting for the beep, but the outgoing message went on, "And if this is Kisame… This doesn't feel too good, DOES it? Calling your loved one just to be ignored, what a FUCKED up feeling! But it's okay, my lovely, lovely shark. Really, it's okay. I love you. Je t'aime. J'adore. NO WHORE OR BITCH IS GOING TO KEEP YOU FROM ME!"

"Damn it Itachi, answer the phone!" Kisame roared as the outgoing message's voice trailed off in a fit of cackles, "I don't know what kind of shit you're pulling here, but cut it out or I'm calling the police!"

Outside of the building, in the alleyway, Itachi hung up his phone and smiled, "I love you. And I know you love me…", forcing a Twinkie in between his lips.

With every bite and every chomp, I feel a filling in my heart …

At the end of the week, Kisame's fiancée invited him over for dinner and a movie: something the bluenette was incredibly thankful for, time to relax after his hellish week.

The movie was entertaining, dinner delicious… All the two of them wanted to do was go upstairs for a bit of private time to themselves. But right when Kisame's fingers were undoing the woman's bra, his cell-phone rang.

"Damn it…" He gritted out, "Give me a sec." He crawled off of bed and picked up his discarded pants and got his cell-phone out. The number calling was restricted but Kisame answered, "Hello?"

He shrunk back as the sound of a mixer roared into his ears. "Damn kids…" He growled, hanging up the phone. "Now…"

"Where were we?" His beautiful fiancée beckoned to him. The bluenette sat on the bed, playfully pulling at the woman's leg…

Just for his cell-phone to ring again. "Just ignore it…" His fiancée sighed, bouncing over and kissing his cheek and neck.

"You're probably right…" Kisame agreed, kissing her back. "But just to be sure…" He turned his phone off and tossed it on the counter before pouncing on the beautiful creature in bed with him.

Everything was good in the life of Hoshigaki Kisame…

Until the house phone rang. Kisame groaned, "Don't answer it…"

"But it could be the florist or the wedding singer or…" She went on as she answered, "Hello – Ah!" She hung up, "Like a power-drill or something!"

Thursday called for heavy rain. But did that stop Itachi? No…

He crawled through the cover of darkness, rain pelting on him, until he reached the house of the skank that was trying to take what was his. He hid in the bushes, his eyes peering into the small house and seeing the woman showing off a picture of the type of dress she wanted: her wedding ring blinking on her hand.

"You are going much too far with this game, Kisame…" Itachi hissed, scratching his fingernails against the window, "That ring is mine… That dress is mine… This was supposed to be my wedding, you were supposed to marry ME!" Itachi narrowed his eyes as Kisame placed a kiss on the woman's lips, his scratching against the window getting even worse, "Stop teasing me, damn you! Kisame, Kisame, Kisame! You belong to me, to me, TO ME!"


Itachi flinched as he saw that his fingers had managed to make a crack in the glass, he quickly hid behind the bushes when Kisame walked up to see what had caused the noise. He held his breath as Kisame inspected the glass before going back, his statement of a bird hitting the glass muffled before he walked back into the sitting room.

"Damn you…" Itachi whispered, "Damn her too…" The brunette snuck away through the dark shadows of the stormy night. Though he was being drenched by frigid rains, he smiled and giggled, "You will be mine, Kisame… Whoever leads you astray, I will always get you back in the end…"

Kisame's mother-in-law-to-be had him rush out to town one evening to discuss drinks for the reception with their wedding-planner. It had been a three-hour meeting that incorporated a lot of drinking the product, but Kisame had gotten somewhere amongst all the partying.

He was currently making his dizzy way over to his car, grumbling as he tried to find his keys. "Let's see here…" He narrowed his eyes at his key-ring, "Which one…"

He didn't notice the footsteps…

"The red one..?" He tried it, "Nope. The blue –AGH!" There was a crack of sudden pain, like he had just been struck by lightning in the back of the head, before he blacked out: his body slumping to the floor.

He managed to blink his eyes once, glimpsing a figure in white, before succumbing to darkness… As he faded from consciousness, he could have sworn he heard someone cackle,

"Oh Dear God,

'How I love sweets!'"

"Hrm…" Kisame tried to groan, feeling the sound more than hearing it. With a cough and a mumble, he managed to open his eyes, finding himself in a dark, damp space. A happy voice gasped,

"Oh, you're up! Yay!"

"Itachi..?" Kisame groaned, his head pounding; he swore he felt something dry flaking off the back of his head. He struggled to get his bearings straight but when he did, he nearly didn't believe his eyes.

He saw Itachi… dressed in a wedding gown. From the veil on his face, the pearl gloves on his hands, the red shoes on his feet… He even had earrings on, for God's sake! But even the veil couldn't hide the twitching of Itachi's eyes as the brunette smiled and laughed, an off-putting sound like shattering glass, "You like? I knew you would! Oh, I never saw myself wearing a dress in the future but I thought, why not!" He spun around, the bottom of the dress whirling around him, "Oh, and I even shaved my legs! I know what that does for you!"

"Where am I..?" Kisame groaned, trying to stand. He choked when he found himself strapped into a chair. "What the fuck is this?" Itachi walked up, elegantly (he had been practicing in those heels), before grabbing Kisame's neck and bringing them eye to eye.

Itachi smiled, candy staining his teeth, before he threw his head back in another peal of laughter. It ended abruptly when he surged forth, like a snake, and lapped a long line down from Kisame's ear to his neck and back again. "I could make a lollipop out of your sweat Kisame… You taste so good…" Itachi moved away, "Time to get serious…"

Kisame gulped, expecting the brunette to pull out a knife…

And getting a magazine in front of his face instead.

"It's a brochure of the most romantic spots in the world!" Itachi sighed, "I was thinking we could honeymoon in Rome or Paris… Oh! How about Hawaii?"

That tore it.

"Itachi, you pyscho-bitch! Let me out of this chair before I kick your fucking ass!" He gulped when Itachi leaned forward and screamed, eyes dilating in his madness,

"I'M the psycho? What about that fat cunt you call yourself seeing? Oh my God," Itachi sang, "I hate her guts and entrails~!" Kisame scoffed, so that's what this is about?

"Whether you hate her or love her, I'm marrying her." Itachi's expression immediately turned dark, moving off of Kisame like he had burned him. Kisame watched as Itachi paced in front of Kisame, his eyes narrowing as he spat out,

"So he would rather marry some fat, ugly cunt than me..? Fine." The brunette stomped on the ground, nearly breaking the switch that was there. Kisame's eyes whipped around as he found himself in the air: a chain carrying the chair up and up until it was suspended over a bubbling vat of sticky blue.

"Itachi…" Kisame trembled, him trembling, as he felt the steam waft up past him, "What is that?" Itachi answered by spinning over to a large lever, grabbing it and trilling,

"Blueberry taffy~!" Then he smirked, eyes glowing purple and orange, "And it needs one more ingredient to make it perfect." To demonstrate his point, he turned the lever once, the chair moving an inch closer to the vat. "You see Kisame… No one leaves me. I don't allow it. No, they stay with me…" He pressed a hand over his stomach, "Inside of me. Forever and ever…" He twisted the lever again, "And ever!" Kisame couldn't believe what he was hearing: he shook his head before even attempting to ask,

"So you turned them all into taffy?" Itachi laughed, shaking his head,

"Cupcakes, licorice, raspberry candies… It all varies on my mood and the guy. And for you~!" He smirked, "I'm thinking taffy!"

"Itachi, you can't do this!" Kisame roared, rocking against his restraints, "You're going to go to jail or worse!" Itachi ignored him, leaving the lever for a moment to pick something up from the counter, singing as he walked,

"Please my darling, my sweet lover; make a delicious full candy-course…
Can you see the smile upon my face?
It's because I've devoured everything…"

Itachi grabbed a plate and uncovered it, turning around and showing it to Kisame: the bluenette feeling like he was going to puke at any moment. It was a heart, human or animal, who knew, but a heart none the less, sprinkled with chocolate Kisses.

"You're breaking my heart Kisa…" He sniffled, "I'll have to repair it by eating this one… It doesn't have a hole inside like me…" Itachi picked up the dripping muscle before tearing his teeth into it, blood and chocolate creating a bittersweet mixture that cascaded down the Uchiha's throat.

"Oh God…" The bluenette had to hold back the bile threatening to rise from his stomach as he watched Itachi devour the whole thing, licking his red and brown lips after. "God, you're disgusting…"

"Oh," Itachi chuckled, strips of red stuck between his teeth, "You don't mean that.

The sweet chunk in my mouth I hungrily devoured
Can't you tell that I'm utterly entranced by you?"

"Listen, I can't tell anything right now," Kisame gritted out, "Except how much I want to get the fuck out of here! Let me go-" He was cut off by a jerk of the chair, the heat from the vat becoming that much more intense.

"Stop being immature!" Itachi shouted, mania over-coming him for a second before he sighed and smiled, "The sooner you admit that you made a mistake, the sooner we can get on with our lives…"

"You are insane!" Kisame roared, trying to break out of his restraints again. But the brunette shook his head and sighed,

"Please my darling, my sweet lover; make a delicious full candy-course…
Use love spells and words of affection as spices for our meal!"

"Damn it…" The bluenette captive whispered to himself as he rocked the chair back and forth with his struggles, "The fuck are these things made out of?"

"Now and Laters," Itachi replied as if they were talking about the weather. But then something clicked in his mind, "Oh, I almost forgot…" Dark eyes warily watched as the hysterical young man brought over a ladder and used it to quickly climb up to Kisame's level. Kisame watched with cold, emotionless eyes and Itachi undid his left hand, the one that held his gleaming wedding band, and brought it up to his face. Kisame snapped.

"Has it finally clicked in your head how fucked up this is?" The bluenette screamed, "Because, to hell with counseling, you are DEAD when I get out of this chair! You're going to wish you were dead by the time I – AGH!"

He never finished his sentence: screaming as Itachi engulfed his ring-finger and bit clean through it before sliding back down the ladder. "YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!" Kisame bellowed out in agony, the area where the finger had been reduced to a bleeding stump: crimson trickling down into the sweet, blue abyss.

But Itachi only smiled, his lips sticky and red as he pulled out the finger and licked the blood away,

"I love you so, so much I could devour you!

I love you so much I could wolf you down!"

He frowned for a second as he pulled off the ring and tossed it behind him before sticking the finger into the blouse of the wedding dress for later: patting it fondly as he turned away,

"Never stolen from me, never torn away from me…

Darling please, stay inside of me…"

For Kisame, all he felt was a numbing pain growing through his hand and the mounting amount of tackiness on his hand. But it was all shoved to the back of his hand as the chair creaked again, slowly descending towards the boiling death below. He looked down to the floor and saw Itachi turning the lever. "ITACHI, CUT IT OUT!"

"I love you…" Was the other's response.

"Seriously, STOP!" Kisame yelled again, struggling as his demise came ever closer. But Itachi shook his head,

"I love you…"

"Fuck…" The bluenette groaned, the heat becoming unbearable.

"I love you…"

"WAIT!" Kisame shouted just as his feet began to dip into the scorching hot taffy. Itachi's face was impassive save for the slim eyebrow he raised in question. Kisame bit his lip, trying to think past the concentrated pain coursing through the nerves of his feet. "I… love you too…"

"What?" Itachi blinked, eyes growing wide in ecstasy at those words. "Really?" Kisame didn't answer, too busy trying not to pass out from pain. But, all too soon, the dark part of Itachi's mind surged up and he seized the lever, sobbing, "LIAR! YOU DON'T MEAN IT!"

"Damn it," Kisame bit out, his plan shattered, "Itachi! Let me out of this thing!"

"I love you…" Itachi smiled, tears streaming down from his eyes.

As one of them slid past his lips, he lapped it up. "Salt? What a weird taste…" Then, the candy-addict began to turn the lever in earnest, chanting in rhythm with his work,

"I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

"I love you!" The brunette cackled as the lever refused to go any further. He walked up to the vat, the clicks of his heels echoing in the darkness, and looked inside.

A few bubbles belched up from the scalding depths…



Business at Kokoro continued as usual: Itachi working non-stop to keep the smiles on his customers' bright faces. His favorite customers still came in every day, he even had a new one who would come in: eyes filled with tears about how her husband-to-be abandoned her out of the blue.

The space on the wall that usually held a picture was empty. That was the only change in the bakery and Itachi wasn't sure if he was going to remedy or not. His heart… Still needed time to heal.

He was cleaning up after the rush-hour when that peculiar old woman came shuffling in. "Oh, here for your caramels again?" Itachi asked, the old woman nodding,

"Just a little something to brighten up this old woman's day, dearie." Itachi went to the back get a small bag of the sweets and he quickly came out with them and a strip of taffy in his mouth.

"Here you go ma'am." Itachi spoke, taking the woman's money and going back to his treat. But the old woman's eyes were stuck to the taffy.

"Such a… beautiful color!" She whispered. At first, Itachi blinked. But he then took the taffy out and looked at it: a deep, blueberry blue on one side and a deep, crimson red on the other. A knowing smile grew on his face,

"Yes… It really is." When the old woman left and he made sure he was alone, he shoved the rest of the sweet into his mouth and kissed his fingers, "Love you.", before going to clean the rest of the bakery.


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