Set on Diego Garcia, somewhere between Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. This is an old shot I never posted on here. Just smutty fun. :)

Jadefire curiously went to look for her brother, wondering where the 'bot had disappeared to. He hadn't shown up for his patrol, and so Optimus had sent her out to find him. She jumped into her transformation, laying on the accelerator of her green Honda Interceptor form.

She sped out of the gates, adjusting her mirrors away from the setting sun. It had just rained a few hours ago, making the rugged roads a bit slippery for her tires.

She searched for an hour, looking in all the spots she knew he hid in when he wanted to be alone. Each of the spots proved futile, and she gave up her search. "Probably just missed him…" She almost made it back to base without any issues.

An animal she didn't even get a chance to scan the origins of jumped in front of her right as she crossed the second checkpoint. She veered off the road, splattering mud all over herself. "Oh spawn of a glitch!" By the time she corrected herself and got back on the road of the base, her green paint was barely visible.

She rolled up next to the area where the soldiers kept the cleaning supplies for the vehicles, both sentient and not. She dropped her kickstand and turned on her radio, picking up one of the stations broadcasted locally. Her holoform flickered to life, a slim human form she had spent a month perfecting to blend in on Earth. To an extent. Her light green hair piled on top of her head, making a very messy bun, and her eyes were a vibrant shade of blue common on the Autobot's holos.

Jadefire rolled up the sleeves to her light overshirt and hiked her black tube top higher over her medium chest, hiding a bit more of the Autobot tattoo on her right breast. She opened the shed and found the cleaning supplies. With little trouble, she put soap in the bucket and tossed the hourglass shaped sponge in the bucket as well before closing the door again. A good song came on while she filled the bucket with water from the closest hose, making her tune out the rest of the base.

She was so far into her own world, she didn't see a black Topkick park close by, nor did she see a holoform activate next to it.

The older male quietly approached the femme, watching her work away the dirt and grime gathered on her alt mode. She knelt next to the bike in such a way that he felt his jeans begin to tighten a bit. He bent down by the abandoned hose and took aim, relishing the petrified squeak his female emitted.

She turned around so fast she fell flat on her ass. She looked to see the mischievous face of her male. "Damn it, Ironhide, don't do that!"

"Do what? This?" He sprayed the hose on her again, hearing her shriek in amusement.

"Seriously, stop!" She waited for him to drop the hose before resuming her work. "My body's filthy from trying to find Popsicle."

"Just saw him leave his quarters about five minutes prior to the assault with the hose."

She rolled her eyes. "Of course. Let's send the sister on a wild goose chase so she can land in all the mud on Diego Garcia. Perfectly acceptable."

"I'd say so." He nodded to her clothes. "You look like a drowned rat."

She narrowed her eyes. "Is that so?" She lunged after the mech, who dodged in time to avoid her.

"Was that supposed to hit me?"

She looked back with a grin. "Not that one." She advanced on him slowly, watching him back towards his alt mode. "So, what was your plan? Drench my holo so I had no choice but to get naked for you?"

He let a grin slip. "You know me too well."

"Things tend to become obvious when you've been bonded for a year."

He was about to retort, but fell short as his back hit something solid. He looked behind him, seeing the slick black of his body. "Clever femme." He hissed as she pressed her wet body against him, feeling all the curves of her human form.

"Can be when I want to." She grinned, cleaning the rest of the mud off her body the last thing on her mind now. "So now we're both wet. What should we do about it?"

He shrugged, feeling his knees weaken as she kissed his neck. "Could always deactivate these and go back to metal."

"Ah, but there's no fun in that." She reached behind him and popped open his alt mode. "And my real body is still filthy. Couldn't go into the base with it like that. And we can't really sneak away when we're both seventeen and twenty-two feet tall, now can we?"

"We've tried that. Always manage to get caught with that lovely vocal processor of yours."

"Mm, yes, but it's always you causing those sounds, my love." She slipped her hand between them and cupped him through his jeans, loving the hiss he emitted.

He nodded towards the opened door. "If you're that determined to be fragged, get in." He grinned as leaned to her ear, lowering his voice to a deep growl. "I'll make you scream for me in every language on this planet while I pound that pretty little pussy of yours."

She shivered at his commanding voice and crashed her lips to his as a wave of excitement washed over her. When he became dominant, it sent chills down her backstrut every time. Some beings just had power in their voices, and her mech was one of them.

He flipped their human bodies and pushed her against the slick frame of his alt mode, lifting her up with little difficulty. He felt a tremor run down his spine as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he had to roll his hips against her out of instinct. He grinned against her lips at her gasp of pleasure and did it again.

Her fingers wound in his short peppered black hair and pulled just as she knew he liked. His satisfied growl was accompanied by a particularly hard roll of his hips.

He pulled back too soon, and ended up shoving her into the back of his alt mode. Without a word, he slammed the door closed behind him and fumbled with the buckle of his pants. "Damned things…"

She let out a soft laugh and helped him with the buckle. "Don't get too excited 'Hide, you still have a lot of fun ahead of you." She undid the fastenings of the pants and let her mech come to full attention.

He grinned and sat on the backseat, leaning against the door. "Show me how much fun then."

"How should I?"

He reached forward and tugged on her loose bangs with a firm grip to pull her closer. Once their noses were touching, he took her hand and put it on himself. "I want you to suck this human cock until I tell you to stop. Do you understand, my pet?"

She nodded her understanding and dipped her head down as he loosened his grasp, hearing him let out a moan of satisfaction. She had to admit, fully functional holoforms had their advantages. Sure, the use they were giving them was not the initial purpose of holos, but it was a great perk.

He tilted his head back, a small groan slipping past his lips as he felt her work on him. He loved the fact she had been a virgin when he took her, something extremely rare at her age. He was able to mold her to his liking, to teach her exactly how to please him in both flesh and metal. He jumped a little as she hit a particularly sweet spot. "Primus Femme… you know I won't last long if you do that."

She paid him no mind and kept going, bobbing her head just as he had taught her to do. Jadefire added her hand to the mix, forming a tight circle with her fingers. Every time she passed over the head, she brought him closer to overload.

He couldn't hold back any longer and started shifting his hips in time to her motions. "J-Jade… slag… stop Femme."

She shook her head and only quickened her pace. She wanted to be the cause of her mech's overload. She knew she was disobeying him, but he wasn't exactly forcing her to stop.

He felt his overload approaching and he no way to stop it. Even if she stopped sucking him off he would force her back on at that point. Soon the coil snapped and he tilted his head back as he overloaded with a growl of satisfaction, his breathing heavy. And to make things worse, he saw her licking up the Energon with gusto. "You know just how to make this old Energon burn."

"And yours is always the sweetest."

He got up and leaned over her frame, almost tearing the tube top from her body as he did so. "I think it's my turn to taste yours." As he latched on to her neck and forced her back to the seat he reached down and undid her shorts, yanking them down her legs. He detached himself only long enough to remove the shorts before reattached himself between her legs.

Her vibrant eyes flew open in surprise as his tongue expertly explored her aroused flesh. "Primus… Mm, right there." She squirmed as he replaced his tongue with his fingers, knowing that brought out better results. "Ironhide!"

He grinned. "Told you. Now to just get you to curse in that lovely voice of yours." He felt himself get hard again, a little slower than before. He didn't give her any warning before he shoved himself in her hot, wet folds. Instantly he got exactly what he wanted as she let out a low curse in English. "Now then, I do believe I said I wanted to pound this pretty pussy of yours." He gave a hard roll of his hips, hearing her moan in pure pleasure. "But what do you want me to do, Femme?"

She looked away, suddenly shy.

He stopped his movements completely, as much as he didn't want to. "Jade, don't get shy on me now." He had to remember that she still wasn't completely used to such vulgar words. She had been more open to it when she was drunk, but still grew shy when sober. He bent down and nuzzled her neck before biting down hard on it. "What do you want me to do, Sweetspark?"

"I-I want you to… to fuck my brains out."

He looked at her with a bit of surprise that she had actually answered, but immediately picked his pace up again. He quickly brought her to several overloads with his pace and intensity, but he continued on, positioning her legs over his broad shoulders for better depth. Her cries and curses picked up at the different pressures until she couldn't stand it anymore.

"'Hide… I can't— Oh Primus!" She threw her head back and came hard.

He felt it and his good eye rolled back a bit as he shivered from the pressure. He knew she was quickly approaching her limit, and he'd have to stop soon, whether he was done or not. He felt her tighten again, and he reached his own limit while calling out her name. He slowed his pace profusely, giving a few short jerks as he overloaded inside her. "Frag, Jadefire…" He felt his arms go weak as he held himself up over her.

Her breathing was ragged as well. "I still can't believe that's a simulation."

"Just as good as the real thing." He knelt back and resumed leaning against the door so she could get up. "So, I take it you should probably finish your actual body?"

She got up and laid between his legs, wrapping her arms around his clothed hard torso. "I should. But I think if people notice we're both missing they'll put two and two together. Especially if they see the alt modes just sitting there."

"True." Ironhide grinned. "So, ready to go again?"

She slapped his belly in response.