My take on a Halloween story. This is a little out there, even for me. Wrote this one on my own, so don't blame Googlemouth if its awful. ;-)

Characters aren't mine. They belong to Tess, Janet, Warner Brothers, TNT, and other assorted important people.

"Pull the window shade down, please." Maura motioned to the windows at the front of Jane's apartment. "The morning sun is too bright at the moment." Groaning, she reclined back on the sofa, throwing one arm over her eyes.

"Hangovers are a bitch, aren't they?" Smirking, Jane sat a glass of water and two aspirin on the coffee table before pulling the shade down. "Take your aspirin."

"Why did I let you talk me into jello shots? I should have known better." Carefully sitting up, the doctor sipped at the water, popped the pills, and then carefully drank the rest of the glass. "Can I borrow your bathroom?"

"You've been borrowing it all night," the detective said, smirk still firmly planted on her face.

"Being passed out doesn't count, Jane." Maura stood, not bothering for an answer. She shuffled quietly to the bathroom, eyes barely open. When the bathroom light came on, she yelped. "God! Too bright, too bright!"

Jane chuckled. "Turn on the light above the shower instead!" A few more mumbles and the water started. "Jo, I promise to walk you, but let me pull Maura's clothes out of the dryer first. I'm sure she'll eventually figure out that she's not wearing…"

"ARE THESE YOUR BOXERS?" Maura's voice rang out above the sound of the running water.

With a sigh, the dark haired brunette walked to the closed bathroom door. "You fell into Korsak's pool. When I got you back here, you were soaked. I had to do something. Look, your stuff is clean and dry. I'm leaving it on the bed, and taking Jo for a walk. Okay?"

Silence and running water filled the air for a moment. "Okay," came the quieter response.

"You look better. Are you hungry?" Bending over, Jane unhooked the leash from Jo's collar, and the little fur ball went flying to Maura's side. "I think she likes you better."

"I don't think so. I think she just likes to play, and she's changing play partners." Maura slowly bent down to scratch the little dog behind the ears. "I'm not much in a mood to play, Jo. Maybe later, okay?" Slowly moving to stand upright again, and swayed for a moment before managing to make eye contact with the very amused detective. "Dehydrated."

The taller woman snorted. "Yup. So, breakfast or what?"

"Yes, I think so. Perhaps something more along the lines of what you prefer for breakfast than what I do this time?" Maura walked carefully toward the door.

"Yeah, the grease should help." Taking her friend's arm, Jane helped guide the doctor to the door. "Next time, you get to stop at 6 shots, okay?"