One freak out, two showers, one shot, and one pot of coffee later, Jane sat at the small kitchen table across from her friend and lover and stared in wide eyed disbelief. "You mean to tell me you're a vampire?"

Maura calmly added creamer to her coffee. "Yes."

"Like can't go out in the sun, is allergic to garlic, has to suck people's blood to keep going vampire?" Jane shook her head, not believing the words coming out of her mouth.

"Clearly not. You and I went sunbathing a week ago, and I eat your mother's cooking on a regular basis," the doctor commented as she sipped her coffee to test for taste.

"Yeah, and you're not supposed to be able to eat or drink or anything, right? I mean, if you're dead, then you don't need food, right? Maura, you can't be… there's just no way." Again, the detective shook her head. "And where are your fangs? How come you can go out in the light?"

"Stereotypes and myths created as a way to explain things that are misunderstood or not understood at all." Maura offered by way of explanation. She took another sip of her coffee as she thought about the best way to answer the questions from the other woman. "My eyes are more light sensitive now, but I see better at night. I also hear much better, and my sense of smell is greatly improved. My reflexes are remarkable, and, with an increased sense of smell, my sense of taste has improved dramatically, though what I prefer to taste has changed." She gently set the cup on the table. "My hypothesis is that these changes have occurred to make me a better predator, and many predators hunt at night because their prey is less active and have a more difficult time seeing danger when their surroundings are dark." She gave a shrug.

"Wait a minute, are you calling yourself a predator? You mean, like hawk or something?" Jane picked her coffee cup up, started to bring it to her mouth, and then set it down again. "Are there things I don't need to know?"

"No. If you're asking me if I've killed since being killed…"

"Stop saying that! Maura, you're not dead. I'm sitting here talking to you right now. Unless I've completely lost my mind, you're right here."

"You haven't, and I am, but I'm still dead. My heart can completely stop beating, and I can stop breathing, and I would be fine. I don't have to sleep or eat. I do these things to make others around me more comfortable and because I enjoy them, but I don't need to do them." Maura held a hand up to stop Jane's protests. "When I'm colder than usual, it's because I haven't fed recently. I need another's blood in order to survive."

"So, when you disappear, you're… feeding?" Jane winced at the word.

"Yes, there are places where one may go. It's all a bit complicated, but it's all perfectly legal, and no one is hurt without consent." Maura gave a heavy sigh. "Regarding the myth about light, I hypothesize this comes from the fact we hunted at night for so long. Humans have a tendency to find correlations between unrelated things and then jump to conclusions, but that jump has served to hide vampires for centuries, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much about the guessing."

"Maura," the detective sighed heavily, trying to pull her thoughts together, "how did this happen? When did this happen?"

"Yansey was a vampire, newly minted. That night I disappeared from the morgue was the night he rose back from the dead. He captured me to be his first meal because I was there, but, instead of taking just enough, he drained me and left me down by the docks under a pile of rubble and debris. I suppose he thought he'd killed me, and, in a way, he did. Instead, after 24 hours, I awoke. I, however, was lucky enough to have been found by another of my kind, and educated on my current state. We still speak. He is more-or-less my mentor until I'm fully comfortable with the ins and outs of being this way."

"How did he find you?"

"He sensed I was about to wake. It's an ability we have to, in theory, prevent something from happening as it did to me. But, no system is perfect." The doctor frowned into her cup of coffee. "For the record, you don't need to put a stake through my heart to kill me. It wouldn't work anyway."

Jane shook her head. "You don't have to tell me."

"You need to know in case I one day lose control. You have to decapitate me and then burn my body, scatter the ashes."

"God, Maura, really?" Jane's eyes closed at the thought.

"Yes. Please, don't allow me to be a killer. If something goes wrong, promise me you'll do what needs to be done, Jane."

"I… I can't even… this is a lot to handle." Sitting back in her chair, the dark haired brunette ran a hand over her face as she thought. "Are you immortal?"

"Practically. I'll never age. I'll never die as I'm already dead. I can be destroyed, and I've just told you how," Maura stated matter of factly.

"I will age. I will die." Jane said quietly.

"You don't have to. We're allowed to keep a human as our servant. There's a process. You would live so long as I existed." Maura finished her coffee as she allowed Jane to consider that thought.

"I'm so not ready to think about that right now," Jane finally said. "I can't even promise you I'd take you out if I had to, but… but I think I would because you asked me to. It would destroy me, you now."

"Yes, and I'm sorry. If we were bound, it would kill you as well." The doctor frowned.

"Oh my God," Jane stood up to pace. "So you can lie now?"

"I managed to do it that one time, but only because I was having a hard time believing what had happened myself. Reality was far less truthful than the lie I told." Standing, Maura stepped to stand in Jane's path. "I won't lie to you again."

"I… okay," Jane blinked slowly. "Mind control?"

"Not any more than before." They chuckled.

"Fair enough," Jane nodded. "Turning into a bat or some other kind of animal?"

Maura smiled gently, "No, but wouldn't that be fascinating?"

"Of course you'd say that," the detective snorted. "What does it feel like?"

"To be dead?" A puzzled look crossed Maura's face.

"No, to be the one to … um … donate blood?" Jane ran a hand across the back of her neck.

"Oh, well, I wouldn't know myself because of the circumstances under which my blood was taken, but I understand it's very pleasurable," narrowing her eyes and giving a small smirk, Maura's voice dropped. "Do you want to find out?"

"Promise not to kill me, turn me, or bond me?" Raising an eyebrow, Jane waited.

"I promise to do none of those things to you so long as you don't want me to," Maura stepped closer to the taller woman. "I don't really need to feed. I could last another week."

"I… I want to know," Jane whispered as she stepped back, taking Maura's hand and leading them to the bedroom. "I want to know because I don't like the idea of you taking anyone else's blood."

"Are you offering to be my permanent blood donor?" Maura's voice held a hint of amusement.

"No vampire girlfriend of mine is going to go out and find a donor junkie to take a hit off of. Besides, it sort of feels like I'm sharing you if you go off to find someone else to feed from. If how you take blood is anything like the movies, that seems pretty intimate, and there's no way I'm sharing you."

"I like it when you're possessive."

They sat in the bed, facing each other. Maura had insisted they strip, and it was clear that Jane felt very exposed as she sat in the middle of the queen sized bed waiting to see what she should do. "I trust you," she whispered as she closed her eyes.

"Do you want to see what it looks like?" Maura asked gently as she moved around to sit behind the other woman, pressing her uncovered front against Jane's exposed back.

"Yeah, I want to see," the dark haired brunette opened her eyes as her body leaned back into Maura's embrace. She allowed herself to be turned so they could see themselves in the mirror above the dresser beside the bed. "Thought we weren't supposed to be able to see your reflection," she half joked.

"Another myth." Their eyes locked as Jane silently asked what was next. "They extend," Maura answered as she opened her mouth to demonstrate the slow extension of her eye teeth.

"Christ, this is really happening," Jane's breathing was starting to run shallow, but she remained where she was, watching their reflection.

"I can stop at any time, Jane," the honey brunette soothed, words not even distorted by the newly extended teeth.

"No, I want to know." Tilting her head to the left, Jane whispered, "Please?"

Without another word, Maura wrapped her right arm around Jane's waist as she cupped her left hand under Jane's chin to steady her head. With one final glance at the dark brown eyes watching them in the reflection, Maura threw her head back and struck, pulling Jane close as she fed.

"Yeah, you're so not feeding from anyone else," Jane mumbled as she curled up around Maura's very warm body.

"If you insist, sweetie," Maura replied lightly, a smile playing on her face. "You're incredibly tasty."

"Good," the word came out slowly, the huskiness growing as Jane feel toward sleep. "We'll talk about the bonding thing after we talk about the marriage thing. Deal?"

"We're getting married?" Maura's smile widened just a bit.

"Not now," Jane slurred through sleep laden words, "Later. We'll talk about it all later. Right now, sleep good. You sleep, right?"

"Yes, Jane, I sleep," the doctor chuckled, "And you're right, sleep is good. We can talk about everything else later." she scooted down in the bed, pulling the covers over both of them. "Sleep well."

"Mmmm, trust you," the detective whispered before drifting completely to sleep.

"I love you, too," came the quiet reply.

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