Hiya, people. Here's a little friendship one-shot of Kami/Kweeb. Here we go!

The tiny Kateenian known as Kweeb quietly flew his hovercraft over a neighborhood in West Virginia, flying by a mailbox that was labeled 'Drilovsky', then flying over to the doorbell by the front door. The little alien tapped his ship on the doorbell, trying to push it in, but couldn't. He then decided to back up a lot, then charge right into the doorbell. The impact caused him to fall to the ground, but it was strong enough to ring it.

In a few moments, Kami came and answered the door, wearing her orange sweater, khaki shorts, and orange socks. She looked around for a bit, then looked down to her left to see Kweeb. "Ah, there you are! And how much weight lifting did you have to do to ring my doorbell?" she smirked.

"Oh, ha ha! And how much did you stay up last night thinking up that one?"

"I got to bed around 2:00. Anyway, you still have a chance to change your mind, Kweeb. You sure you wanna do this?"

"Heck yeah!" he exclaimed, getting back to his feet. "I'm gonna put that cocky attitude to rest!"

"Well, if you wanna get squashed, be my guest." With that, she scooped the tiny alien and the hovercraft in her hands, shut the door, and carried him over to the living room couch, setting him down on the left side, then grabbing two Nintendo 3DS', putting one down in front of Kweeb. "Okay, I'm lending you my brother's and I already got the Wi-fi set up."

"Uh… don't you have a smaller one?"

"Nope. Sorry, Shorty, but when you're on Earth, you gotta play with the ones the big kids use. Wanna give up now?" she smirked again.

"Pfft. HECK no! I expected as much, so I brought this!" With that, he put on a small backpack, which extended several mechanical arms, almost like Zim's PAK.

"That's not gonna save you! So, which planet do you wanna play on?"

"Let's do Katina. It sounds like my planet."

"Okay, then." Kami said, sitting cross-legged on the couch. "Get ready to be crushed by Kami Drilovsky!" With that, the two began their match in Star Fox 64 3D.

Through the whole match, Kweeb watched the screen and moved around on the D-pad to move in the direction he wanted to go, while his robot arms pushed the buttons over on the right end. Kami's ship was currently chasing and shooting at Kweeb's, nearly wasting all his health, but they came to the stage's boundaries and did the forced U-turn.

Afterwards, Kweeb did a somersault and got behind Kami. The alien stylishly dashed over to the A button, stood on and held it down, charged his ship's laser, then bounced on it again, firing the laser and taking out Kami's ship.

When the match was over, Kami just held her mouth agape at what just happened. "WOOHOO! !" Kweeb exclaimed, jumping to the top of his DS. "I WON! Now, it is YOU who got burned!" :O

"OH NO!" Kami yelled, standing up and walking by Kweeb. "I did NOT just get my butt kicked by some pipsqueak the size of my toes!"

"Well, ya did!" Kweeb retorted, jumping down to the floor by her right foot. "And from this day forward, you shall be known as the first operative to have their butt kicked by some TINY. 1 INCH. PIPSQUEAK!" he exclaimed, jabbing her toe at each word. "OOF!" he yelped when Kami then held him down with her toe.

She smirked and said, "And you shall be the first GKND operative to be bested by my toe."

"Err!" he pushed his way out from under her. "Uh… best two out of three?" With that, they both laughed, then continued with their game.

Well, there's some friendship fluff for those two. Now to get back to FP. Later.