by greyladyfalcon

Chapter 1

After Hawk returned from a long range patrol he made

his way to the bridge.

Admiral Asimov was having the crew run a complete

diagnostic systems test of the Searcher. Admiral Asimov

looked at Hawk as he approached him.

"How did the patrol go?" he asked him.

"Fine, Admiral. I'd like to request a few days off,"

Hawk requested.

Admiral Asimov wanted to ask why, but the look on Hawk's

face told it all. He's been trying to keep himself busy

at all times for the past week or so. Even doing double


"Go ahead, we'll be running tests for a few days. Buck

and the other pilots could take your patrol for a few

days. Besides Hawk, you look like you could use some rest,"

the Admiral replied.

"Thank you," Hawk said as he left the bridge.

Hawk retreated to his quarters as he often did after a patrol.

Buck came to the bridge shortly after Hawk left.

"Admiral, have you seen Hawk?" Buck asked.

"Yes, he was just up here. He asked if he could have a few

days off and I told him yes. He looked really tired so I

figured he was finally going to get some well needed sleep,"

Asimov said.

"Good, he's been going none stop for a week now," Buck said.

After three days, still nobody had seen Hawk. Buck came up

to the bridge again.

"Admiral, have you seen Hawk?" Buck asked.

"No, he's suppose to out on patrol in about four hours.

He must have been exhausted," the Admiral replied.

"That's not like Hawk to miss a patrol," Buck thought to


A few hours later and there was still no sign of Hawk.

Buck was starting to worry even more. His concern finally

got the best of him, he made his way to Hawk's quarters and

knocked, he knocked again, but there was still no answer.

Buck started to think, maybe he's not in his quarters, he

could be down at the garden dome. He enjoyed going down to

there it reminded him of home. Buck made his way to the

garden dome, but no Hawk. Buck started to search for

his friend. None of the mechanics had seen Hawk in the hanger,

and it was the same with the crew up in the rec room. "It

wasn't like Hawk to miss a patrol," Buck thought to himself

again, as he made his way back up to the bridge.

"Admiral, I can't find Hawk anywhere on the ship," Buck said

in a concerned voice.

"Buck, did you check his quarters?" asked the Admiral.

"Yes, I knocked but he didn't answer."

"Well, maybe he was so exhausted he didn't hear you knock,"

the Admiral replied.

"Maybe," Buck replied.

"I knocked on his door twice, I think that should have awaken

anyone," Buck said.

The Admiral could see the worried look on Buck's face.

"Why don't we give him another two hours, if he's not up

here by then we'll by-pass the security system to open his

quarters," the Admiral said.

Buck just stood there for a few minutes. "All right, two

more hours," Buck said with concern in his voice.

All sorts of things started running through Buck's mind.

"Is Hawk alright? Maybe he took a shuttle someplace. No, the

bridge would have known that." Buck looked at the console

and found only 10 minutes had passed.

Finally, the 2 hours had passed. Buck was out the door and

heading for Hawk's quarters. When he arrived he knocked,

this time he called out.

"Hawk, it's Buck, are you awake?"

Buck listened closely. Then he thought he heard a slight

noise coming from inside. He knocked again. This time a little


"Hawk, open the door," Buck said.

Still no answer, but he heard another noise, a different one

this time. Sounded like a soft moan. Buck went to the intercom

by Hawk's quarters.

"Admiral, I'm sure Hawk is in his quarters, but I heard

something that tells me he might be hurt."

"By-pass the security system to Hawk's quarters," shouted the


The doors to Hawk's quarters opened...