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It was a few weeks after the premiere and the band was working hard at practicing while Kristina was sick at home. They decided for fun to play all of their old favorite songs they used to play for old time's sake. While the rest of the guys were eating Rosalina went to talk to Nat about something that has been bothering her for weeks.

"Hey Nat" She says walking over towards him at his piano

"Oh hey Rosalina" He says looking up at her smiling

"So I need to ask you something important"

"Okay I'm listening what is it?"

"Well at the premiere why did you kiss Kristina?" She says curiously and sadly


"I just wanted to know why you kissed Kristina"

"It was by accident actually"

"And that makes it okay?"

"What-wait why are you getting upset about this"

"I was just wondering I think I have a right to know if you guys are dating" She says

"I'm not dating Kristina" He says

"You kissed her" She exclaims angrily

"After I tried to tell you something" He points out

"Oh really yah right so what was it then"

"What was what?" He says confused

"What were you going to tell me at the premiere if it's so important" She say trying to get him to tell her

"Never mind" He says shaking his head

"No I want to know" She says eagerly

"I was trying to tell you that" He says getting nervous

"That what"

"That I love you" He blurts out not realizing he said it

"What" She says shocked

"I still love you Rosalina" He finally admits getting up and walking around the studio before walking back over to her

"But you broke up with me"

"I know but I was hurt back then and it doesn't mean I don't have feelings for you anymore"

"So you don't like Kristina"

"Not at all and no one could take your place anyway" He says smiling softly at her. She got up from the piano bench walked over to him went up on her tip toes and gave him a sweet short but passionate kiss.

"What was that for?" Nat says trying to hide his excitement

"Because silly, I love you too I always have" She says grinning brightly at him


"Really" She laughs and they hug each other just like they did back in New Orleans she then kissed him on the cheek as they walked back to the rest of the band hand in hand