A little series of one-shots to keep me insane. TWEWY is not mine.

1. Power

To Joshua, everything was about power. Games, sex, even consensual sex.

2. File

Joshua would forever remember the day Neku wandered into his file cabinet and found the 600 page file on himself in there.

3. Wiles

Neku knew that while the silverette could make him purr with but a touch, he could make him moan with a smirk.

4. Awesome

Joshua knew of Neku's musical taste, but not his skill; so when he walked in on him playing a perfect cover of the bass of "Learn to Fly", 'awesome' was all he could say.

5. Crackhead

Neku smiled as Joshua very nearly bounced off the walls after consuming his first bowl of Captain Crunch; he remembered his first time, too.

6. Moose

As Neku angrily threw away the severed plushie moose head he found in his sheets, he swore to burn Joshua's copy of Godfather.

7. Shoe

"MotherFUCKER!" screamed Neku. Joshua snickered. And here he thought putting glue in Neku's shoe would be a bad idea.

8. Piss

"Oh, hell no." glared Joshua. "Sorry to disappoint you, dear, but I don't have a urine fetish."

9. Tree

Joshua sighed. "Neku, this is ridiculous. Come out of there." "No!" hollered the orange-hair. "Not until you give me some pants!"

10. Apple

As Neku took a bite out of that shining red apple, juice running down his lips accompanied by soft crunching noises, Joshua was confused by the sudden urge to jump his bones.

11. Weed

As Joshua took a hit of the marijuana cigarette, Neku thought to himself; if Joshua was so amorous when sober, God only knew how predatory he'd be high.

12. Head

Neku panted heavily as sweat rolled down his brow. The feeling of Joshua bobbing his head was HEAVENLY.

13. Retard

Beat laughed. "Yo, Josh, you stupid! I dunno how to count cards!"

14. Ring

Neku blushed like a schoolgirl and felt his heart beat a mile a minute when Joshua slipped the ring over his finger.

15. Asshole

Joshua would never forget their first fight. It began and ended with the same word: asshole.

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