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1. Dip

Neku's face turned red when Joshua said his three-layer dip had a 'secret ingredient'.

2. Childhood

Being a godlike entity, Joshua never really had a childhood. When he watched Bambi for the first time, he cried all night.

3. Coffee

When Neku asked Joshua what his favorite coffee was, he grinned and said 'pumpkin latte'. Neku was about to ask why, but when be saw the silverette's eyes drift up to his spiky, orange hair, he knew.

4. Ceremony

"But why don't you want him to be the ring bearer?" Neku asked. Joshua raised an eyebrow. "Would YOU trust Beat with something that valuable?"

5. The Booty Warrior

As Neku grunted in pleasure, he made a mental note to send Fleece Johnson and Aaron McGruder a 'thank-you' basket.

6. Options

When the Shiki-Neku-Joshua triangle first emerged, Joshua gave the pinkette two options: she could surrender Neku willingly...or they could get into some old gangster shit.

7. Cookies

Neku grumbled as he tugged on his skirt. Girl Scout uniforms were WAY too skimpy these days.

8. Half-and-half

It's not that Rhyme was homophobic. She just hated walking in on them when they were going at it.

9. Shrine

When Neku walked into the shrine Joshua had made for him, he couldn't help but feel flattered and horrifically creeped out at the same time.

10. Bad Habits

Whenever Joshua was right there, Neku ways had the bad habit of digging in his nails.

11. Cake

"Neku, dear. Please come to the Dead God's Pad. I've baked a cake for you. Love, Josh." Attached was a picture of Joshua naked, covered in whipped cream and strawberries.

12. Pet

Neku took one look at the blue and black collar with his name on it and got down on all fours.

13. Dreams

While Neku's mother was saddened by never being able to get the grandkids she wanted, she got something better: her son happy.

14. Break-up

Joshua and Neku broke up for the first, last and only time for all of two-and-a-half minutes. The make-up sex broke their windows.

15. Doubts

In the back of his head, Neku always wondered if he was good enough for Joshua. When he voiced his thoughts to him one day, he grabbed Neku, tore off his shirt, threw him on the bed and asked "Still wonder?"

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