Short little drabble about one of my favorite pairings. I do not own The Legend of Zelda or any of its characters, etc.

Link felt like a dear caught in headlights. Predatory, cat-like eyes roved over his body, making him shiver. Tiny yet strong arms pinned him to the floor, while a slim waist straddled his, grinding agonizingly against his frame. His breaths came out in short bursts and he felt his heart beat a mile a minute.

Midna stared down at her prey, licking her lips hungrily. Her fang glinted with malice as she pressed herself further into Link, making the blonde blush.

"M-Midna?" the chosen hero managed to squeak out, cheeks redder than the setting sun.

The little imp leaned forward just so that her lips brushed against Link's earlobes. "Yes, my little wolfy?"

Link shuddered, feeling his face heat up even more. "When I asked if you were hungry, this isn't what I meant."

Ah, young love. Or whatever they have in Twilight Princess. Read, review, Reaganomics.