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Bittersweet Moments

The rain fell down steadily, beating against Vincent's window, like his sins kept beating against his thoughts. He was a creature of the dark, so foul and tainted Vincent wondered if any light could pierce the darkness that enveloped his soul. He had so many sins, too many to atone for, and it was one of those times that Vincent felt the urge just to go back to his long slumber. Why did he have to be cursed with this pain, and left in the dark with all of his sins? Why did he let his only love be tortured before her death, then let her son almost destroy the world? And why had he helped those youths help to defeat him? So many why's, and what if's that Vincent's head spun. "Vincent?" Vincent looked up to see Tifa, standing in the doorway of his room, looking at him in concern as he stared out the window, rain pattering down on it. His pale face was lit by the eerie glow of the moon, and his blood red eyes contrasted against the deathly pale shade of his skin. Nodding to acknowledge her presence, Tifa quietly padded over to him, worry etched over her pretty face. "Why are you still up Vincent? Couldn't sleep?" Tifa asked, and Vincent nodded again, deciding not to ask why she wasn't asleep. He knew too well, that him and Tifa were alike in so many ways, like how they both had loved a person who probably couldn't have cared less about it, that loved someone else whom was also out of their grasp. Another sin he had to atone for, the lost of his beloved. He should have never gotten involved with her. "Wow, I didn't know it was raining so hard." Tifa commented, trying to get any response from the dark man. None came, so Tifa joined him by the window, a soft sigh escaping her lips, fogging the glass, as Vincent stared at her quietly, trying to figure her out. He knew that she masked her depression with happiness, like he masked his with indifference, and Vincent hoped she wouldn't make the mistakes he had, and he definitely didn't want her turning into a tainted demon like himself. "You know what would be fun, Vincent? Going out in the rain like this. I always wanted to go out and dance in the rain, but I was always scared I'd get sick or someone would catch me and laugh. Would you laugh, Vincent?" Tifa asked, and Vincent shook his head slowly, wondering why anyone would want to dance in the rain barefoot, with only black flares and a sleeveless gray T-shirt to keep them warm. It seemed silly to him, but he said nothing. "C'mon Vincent, let's go!" Tifa said excitedly, grasping the closest hand to her, which happened to be his claw, but she didn't seem to mind as she opened the window, letting the crisp night air hit them, full force. Looking at him impatiently while crouching on the ledge, Tifa cocked her head to one side, waiting. Vincent reluctantly climbed up on the flat roof of Tifa's new bar, watching as Tifa broke out in a run, splashing in the puddles like a child, rain streaming down. Transfixed, he watched the brunette lift her arms to the sky, a slight smile on her face as she let the rain pour down on her. It seemed that she seemed free here, in the rain. Like she was able to forget the spiky headed leader who had stolen her heart and for a bittersweet moment, dance away the pain. She reminded him so much of Luceria, that it hurt. Lucy had loved the rain so much… With a small sigh, Vincent watched as Tifa began to spin around the roof, grinning as she danced around like a ballerina, on her bare toes, splashing through the puddles, her hair sticking to her face, a stray strand sticking to her ruby red lips. She was laughing too, something Vincent hadn't heard in a while. Musical laughter that floated through the air like the purest music. He wondered if he had ever been that carefree or happy, or if Luceria had ever made him come and dance in the rain with her. He pondered briefly if he had ever stopped and just danced in the rain, and he unconsciously allowed his blood red eyes to follow Tifa's dance across the water. She stopped in front of him, a huge grin plastered on her face, but it faded when she saw the stony expression on his face. "Vincent? You okay? You're not feeling sick already, are you?" Tifa asked, putting a palm to his head shivers running down Vincent's spine. How long had it been since a woman had touched him in concern? Vincent pulled away, unable to let her innocence be tainted anymore by his presence. That alone would be another sin. Sensing that he was pulling back into his shell again, Tifa spoke. "Vincent, do you like looking out at the stars at night?" Vincent grunted, and Tifa took that as a yes. Walking to the edge of the roof, she sat down, finding the driest spot she could, and Vincent hesitantly sat down by her. Tifa looked at him, smiling slightly, then slowly; she grasped his claw again, looking at it with interest as she ran her slender fingers along the metal, fascinated. Vincent looked at her curiously, wondering what was so intriguing about his claw. "Does it, hurt?" she asked, and Vincent looked back at the sky, not answering. "Sorry, didn't mean to ask something so personal." Tifa said softly, and still clutching his claw, she tilted her head to the sky, smiling as the stars began to come out as the rain stopped. "My mother used to tell me all kinds of things about the stars. She said they were the eyes of our loved ones who watched over us. What do you think?" Tifa asked, and Vincent shrugged, having not thought about that before. He had always thought that stars were stars, nothing more but something to comfort you when you needed it. He had always come out to look at the stars to ponder the mysteries, or just to try and get away from the demons that seemed to follow him wherever he went. Wrapping her arms around her legs and letting his claw go, Tifa cocked her head at the stony Avalanche member, but shivered as a gust of wind blew by, not helping her in her soaked condition. "Maybe we should go back in, huh Vincent?" Tifa said, standing up, wringing out her shirt, and unfortunately, on Vincent's cloak. "Oops! Sorry Vincent." Tifa said sincerely, as Vincent looked up at her, his eyes forever in a glare, but then he turned away from her, looking back up at the stars. He longed for another brunette, wishing she was beside him besides Tifa, but suddenly, he felt that slowly wisp away from him. Tifa was like Lucy in so many ways, he wondered if he could fall for her if he wasn't still brooding over Luceria. "Vincent…could I be your friend?" Vincent looked up at the woman in shock, wondering why she would want to waste time on this cursed demon of darkness. As if sensing what he was thinking, Tifa said, "Everyone needs friends, and Vincent, I would really like to be yours." Vincent looked at her unsure, but if it kept her happy…and besides, she was one of the few people he could stand, other than Nanaki. He grunted, but Tifa understood, so she smiled happily giving him a small hug, she made Vincent wonder how long had it been since he felt a woman's touch, deciding that he didn't deserve the warmth that was spreading rapidly throughout out his entire body. Then she pulled away suddenly, blushing furiously.

"You should go inside. It's cold." Vincent said icily, and Tifa put her hands on her hips, but a small smile played on her lips. He could see some of the young ninja in Tifa to show how much time they had spent together, like how sometimes she was mischievous and stubborn, but other times, she was like the late Ancient, Aeris, as she was kind and trusting, but not to the extreme Aeris was.

"Okay, thanks Vincent. But what about you?" Tifa asked, and Vincent said nothing, and Tifa grinned, and tugged at his arm. "C'mon Vincent, I think you should go to bed. It's late." Tifa stated, dragging Vincent back to his room, making her hidden strength known. Not that Vincent was weak, mind you. After closing the window, Tifa ran to fetch two towels, coming back and handing Vincent one, and drying her hair. He pulled away, looking back out the window, well aware that he was soaking, and he heard Tifa walk slowly to the door. "Vincent?" he looked up at her, only to see a happy smile on her face. "Thanks, I know it's hard for you to open up like that." Tifa said, and Vincent grunted, but she smiled, knowing what he meant. "Goodnight Vincent, sweet dreams." Tifa said, and Vincent heard her bare feet tapping against the wooden floor as she walked away. Vincent closed his eyes for a second, allowing the bittersweet memory of Tifa's hug to resurface, and compared it to the memory of Luceria's, wondering if he should open up more often. Lucy had always wanted him to be happy, and he wondered what she would say to him if she saw him as he was today. She would probably recoil in fear, and that thought made Vincent flinch inside, so instead, he took off his soaking cloak and hanging it to dry, climbing into bed. He didn't have the usual nightmares that he had for thirty years, but instead, he dreamt of the brown haired beauty and her sparkling laugh.

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