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"Chiyo-sama, calm down!" Baki howled as he held back the old medic as she flailed and cursed like a sailor, waving a kunai around as she tried to get at Kakashi. Gohan wondered just what was wrong with the old lady. She'd come back in to do something with Kankuro and his father when she'd caught sight of Kakashi and had attacked him out of hand.

She hadn't gotten much farther than three or four feet before Baki had picked her right up off her feet and Gohan, Sakura, and Naruto had all interposed their own bodies between their team's leader. Now the old woman was squalling and flailing, trying to break Baki's grip.

"Let me go!" she was shouting, "Let me go! Let me go, letmego, lemmego! I'm gonna kill him!"

"Wow, Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said, glancing back over his shoulder at his mentor. "You really pissed her off! Old girlfriend? OW!" He yelped as Kakashi hit him with the spine of Icha Icha Paradise.

"No you idiot," the jounin replied, stepping between Sakura and Gohan. He faced Chiyo, who stopped her struggles when she saw him, blinking as she took in his eye, off-kilter hitai-ate, and flyaway silver hair. "The White Fang was my father. He died a long time ago."

"Hey!" Chiyo said suddenly into the silence that followed Kakashi's statement. "You're not the White Fang!"

Everyone sighed.

"So," Chiyo went on as she slithered out of Baki's grasp with an ease that said she could have done it at any time, "who are you again?"

"Hatake Kakashi," Kakashi said slowly, enunciating.

"Oh, the Copy Ninja!"

"Yes," Kakashi said, tone slightly exasperated. Gohan had to suppress a smile. It wasn't often someone got Kakashi's goat like this. It was kind of funny to see. Sakura elbowed him and flashed him a grin. She was thinking the same thing.

Chiyo laughed. "Well why didn't you say you were the Copy Ninja! Kids these days. I could've killed you if I'd had a mind to!"

"Pretty sure you did," Naruto muttered under his breath. That earned him a harder elbow from Sakura.

"Sasori is your grandson," Kakashi said, wrenching them back onto the topic they had been discussing when Chiyo had decided to try and redecorate the walls with Kakashi's blood. "What can you tell us about him?"

"Strange kid," Chiyo murmured, getting a faraway look in her eye. "Even back then. His parents were killed in the war and when they died, something broke inside Sasori. He was always a quiet kid but without his parents, he hardly spoke two words to anyone. Just sat around playing with his puppets all day. He would stay up all night working on them."


"Trying to be closer to his parents," Chiyo replied. Gohan exchanged puzzled glanced with Sakura and Naruto. "See, the kid was good with them puppets. Always was. I've never met another puppeteer like him. Anyway, one night I was walking past his room and I thought I'd be a good grandma and peek in on him to see how he was doing." She shook her head mournfully. "He'd made puppets that looked exactly like his parents and there he was, sitting with them, making them hug him."

"That's not creepy," Sakura said, without thinking. She flushed with embarrassment and covered her mouth with her hands as Naruto laughed at her.

Gohan was going to say something when he suddenly felt Piccolo's calm and cool aura light up the sky, an invisible flashlight that no one could see but Gohan knew was there. It played over his sixth sense like a harp. With it rose a second power, one just as familiar to Gohan as Piccolo's. Orochimaru was where Piccolo was and they were going at it. He could tell by the way Piccolo's ki was surging, the way it did when someone powered up. If Orochimaru really was over there, he was in for a fight if he'd gotten Piccolo that riled up. The really concerning thing was that Orochimaru's ki was surging as well.

Gohan heard the sheets in his father's bed rustling as Goku wrenched himself up. The younger of the two Sons shot a quick glance back at his father and saw Goku craning to see around Naruto, as if he would be able to see Orochimaru and Piccolo fighting out his window. So Dad feels it too, Gohan thought, turning back to the view outside. Guess I'm not going crazy.

"Who's fighting Piccolo?" Goku asked Gohan. "He's strong, whoever he is."

That drew everyone's attention to father and son and the way they were both staring hard out the window, like a pair of guard dogs who'd heard something bad.

"Gohan?" Sakura asked. "What's wrong?" She went over to the window and looked out. "Something out there?"

"No," Gohan answered, clenching his fist, worried for his mentor. It was Piccolo's first fight in this world and he was going against Orochimaru. "Piccolo's powering up."

"How do you know?" Kakashi asked.

"Feel him."

"Any idea who it is he's fighting?"

Gohan snorted. "You'd better believe it. I'd know that ki anywhere. It's Orochimaru." The rest of the people in the room looked less than thrilled by the pronouncement.

"The one you beat you up, Gohan?" Goku asked, sitting up further. He looked more animated than ever now. No surprise. He was always excited to fight someone new.

Gohan sighed and rolled his eyes. "Yes Dad," he replied, a little annoyed. Every time Goku asked about Orochimaru, it was usually prefaced by the phrase 'tell me about that guy that beat you up again!' Gohan knew that his father had been itching to go toe-to-toe with the Sannin for the longest time.

"Aww," Goku moaned, flopping back. "Piccolo's lucky! I wanted to fight him!"

"You're in no condition to be going anywhere, Goku-san," Sakura said sharply. "You're still recovering from Sasori's poison!" Under her breath she muttered, "Now I see where Gohan gets it. Should be unconscious still, not trying get out and fight."

Gohan laughed. "You think I'm bad?" He jerked a thumb over his shoulder at his father. "He's a million times worse."

"Hey!" Goku protested. "It's not a million!"

"But he's not denying he's worse," Sakura muttered again.

Gohan jerked again as a third power slammed across his sixth sense. "Gaara!" Gohan shouted, running to the window.

"Gaara's okay?" Temari asked, grabbing Gohan's arm hard enough to hurt. "Tell me! Where is he?"

"Do you truly sense Gaara?" Baki asked hardly daring to believe it. Gohan could hear the hope in the jounin's voice and truth be told, Gohan hoped the Kazekage was okay as well. Still, he had fought members of Akatsuki. He shivered as he remembered how Itachi had beaten him, tortured him, and had almost broken him.

Gohan shoved the flashback to Tsukuyomi off into the recesses of his brain where it had been bound up the last couple of years. He didn't need to start remembering it now.

"I sense it too," Goku put in. "You're talking about that third power that just popped up, right?"

"Yeah," Gohan replied. "That's him alright." He frowned. "It feels wrong. It's too…wild."

"I was afraid of that," Baki said sorrowfully. "Gaara might have gotten a chance to release Shukaku."

"But why would it wait until now?" Temari asked. "Usually that damned raccoon goes nuts right out of the gate!"

"It is a demon," Baki pointed out. "Who knows how one of them thinks?"

Gohan thought he saw Naruto flinch in the corner of his eye, but dismissed it in favor of trying to pinpoint where the Ichibi was. He closed his eyes, blocking out all the distractions in the room, the others talking, the whirl of the ceiling fans, and the myriad ki signatures that filled Suna. He ignored them one after another until all that was left were Gaara, Piccolo, and Orochimaru and then he focused in on Gaara alone. It wasn't easy. If Gaara was a flashlight, Piccolo and Orochimaru, keyed up, powered up, and clashing they way they were was like trying to stare at a flashlight and having a flickering floodlight in the corner of your vision.

Near Gaara, close enough to be hidden by the violent and chaotic ki of the Ichibi was a single, half-concealed ki signature. "Someone's there with him," Gohan said, interrupting Kakashi by accident as he replied to what Baki had said. Everyone fell silent.

"Who?" Kakashi asked.

"No idea. I don't recognize him. Akatsuki probably."

"Only one?" Temari demanded. "There should be two! Deidara and…"

"I know!" Gohan said sharply, cutting her off. "I don't know why I only sense the one and Shukaku is blocking out everything else that might be out there. I can barely sense the one as it is."

"So what do we do?" Temari asked.

"We go after him!" Naruto shouted. "What kind of question is that?"

"And how do we get there?" Kakashi asked.

"Gohan can fly us!"

"Three of us and only two arms," the lanky jounin replied. "Unless you feel like dangling from a wire or something, that's not an option."

"Instant Transmission?" Goku asked. "I could have us there in a heartbeat!"

"No, Dad," Gohan said. His father was much improved from before, but the Saiyan's skin was still pale and there were dark circles under Goku's eyes that Gohan didn't like. His father might be able to get them to Gaara but that didn't mean he was in any condition to fight. He would be a liability. "Just stay here and rest up."

"I'm fine!" Goku protested. "We're wasting time!" He moved to get up and stand but the blood rushed from his face and he ended up slumped back up against the pillows, wheezing and pale. "D-dammit," he choked.

"I told you!" Sakura raged. "I told you! Now stay put, dammit!"

Goku quailed. "Yes ma'am," he said meekly.

"Goku's right," Kakashi said before anything else could be said. "We're wasting time. We need a way to get out there and we need to figure it out now."

"I can get out there quickest. I'll go and slow them down," Gohan said.

"Woah!" Temari protested. "Hold up! You're not going anywhere without me! Gaara's my brother and I'm not just going to sit back while you go rushing off."

"And what about Shukaku?" Sakura asked. "Can you handle two Akatsuki and a rampaging demon that won't care which side you're on?"

Gohan shrugged. "Might be a difficult." He stared right at Kakashi. "It's still our best plan and you know it, Kakashi."

Before Kakashi could say anything one way or another, Baki cut in. "Temari, your fan."

The kunoichi blinked and quirked an eyebrow. "Huh? What…" she broke off, her eyes wide. "Oh! I get it now." She dashed off, shoving Kakashi and Baki aside roughly in her haste.

"Her fan?" Sakura asked. "What can her fan do that Gohan can't?"

"Not what he can't," Baki answered but before he could explain, Gaara's sister was back.

"I can use it to focus the wind," Temari said, hustling back into the room, carrying a giant iron slab that Gohan knew unfolded into her colossal fan that she could use to command the wind with devastating effect. She unfurled it to its fullest, held it out, and concentrated. Gohan felt the young woman's power stir the air.

A small cyclone blossomed into life underneath the fan, which floated upon it.

"Oh!" Sakura exclaimed. "Now I get it! We ride on the fan and Gohan tows us right?"

"You got it," Temari said with a grin as she braided some metal wire together and tied it to the fan then tossed Gohan the loose end. Gohan caught it and grinned. It was certainly some plan and it solved their problem of moving to where Gaara was. It alleviated having to fight two Akatsuki and one demon by himself, which, despite his words, wasn't something he wanted to do.

"Sweet!" Naruto shouted, bounding onto the fan. It dipped sharply under his weight but Temari's brow furrowed a bit and it leveled out again. Kakashi and Sakura were next, followed by Temari. To everyone's surprise, Chiyo decided to hop on as well and with all five of them sitting on the tool, there wasn't even any room to stretch out comfortably.

Gohan looked at all of them and shook his head, grinning. "You sure this will work?"

Temari's voice was strained. "Just get us moving so I don't have to work as hard," she snarled. Gohan chuckled to himself and gave the wire in his hand an experimental tug. The fan floated across the ground like a hockey puck on ice. Satisfied, he crossed to the window and jerked it open.

"Son…Gohan, Uzumaki…" a weak voice called. He turned and saw Kankuro was awake again, focusing on the young Saiyan with a determination that was harder than granite. The last sibling tugged the respirator off his mouth so his words weren't muddled. "Bring…my…brother…" he broke off panting before gathering himself again and grinding out the last word, "back!"

Gohan nodded.

"You know it!" Naruto crowed. Kankuro smiled, content and replaced the mask, movements jerky and halting, before sitting back and passing out again.

"We're wasting time," Temari said, watching her brother for a long moment.

"Then we better get moving," Gohan replied, picking up the wire and glancing at his father, who gave his son a grin and wave. Gohan pretended not to see the sheen of moisture on his skin. "Hold on!"

He launched himself out the window, felt the fan jerk into the sky behind him, accompanied by yells from all onboard the fan. He soon gathered speed, slowly as to not hurl anyone off the impromptu cart, and left Suna behind.

As they cruised for the battle, Gohan felt himself actually looking forward to the battle ahead. Sasori had hurt his father, had hurt others and traumatized a family and the village that family lived in. Gohan glanced behind him and stole a glance at Temari, who was holding on to the edge of her fan, eyes closed; either from nervousness over the speed or in concentration, Gohan couldn't tell.

He turned back to stare straight ahead. The intense vision of his father, lying in that hospital bed, wasting away with every passing second, fighting for his life, flashed across his vision, so vivid that Gohan could actually smell the antiseptic. He could hear his father rasping for breath barely audible over the beep of the heart monitor.

It made him grind his teeth in anger. That anger settled in his gut as a nugget of white phosphorous that brought his other senses alive and made his blood boil. The world shrank down until Gohan could see nothing but the horizon ahead, which was rapidly turning dark with grasses and trees.

Akasuna no Sasori. That was the name of the bastard who had nearly killed his father and Gaara's brother. That was the name of the man who had hurt Gaara. Gohan didn't care for Gaara so much as he cared for Naruto, who did care for Gaara as a brother.

Unbidden, the time he'd spend in Tsukuyomi rose again and Gohan saw Itachi staring down at him again from that rocky cliff where Cell had decided to place his arena for the Games. Again Gohan saw Itachi kill all his friends and turn Gohan to stone so he could do nothing to help, even if it was just an illusion.

"Akatsuki," Gohan snarled. That burning anger within him turned into a small supernova. The young Super Saiyan felt his ki begin to stir in response to the powerful emotions that coursed through him like a drug. It got to the point where Gohan began to feel light headed, the narrowed world tinged with the barest hints of scarlet rage.

Akatsuki had done so much harm. They'd tortured him, hunted Naruto and had even done the same to Gaara. No matter their aims, they were hurting people, innocent people who had done nothing to them nor done anything to warrant their wrath or even their interest.

Gohan found that he wanted the coming battle. He wanted to go up against Akatsuki again. He wanted to fight the sons of bitches that had hurt his friends and family. He could feel the Saiyan bloodlust that he usually tried to ignore begin to awaken and this time he welcomed it. The last time he'd felt like this was when he'd gone up against Majin Buu and the monster had almost paid the price for it, if not for a few cheap shots.

This time, Gohan promised silently, it would be different. No cheap shots. No back attacks.

No holding back.

"I'll make them pay," he snarled to himself. "They want to hurt my friends? I'll show them what happens when you do that!"


He jerked out of the scarlet rage he'd been working himself into and looked behind him. Sakura was just barely hanging onto her perch on the fan. Everyone was bent into the howling winds that came from whipping over the landscape like they were. Naruto was actually off the fan, holding on only because of the grip he had on one of the tines and the wrist that Kakashi was holding with a white-knuckled grip.

"GOHAN SLOW DOWN!" Sakura screamed in a voice that made him think it wasn't the first time she'd tried to grab his attention. He glanced down and sure enough, the earth below was simply a brown and green velvet blur and Gohan himself was haloed in blue white flame, flames that were tinged with gold. He had been so angry that he was starting to involuntarily transform into a Super Saiyan.

Gohan took a shuddering breath to try and calm himself down. It worked some and he backed off the speed. A little.

Naruto was able to reclaim his perch on the fan, but everyone remained bowed against the wind pressure.

It wasn't too long after that that Gohan started seeing signs of battle. Gigantic craters had been blasted in the ground. They looked somewhat like the wounds that Naruto's Rasengan technique left behind. Smaller, more conventional, blast craters also littered the landscape. Only a minute later, Gohan caught sight of a hulking shape on the horizon that quickly resolved itself into the form of a titanic raccoon.

"There they are!" he yelled back.

"Gaara!" Temari called when she saw Shukaku. It was surrounded by explosions of all sizes, large and small, and it was laying about itself with huge claws, probably trying to smash whatever was annoying it into a greasy smear on the ground.

Gohan shot for the earth, ignoring the screaming from his passengers. He bottomed out just before smashing himself headlong into the ground and skimmed along before planting his heels. Dirt flew like water and he could feel small stones and rocks grinding themselves into powder as his feet passed over them. He stuck a hand out behind him and felt the hard edge of Temari's fan slam into his palm.

Everyone let out grunts as they started slowing down.

Gohan had timed it perfectly. They erupted into a field and slid to a stop behind the Akatsuki attacking the Shukaku. The five passengers on the fan tumbled to the ground with various exclamations of relief. Naruto actually kissed the ground in gratitude.

Gohan paid them no mind. He had eyes only for the two men in the black cloaks with red clouds on them. Even Shukaku was secondary. One, the taller of the two, had just hurled a small white object at the demon. It exploded and did no real damage. The one who had nearly killed Goku was the one who had used poisons, not explosives.

The battle had come to a halt with Gohan's entrance and the chaos it had caused.

"And who are you, huh?" the tall one demanded.

Gohan glared at the squat, malformed man. "You're Sasori?" he called, sizing up the lump sitting in the dirt. He felt his rage beginning to rise again and a breeze erupted from him as he spoke as Gohan finally gave over his tenuous control and allowed his power to flare.

A burst of gold flashed across his vision and he felt the narcotic flood of power shoot through him, waking him up, energizing him for the fight to come. The chirping of his aura filled his ears along with the pounding of his heart and the rush of blood in his veins.

"You're not the poor sap from last time," Sasori rumbled. His head twisted unnaturally, like an owl's. "You must be Son Gohan."


"What do you want with us?" Sasori asked, hopping out of the way of Shukaku's arm, which crashed down right where the puppeteer had been standing, trying to catch him off guard.

"First," Gohan replied, batting away a tendril that came at him from the sand demon in the same moment, "we're here for Gaara." Anger swelled again and with it came the deep crash of his aura, like a sea on the shore, flaring high then subsiding. "Second, I'm here to kill you."

Gohan's friends, not used to such aggressive talk from him, simply stared. Gohan could feel their shocked eyes on his back, but he ignored it, ignored the other Akatsuki, and ignored Shukaku even. He had eyes only for Sasori and he was intent on visiting as much pain on the ninja as he could.

"You?" Sasori asked. "Kill me?" He let out a grating noise that Gohan realized after a moment was laughter. "I love this world of ours. No matter the time, there's always an uppity puppy or two that needs to be put in his place."

"Enough talk!" Gohan shouted. "Let's go!" He leaped into the battle. The blond tried to block the enraged Super Saiyan but he moved fast, vanishing to one side and reappearing before continuing on. Gohan heard the startled exclamation from behind him, but disregarded it.

He yelled out a wordless challenge as he feinted high with one fist and, when Sasori started to move, brought his foot up instead and kicked the Akatsuki member in the chin. Something gave with a sharp crack as Sasori tumbled helplessly through the air. Gohan was on him, flying after him with another yell, his rage coming out. Gohan let go in a way he rarely had before. The world blurred and colors inverted. When it returned to normal, Gohan was standing behind Sasori.

He swung for the fences again, landing three sharp blows that cracked like thunder before punting the missing-nin like a football. Sasori bounced off Shukaku's muzzle.

"OW!" The demon squawked. "Hey! Get off me you bastard!" Sasori's tail had shot out and latched onto the demon's nose and reeled the puppet master in. Gohan launched himself into the air and followed, appearing on the monster's forehead. "Hey! Do I look like a freaking stage to you!?" It howled, flailing at its face as if trying to shake a fly.

Sasori didn't look hurt, but Gohan could see something falling from behind his veil. It didn't look like blood. What is that? Looks like clay or something. A clone maybe? When Sasori's head moved again, the movement was jerky and uneven. Gohan distinctly heard the clattering of joints.

The tail waved menacingly.

It struck, a blinding streak of silver in the sunlight, but Gohan flowed through the strikes with high speed and grace, dodging by the slimmest of margins, only enough to get out of the way.

Something touched Gohan's cheek and started to burn. In seconds, it had gone numb and cold as the burning sensation faded.

"Gohan, it's the poison!" Sakura shouted up at him. "Be careful!"

"Heheheh," Sasori chuckled and his words came out mangled. Gohan decided his kick had definitely done something. "Better listen to the little girl. She's got it in one."

"Doesn't make a difference to me," Gohan declared, fixing his enemy with a hard emerald stare. "I'm not going to be caught off guard like my father was."

"So that yellow-haired bastard that gave Deidara so much trouble was your father? Interesting. I can see the resemblance. You're both rather fond of bulging muscles and blond hair. I wonder if you'll gasp for life as prettily as he did." Sasori chuckled again and Gohan bared gritted teeth.

"Shut up!"

Gohan shot for Sasori again. He launched a barrage of attacks, punching and kicking like it was his last day alive. His limbs were a blur, even to Gohan himself, and each one hit with a satisfying jar of bone meeting something hard. He almost thought bone on bone, but Sasori's body definitely wasn't normal flesh and blood. It was like hitting a block of wood.

One final blow, unleashed with a scream of anger, sent Sasori to the sky again. Gohan flashed after him. Sasori managed to stabilize himself and sent his tail out again. The Super Saiyan rolled right under it and came on, murder in his eyes, blood boiling with his anger and the thrill of the fight, hands clenched into white-knuckled fists.

Something tugged at Gohan's tunic but he ignored it and drove his fist right through Sasori's midsection. He unleashed a ki blast as he did, blowing the Akatsuki right to hell. Gohan couldn't see anything in the smoke of the explosion, so he powered downward in a bolt of gold, turned a quick flip, and hit the ground hard enough to break it.

Bits and pieces of Sasori pattered down from the sky, a grisly rain that brought Gohan a tremendous amount of satisfaction. He turned back to the others. As he did his chest started itching so he scratched at it.

His fingers met something metal and sharp. He glanced down.

A thin silver needle was embedded in the muscle of his chest and it glinted ominously in the light. A thick purple fluid had been slathered liberally over the weapon.

Gohan's heart just about stopped in his throat as he realized the implications of what had happened. "Damn!" he cried as he yanked the needle free and threw it at Deidara out of both frustration and fear. The other missing-nin dodged with ease, sneering at him.

"Gohan!" Sakura shouted, running over to him as he fell to his knees as his entire began to ache. The ache quickly turned into a searing burning pain and made him start to heave. He fought down the pain and shoved away the nausea. "Gohan, look at me," Sakura said. He did and she swam in his sight.

"Messed up," Gohan muttered through a mouthful of marbles and cotton balls. "Didn't think he'd hit me."

"You'll be fine," Sakura said bracingly as Naruto and Kakashi came over, the jounin facing Deidara to keep him from trying anything. Deidara didn't seem to interesting, instead taking on Shukaku, throwing explosives at the demon every chance he got in between dodging attacks.

"No he won't," Sasori said. Everyone turned, shocked. The missing-nin, minus his Hiruko shell, stood near where the spot where most of the debris had rained down. Sasori's face showed no emotion at all as he watched the group of shinobi. Gohan felt his fury begin to build again. "Son Gohan has three days left. You're living on borrowed time and soon I'll be able to tell Itachi that the little boy he was so worried about is no more."

"You bastard," Gohan snarled, forcing himself up, clutching at the huge knot of hurt burrowing into the right side of his chest. It was hard. It felt like he was trying to lift limbs made of lead. The efforts made him woozy and nearly start sweating. Of course, from what he'd seen of his father, that wasn't too far behind now. "Borrowed time or not, I'm going to take you with me."

Sakura made an angry noise in the back of her throat. "You idiot," she said vehemently. "You don't listen! I told you you'd be okay!" She pulled out one of those hypodermic needles that people use when they've been stung by bees. She slammed it into his arm. Gohan yelped and jumped away, rubbing the offended appendage. "Did you really think I would come up with an antidote and then not make extra, knowing we're going up against the guy who did this?"


"Jeeze. God save me from the self-sacrificing, deaf, stupid, and…"

She was starting to build up a head of steam and Gohan knew from Naruto's experience that once Sakura got going, she could go on for a while. He felt an odd rush of gratitude when Sasori decided to speak.

"An antidote," he said. "Impossible."

Sakura broke off with a huff and jerked a thumb at Gohan. "Ask him and his father if it's impossible." Gohan suddenly realized that the spike in his chest was gone, as were the leaden limbs and nausea. He flexed one fist in amazement. "I cured Goku and Kankuro both."

"Sakura, how much do you have left?" Kakashi asked.

"Two vials," she muttered under her breath. "And it's only good for a couple of minutes." She smacked Gohan in the chest with the back of her hand.


"So don't go rushing in again, or you'll get yourself killed."

"We don't need to do six on one," Kakashi said. "Temari, Naruto, and I'll handle Gaara and the other one. Sakura, you, Gohan, and Chiyo handle Sasori."

"Let's go!" Naruto shouted, running at the Shukaku without a second thought. A second passed then he was surrounded by a horde of shadow clones. Temari was right behind him. Kakashi sighed, then tugged up his hitai-ate, baring his Sharingan, stowed Icha Icha and went after them.

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