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Unforgivable Nightmares

A new mother sat in the hospital bed cuddling her new born daughter, Lorena, when a man subtly entered the room.

"Who are you," she asked.

"I'm sorry but, that information is confidential," suspicion covered the woman like a warm blanket.

"What do you want from me?"

"Your daughter," he stated it plainly but with authority.

"What are you saying? You can't just burst in here like that and demand my daughter. I don't even know who you are! Get out or I'll call the police!" She jumped out of bed clutching Lorena so tight that she began to cry. "What are you doing this for anyway," she asked, backing away into a corner.

"It's for government purposes-"

"Government purposes? What does the government have to do with this?"

"It's confidential," the woman narrowed her eyes but let him continue. "We taking her from you, there is nothing you can do to stop it, nothing you can do to protect her. This whole area is surrounded, and you will be killed the instant you leave this room."

"You're bluffing," she spat.

"Why don't you check," he move away from the small glass window in front of the door, to reveal people dressed in an all black military uniforms and heavily armed. She opened the curtains that covered the window and saw the same thing. She ran her fingers threw her hair beginning to panic.

"Why do want her? What are you going to use her for? Will I be able to see her? What's going on," her young pretty face was filled distress as she spat out more and more questions to the man.

"…It's confidential," he stated plainly, shrugging his shoulders.

"Confidential! Confidential! Is that the only word you know," she screamed loudly, throwing the lamp that was next to her directly at him. Becoming more furious by the second, she began throwing anything she could get her hands on at him, but her efforts were ineffective, as he dodged or caught everything that was thrown at him. "You can't do this!"

"I can and I will." He pulled out a gun from his pocket. "I've had enough of your screaming, now hand her over!"

'… I might not make it out here,' she came to realize. She placed a long sliver necklace around Lorena's neck. "Never forget that I-"

He pulled the trigger. The loud sound 'bang' echoed throughout the area and the woman fell to the ground with her eyes wide open, and blood seeping from her skull. He grabbed her chin and lifted it to his face, "Idiot, you had no choice to begin with." He picked up the baby and kicked the woman rolling her over. He gave one last glance at her before he left the room.

"Let's go!" He left the hospital, followed by his "army". The man got into his car and drove to a remote underground hideout and pulled out his phone "Operation 57 is ready to begin, sir."

"Very good, I will constantly checking on your progress."

"Yes, sir."

"You know that her life depends on her progress in this experiment."

"… Yes".

"Good." He hung up the phone and entered the combination on the giant metal door. "I hate the government. How did I get forced into this job," he asked himself, opening the door and fading into the darkness.

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