Caelan wasn't a stalker. That was what he told himself, at least.

Following his beloved around like a love-bound fool but sneaking like a thief. He supposed he was a fool and a thief, for how many times had he tried to steal the heart of his desired? How many times had he been told their love was forbidden, yet chased it anyway?

He places his hand into his pocket and pulls out the dark strands of hair, he raises them eagerly to his nose and inhales deeply. The smell of his darling is intoxicating, staggering and all-consuming; it makes his insides coil with desire.

Caelan looks over to where he had last seen his love, but his heart's true desire no longer stands thereā€¦ He hasn't been paying attentionā€¦ he has let his guard down.

"Hello, Caelan." A silken voice whispers into his ear. Strong arms are wrapped around his frame and Caelan melts into the embrace of the older vampire.

He feels his dry lips pull up in a smile. "Hello, Dusk."

No, Caelan is not a stalker, a stalker is a person who follows someone who is unsuspecting, Caelan just follows Dusk because it's what Dusk asks; Caelan is not a stalker for he is the victim, because unbeknownst to him, Dusk has a collection of various clothing articles, strands of hair and photographs of that belong to Caelan.

Pretty short and strange, really came out of the middle of nowhere. It's basically supposed to seem like Caelan stalking Valkyrie and then BAM. I hope I achieved the BAM effect xD Reviews very much wanted. (even though this is ridiculously short, I normally write longer than this... I am disappoint.)