Author's Note: Finally it's the end! I've been working on a lot of different stories so I could let this one finish itself in my head. Finally, it's the time for me to put an end to this madness as I try to finish all my stories!

I made Ben take Kaden's last name since we don't know his name.


Ben, Mercy, Warren and I stood in the hospital looking through the window in the nursery with our noses pressed against it. It had been a year and Ben was done with his therapy. He had opened up to the entire pack about what had happened to him as a kid. The pack had been very supportive of him and had even helped when they told them their decision.

Adam had given us the okay and we began looking for a bigger house. Well, actually the computer room was converted into a nursery. Sam had built a crib from scratch and put it in the room as we began looking at adoption agencies.

We didn't have to look very far. Warren and I had started a private investigation agency of our own. We worked through Warren's boyfriend Kyle so it was easier. A teenage girl had walked through our doors one Monday morning. She had been at least eight months pregnant, if not nine, and she had been looking for her boyfriend who had disappeared three weeks earlier. We had volunteered to help her. Three days into the investigation, a report came in of a guy being found in his car. He had had a seizure and ran off the road into a tree. He was killed instantly but no one had found him for a while. When we took the news back to the girl, she had been devastated. The boy had been the father of her baby and they had been excited.

That night when I went home, I had broken down to see the girl so torn up. Warren had had to drive me and that meant he and Kyle were sitting on the couch with me when Ben drove in. The other two men kindly left the house so my husband could see to me. He hadn't known what was going on and he didn't need to. He knew enough about me to understand that if I was upset about something and crying it must have been bad. We sat on our couch for a long time; him brushing my hair as I lay in his lap.

A few weeks later, the girl came in with her mother and asked to talk to me. She said she had seen the adoption papers on my desk when she had come in. She said now that her boyfriend was dead she didn't want to raise her baby alone. She had asked me if Ben and I would be interested in adopting her baby. By the time I had processed what was going on, Ben had been called by Warren and was striding into the office with a goofy, boyish grin on his face. We had sat down with the mother and the daughter and talked it all over, making sure the girl was certain about this. She was and the next day we had gone to the adoption agency and made it legal.

The last couple of weeks had been a blur. The due date had been so close after we signed all the paperwork we barely had time to get all the stuff we needed for a baby. Luckily the pack began supplying us with bottles, a changing table, a rocker, diapers, formula, and the works. We had the computer room full of stuff. We had to tell the women to wait for a baby shower since we didn't know the sex of the baby. That hadn't gone well but they finally agreed.

Then last night, we had gotten the call at four thirty in the morning that she had gone into labor. We were up and at the hospital in minutes. We had had to wait in the waiting room until the baby had been born and that gave us time to call everyone. I called Warren while Ben called Adam. Apparently both men were super excited and wanted to come immediately. I didn't get a chance to tell him no because he hung up on me. Ben had better look with Adam and assured our Alpha that we would call him when the baby was born.

Warren strode through the doors just as we found out what we were having. He made a beeline for us when he saw us hugging each other with huge smiles on our faces. A few hours later, Adam and Mercy strode in with Jesse with them. The teenager began bouncing up and down for information but we were strictly tightlipped.

After a few hours, the girl was released from the hospital. She smiled at us when we walked over to her. She hugged us both and thanked us for helping her. Her mother was grateful as well. We were grateful they had been willing to part with their child and grandchild.

When it was finally quiet, the nurse came to us and said we could go in the nursery. I was so nervous that I could barely make it to the door. Ben had to help me into the room. The nurse walked over to a bassinet and picked up the baby. She held the bundled, pink infant to me. Afraid I would fall, I went to the chair and began to rock.

"We need a name to put on the birth certificate," she said.

Ben looked at me. "Kaden, what are we going to call him?"

I smiled down at my son as I held him in my arms for the first time. The perfect name came to mind. "Rowan Alexander Northman."

"We're using your last name?" He was mad, just amused.

"You use it. We might as well."

He nodded at the nurse. "Rowan Alexander Northman is his name. We're his parents, Ben and Kaden Northman." He turned back to me. "Eric isn't going to be happy to know I changed my name."

"He'll get over it." After we had signed all the papers and were given a checklist to go through with an infant, we were allowed to leave. Ben held the door open for me as we walked to our car. When Rowan was strapped in his seat and settled, I climbed in the backseat and watched him sleep. "He's so little."

"Babies always are," he replied. He looked at me in the rearview mirror. "Are you ready to show him off to the world?"

I sighed. Even though I wanted to hog my son for myself, I couldn't. He was now part of this world and this family. This big, long, extended family. "I guess. Let's get his over with so I can hog him again."

With a laugh he pulled onto the freeway and headed home so we could go show our son off to our family.