She Cried

When Soi Fon found out that Yoruichi had abandoned her, she felt as if her heart had shattered. Everything she had lived for, disappeared in an instant. She broke down, cried in front of that cursed empty throne, and let all her pain be displayed.

He Frowned

When Byakuya found out that Yoruichi had abandoned him, he felt as if something was weighing down on his heart. Every game, he lost, but his seemed the the biggest loss of them all. He frowned, his face looking older at such a young age. That was the only thing that displayed the inner pain.

They Wondered

When both of them found out that Yoruichi had abandoned everyone, they felt as if something had been stolen from their souls. Every time they thought about it, the teasing and laughing and smiles, they both couldn't help but wonder. Was everyone affected by the change? Was she even sorry for hurting them? Would she come back one day? Would she ever apologize?

But the one thing that dominated the questions was this: Was the other okay?

The Betrayal of the Young

When the realization that she had abandoned her two proteges hit her, the suffocating guilt made her choke. Something had left her, a part of her heart that cared. Every thought consisted of them. Were they okay? Could they handle it? Did she hurt them? Would she ever see them again?

Little did she realize that they were both growing cold and distant, haunted by nightmares full of harsh memories.