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Chapter 110: Advisor


Warning: This chapter is slightly morbid.


"He said that it would cost me and I said it didn't matter. He advised me, told me to calm down and do what he said, that he would handle the rest if I could just focus. "

"I went through all the steps systematically, tried to ignore what it was I was really doing."

"He had me go through her pockets. She hadn't brought the tape with her but he said that it wouldn't be a problem. He had me take her cell phone and chuck it in the water and made me check under her nails, even though I'd told him we hadn't fought… sometimes I wonder if he believed me or if he thought I'd really killed her."

"The whole time I couldn't even stand to look at her face. "

"He said that the blood mostly ending up on me was a good thing… that I could move the rock closer to the edge and no one would know she'd be laying where she was. They'd think she slipped. And then he had me put her in the water."

"Carrying her was…" Touga trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

"…He said that she'd float, that since it was seawater and it was cold that it wouldn't be too long before someone discovered her and that he'd make sure he was the one covering it when the time came."

"Then we talked about how much I would compensate him as I drove home."

"It was luck that neither you or your mother saw me when I came in. I wouldn't have noticed anyway… I think I was in shock. I didn't even realize where I was until I threw up in the shower."




With Touga distracted, lost in thought, he didn't notice what Sesshoumaru was doing.

Word Count: 300

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My gawsh, I didn't enjoy writing that. It made me feel gross. Touga's associate advising him on the phone was so nonchalant about it... disgusting. Any reactions?