They come back to the road, Nathan didn't know why Jimmy was doing all that, but he was grateful anyway. Haley's family had been so welcome towards him, that he only could thank whoever it was. The truth was, as the time went by, he more and more felt like he had found his family.

While Jimmy and Nathan went to Charlotte and Karen and Lydia helped Lucas and Karen with the wedding, a tour bus arrived at Tree Hill.

"Well, well. I think Chris Keller is gonna love this town.

"You can't live your life for other people. You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love." (Nicholas Sparks - The Notebook)

While Nathan and James were on the road on the way to Charlotte, Lydia and Haley were in Karen's house, helping her to plan the wedding.

The women were in the living room surrounded by magazines, while Keith and Luke talked in the kitchen.

"So,how do you feel?" Keith asked serving a cup of coffee to Lucas.

He raised his eyes and looked confused to his uncle. "Do you mean about the wedding? I told you I am more than ..."

"No," Keith hurried to say "I mean about Nathan, Haley and the fact that now, he's on a trip to Charlotte with her father."

Lucas shrugged. "She is still my best friend. Unfortunately, the heart wants what it wants."

Keith took a drink of his coffee. "We're still talking about Nathan and Haley, or about Peyton and Lucas?"

His nephew signed "I kissed her yesterday and she ran away."

Keith looked at the blond boy waiting for him to continued "If I could choose I would be in love with Haley. It's so with her. "

"That's because you love her like a brother. You too grow up together, know each other better than anyone else in the entire world. There is nothing new to learn about."

Lucas didn't answer.

"You, know, I think you and Haley should go out for a walk, I guess you need a talk with your best friend."

In Charlotte.

Thank you so much for bringing me here, Mr James. I still can't believe you got me a chance to meet Ben Gordon and Kemba Walker. They are awesome!"

"I'm glad that you liked!" James smiled. Nathan and Lucas had so much in common. James still remember the first time he brought Lucas to a NBA Game. That boy got so thrilled when he met Michael Jordan.

"So, what do you think we follow my wife's advice? Let's eat at Haley's favorite restaurant.

"Sounds good!" Nathan responded looking like just a little boy.

So, what's wrong, Eugene?" Haley asked when they sat with their ice cream cones in the middle of the river court.

"I kissed Peyton!" Lucas said and Haley almost choked.

"And?" She asked really anxious.

Lucas shrugged "And nothing, she doesn't like me."

"How do you know, she said something to you?"

"No, but when she ran away, I think words weren't necessary."

"Well, you should know is totally the opposite. She likes you very much she just think you and I are totally in denial and in love."

Lucas stared his best friend in disbelief "She what?"

"The night of the auction, she and Nathan went to his house, they talked a lot and she said that, she think you were in love with me."

"Let me guess, so in her mind I'm just trying to forget about you, using her?"

I wouldn't say using, but the most important parts you got it right. You should talk to her"

"Yeah! I know"

"Let me ask again, why are we here?" Peyton asked again, what seamed to Brooked the thousand time.

"WE are here to help Karen with the wedding, since I'm a great designer, i offered to make her wedding dress."

"Since when you are a great designer? You still in high School!"

"Did you forget that sometimes i make my own clothes? Remember Clothes over Bros right? My clothe line that will be a success in a few years?"

"Riight!"Peyton said "So, let me asked this, why AM I here?"

Brooke took a deep breath and put her hand on her head "YOU are her, because you and hot-shot 2 need to talk. And for God's sake I can't stand another monologue about how Lucas and Haley are in denial about their feelings and poor Nathan will have a broken heart soon."

Brooke knocked on Karen's door and Keith answered the door.

"Hey girls, how are you doing?"

"Pretty good!" Brooke said coming into the house, dragging Peyton with her.

James and Nathan were at Mama Mia's restaurant.

"So, Haley told me the father and son's games is this week, right? Your father is coming with you?"

Nathan nodded "Yeah. Everything for him, can get right with a ball. Are you coming to watch?"

"Probably. Lucas and Keith will be playing and since you and my daughter are dating, Lydia and I should go to give you three our support."


"Listen Son, old habits don't die easily, but you need to understand that it's only a game. Winning or losing after the game we'll still have hamburger and fries."

Nathan and James laughed "That's your family traditions?"

"Well what can I say? You know, my father loved football and believe me he guaranteed and my brothers and I played the always made it seems like every game was life or death. But he was wrong; it's not. So, i promised myself that my kids would never feel like I felt when I was a kid. So, yes. It probably sound childish, but, we still do that. When my kids do not so good at the games, or at school. We know they did they best, then we go to have hamburger and fries. We wants to make sure that winning or losing, they know we are proud of them.. everyday."

Nathan listen everything quietly. He wished his fathers was like this.

Karen and Lydia went to the Cafe and Peyton and Lucas went for a drive , for sanity of their best and Brooke were sick and tired about Leyton's dramas.

"Leyton?"Haley asked confused to Brooke. When they were leaving Karen's house. When they were left alone at Lucas' house, Brooke offered to give a ride to Haley. "What the heck is that?"

"Lucas and Peyton together." Brooke responded casually. "Like Naley, Nathan and Haley".

Haley chuckled "Just you Miss Davis." When Haley finally controlled her laughs she continued "So, are you telling me or not about Brulian?"

Brooke stopped on her feet "What did you just say?"

"Well Brulian like Brooke and Julian" Haley said and watched her friend very closely. "What's wrong B. Davis? I thought you and Julian were getting along. He didn't come back to my house the night of the auction, so i presumed..."

"You can keep a secret?" Brooke asked in a low voice.

"Of course."

"Julian and I we didn't...we din't.. you know."

"You didn't what?" Haley asked confused but a few seconds later she understood. "Oh i got it! You didn't have sex. So?"

"So?" He doesn't like me!"

"The fact that you two didn't have sex, doesn't mean he is not into you."

"Haley I know guys, I'm fluent in boys and when they don't want sex, that's just mean he is not into you."

Haley stayed quit for a moment. Thinking about what Brooke just of her felt all over again each insecurities she had about her relationship with Nathan. But deep down she knew, her relationship with Nathan was nothing Brooke or most of the teenagers had experienced.

"Listen i know Julian pretty well. The fact that he let you in your house, and said good-bye,just means he respects and care for you a lot. You two stay in touch, right?"

"Yeah, we talked to each other almost everyday."

Haley laughed "So, take easy; Brulian will come along. I know you will.

"So, how was the game?"

When Haley got home, later that night, she found her father and Nathan sat in the front door talking and laughing. Haley couldn't help smile about that scene. Nathan seamed so carefree, happy...she felt glad that Nathan could find happiness with her and her family.

"You know, for the first time in a long time, I watched a game just for fun. Your dad and I had something in common. Who would count on that?"

Haley laughed "I see he told about grandpa, hum?"

"Yeah i saw a different side of you father. That was a little scared."

"And why is that?"

Nathan didn't answer. He thought he would scared her. So, instead he kissed her. He wouldn't say now, but talking to Haley's father, he couldn't shake away the wish to make Haley his wife.

The week passed quickly. Nathan and Dan practice every single day. Dan as usual pushed Nathan too hard, and as usual, his mom pretend not see a thing. But something was different on Nathan. Now,He has someone who care, trust and love him with all her heart. Whatever Dan did, Nathan could take it. Because now, he wasn't alone. A prove of that was during the week he slept at Haley's almost every night. Her parents didn't know, of course.

When the fathers game came, Dan was very excited about it. He would show at everyone that Dan Scott still was in shape. He wasn't worried about the fact that Keith was going to play too. Nathan was such a loser that he couldn't get Lucas out of the team. At least, Nathan had found a girl who her father could help his candidacy for mayor of Tree Hill.

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight we have a special event. Tonight the Tree Hill Ravens are going to play against the oldest Tree Hill Ravens. Fathers and Sons are going to face each other to decide which version of the Ravens is the best." Marvin started his locution. "Please Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the fathers of the Tree Hill Ravens."

The crowd applauded as Dan Scott entered the court as the captain.

"And now please welcome to the official Tree Hill Ravens!"

Been the captain Nathan was the first one to entered in the court. His eyes looking for something, i mean, someone very important. It didn't take him long to found who he was looking for. He smiled at her and she smiled at him. She mumbled a 'I love you' which Nathan responded with a 'I love you too'.

"Hey Keith, still trying to play ball?" Dan said to his older brother Kith

"What can I say? It's a gift!" His brother answered with a smirk.

Dan went to the middle of the court with Nathan, face to face.

"Are you read to lose, son?"

"In you dreams, dad!"

Judge whistled and Nathan jumped higher than his father, catching the ball for his team. Haley watched worried the game from the bleachers. If Dan won the game, he would turn Nathan's life into a hell. If Nathan won,Dan would be so upset that Nathan's life would be miserable. No matter the score, that game wouldn't end good for her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Haley was sure of that.

The game was almost ending, just two minutes on the clock and the Fathers were winning for just one point. The game was hard, with a lot of faults. Dan always saying thinks to make Nathan doubt about his talented. What was strange for Dan was that he wasn't succeed. Nathan was stronger, confident. And Dan could thank Haley and her family for that.

But Dan wasn't going to lose that game, so When Nathan was about to make the point of the victory, Dan id something that horrified everyone in the gym. Everything happened so quickly in second Nathan was jumping to hit the basket in another he was lying on the floor holding his left wrist. When Dan pushed him, he fell with his body on top of his arm.

James and Lydia felt nothing but disgust about Dan and his wife. Nathan left the court injured, and in the end the officially Tree Hill Ravens won the game. With the fault the kids won three free throws and Lucas who had scored them hit them all.

James and Lydia waited for Dan and Deb outside the gym. Haley already had left to take Nathan to the hospital. Dan was anger, he had lost the game and his son, was so stupid that couldn't even all right.

"Hello, James, Lydia. It's a pleasure finally meet you..."

Dan never finished that sentence because James had punched him. "You will never, ever do something like that to your son, again. What the hell is wrong with you two?"

"Dan!" Deb yelled and take Dan's faces in her hand.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you. Do you know who I am? I'm Dan Scott!" he sad taking deb's face from his face.

"You are nothing!" James screamed. "That was unacceptable. He is your son, for god's sake. Every other parent would be more than happy to even lose on purpose to make his child happy, but not you, clearly!"

"He didn't mean to that. He just want to teach him..."

This time was Lydia who had given a Deb a bitch slap. "Are you even hearing yourself. You job as a mother is protect your son, from everything and everyone, if that's includes his father so be it."

"This isn't over. I will press charges!" Dan threatened.

"To who?" James replied "Did you forget all the authorities were here tonight? You can do wherever you want, but in the end, you will end up with worst. Let's go Lydia. Let's see how Nathan is doing." James grabbed hi wife's hands "Oh, and by the way, Nathan is not coming home, tonight."

"He is my son, you can't do that."

"Dan" Deb called him in a low voice "let's just go home. Nathan knows you didn't mean to hurt him. He will com home, they liked or not."

Haley waited anxiously in the waiting room, Nathan was already being examined for a long time. The lack at news was driving her crazy.

"Who is Nathan Scott family?"

Haley rose from his chair. "I'm his girlfriend"

"The doctor looked at her "I'm sorry we need a family member with more than eighteen."

"I'm his uncle!" Keith screamed as he approached to the doctor. "I'm Keith Scott, how is my nephew?"

"Well he is a lucky kid, he doesn't broke his wrist. He wouldn't be able to play ball for two our three weeks. He still will have a great career. After you sign some papers you can take him home."

"Can I see him?" Haley asked happy.

"Of course go down the hall and turn to the right; Room 223." The doctor replied.

"Haley almost laugh, of course the number 23 would be involved at some way.

When Haley entered in the room, she saw Nathan with his left arm in a sling.

"What are you and the number 23?" Nathan didn't answer "How are you doing?"

"What do you think?" He said harsh.

Haley didn't take that personal, Nathan was not only out of the courts for about three weeks, but he got injury by his own father. Not forgetting the school and part of the city saw it.

"Your season is not over Nathan." Haley side "You played great tonight and I'm really sure the Raves won't do so well without you."

"That doesn't matter. My ow father do this to me. Do you even know how that feels?"

"No" she said in a low voice. "But, I do know you can go through this." She said sitting next to him taking his right hand in hers.

"I don't know how." he murmured.

"Look at me."

"Haley lift his head and look straight into Haley eyes. Blue facing the brown. "You will get through this, with me by your side."

Nathan stifled the urge to cry instead he capture Haley's lips kissing her with sadness, passion, love and fear.

When air becomes a necessity he touched his forehead on hers "How can you be so strong?"

Haley smiled and then her parents entered into the room.

"How are you feeling, son?" James asked really concerned.

"I've been better" He said truly.

"So, what about a hamburger and fries?" Lydia said "You are going to stay with us tonight."

Nathan just nodded He was thankfully to the James for not having to come back to his house. He didn't want to face his parents so soon."

"So, what we are going to do?" James to Keith, Karen and Lydia later that night. Nathan was sleeping in the guest room. Of course, not after hearing a clear and loud "keep the door open."

"Since we are going to get marriage, he should stay with us." Karen offered. And Keith love her all the more for that.

"Thanks, Karen" Keith said after giving her a small kiss on the cheek "Dan will be a problem, he won't let Nathan got out that easily."

"You are amazing for accepting that, but we don't think leaving with Lucas is a good option, right, now."

"What you mean, he is my nephew." Keith felt offended.

"I'm not saying that you don't love him Keith, because I know you do. But how much time did you spend with Nathan in the last years?"

"Dan didn't let me talking to him!" Keith responded angry "I didn't have a choice!"

"I know, Keith. But with Lucas and Karen, all Nathan will have is a reminder about his father. Thanks to Haley he and Lucas are getting along but, I don't think Lucas will like to share a roof with Nathan.

Karen and Keith exchanged a look "So, what are suggesting? He stays here?" Keith laughed.

When James and Karen didn't reply Keith noticed the James were serious.

"You gotta be kidding! In the same house with your daughter? What if they break up tomorrow?"

"Even if they do that, what I'm a hundred percent sure that won't happen, he can still be with us." Lydia Said.

"You won't say this when he breaks Haley's heart" Karen said and regretted immediately.

"You don't know him!" Haley said coming to the kitchen.

"Haley!" Lydia said raising from her chair. "Karen is just worried about him. She didn't mean that!"

"Of course she did. You saw what Dan is capable of. You have no right to talk about him, like dad."

"Haley, i know. I'm sorry. We are just trying to put some sense into your parents head! Nathan has to stayed with us. We are his family!"

"You are his family? You gotta be kidding me. Where were you, all those years he needed?"

"Haley, go upstairs." Jimmy said. "Nathan will have the last word. I promised."

Haley went to her room very upset, but she trusted her parents. she knew they would do the best for Nathan."

The next day, the James and Nathan were sitting in the living room. They already had they breakfast and now was the time to talk about Nathan's future.

"Listen Son, you can take all the time you want to decide." Jimmy said.

"And don't forget, you can't always change your mind. Nothing is definitive." Lydia added.

Haley sat next to Nathan holding his hand.

Nathan just nodded he had no idea what their were talking about.

"I think we don't need to discuss about what happened last night. We just don't think you should stayed with Dan and your mother anymore."

""What do you mean?"

"We are saying that you have 4 options here. And we would like you thinking really hard about what is the best for you." Lydia responded looking to her husband.

"Listen, we talked to Keith last night, and he said you could live with Karen, Lucas and Him of you want."

"Or, you could stay with us, if you want." Lydia continued.

"Of course the make out with our daughter will have to stop , at least in public. Since in that casa we would be adopting you." James gave a small laugh.

"WHAT?" He asked in shock. He was listening right, Haley's parents wanted to adopt him?

"You can come back to your house if you want too." Haley said stroking his arm, or..."

"I talked to our lawyer and he said, if you want you can emancipate."

"Well, i don't know. I guess I have to think..."

"Wherever you decide, I'm a hundred percent with you."

"We all are, Nathan. We all are." James said living the room with his wife.

"What do you think?" Nathan asked to Haley.

"I think all your life you've been making decisions based on your father reaction, about your mom, Lucas, and now even me. I think for the first time, you should put yourself first."

You know, in the past, I would be passing thought all of this alone. But since I met you I find someone who i can depend on. I don't ever want to lose you."

"You don't ever have to worry about that!" Haley said and Nathan knew in his heart, she meant every single word.

A few hours later Nathan went to talk to Jimmy and Lydia. He already had made his decision.

"I will emancipate."

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