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Itachi Uchiha sighed to himself and leaned back in his chair, thinking quietly without sparing a single glance towards the woman sat across from him.

"Ehm... Uchiha-Sama?"

"Quiet, Konan. I'm thinking."


He frowned slightly, and pinched the bridge of his nose, now leaning down and letting the weight of his head rest on his elbow. He glanced out of the window, and for a moment considered jumping out- only to remember that his office was only on the first floor. He was stuck. Completely stuck.

"Konan... what exactly does it say?"

The blue haired woman opened the file sitting in front of her, and flipped through the assorted pages for a moment before pulling one apart from the others and setting it atop the stack.

"It reads: Thank you for your concern, Uchiha-Sama. I appreciate when a businessman shows true care for his work. However, I must disagree with your opinion that my article is too crude. If you are unwilling to print my words as they currently are written, then I'm afraid I shall be unable to submit anything else to your magazine from now on."

The weasel let out an agitated groan and snatched the paper out of Konan's hands, reading it over for himself.

"We have to cut her segment. It's too raunchy." Itachi said, already expecting the next words from his secretary.

"Uchiha-Sama, the magazine can't afford to lose Tokumei-Chan's panel. It effects sixty percent of our sales margin."

"Well we can't print it the way it is! How long are we going to let this woman have the only unedited text? The title of her piece is already too robust for a magazine targeting sixteen to twenty-five year olds."

Konan frowned. "In all honesty, sir, it's not that bad. I myself am only nineteen years old, and I always pick up Akatsuki magazine and flip straight to her section. My boyfriend has been much more satisfied with our-"

"I don't want to hear about how this anonymous pervert is affecting your sex life. I've already heard about how great she is from my own mother, I can't stomach it from anyone else."

Konan blushed. "Gomen, Uchiha-Sama. You're so tough looking, I always forget that you're gay. Have you read Tokumei's articles?"

"Of course not. Never the whole of them, anyway. Just enough to see that they have no business being published." Itachi grumbled, but he knew that he was already defeated. He had no choice but to publish the anonymous articles. It was the only fail-safe income for the magazine. Tokumei didn't tell her real name, didn't give her real address, didn't ask for any money, and didn't try to branch out into any other section of the paper. She simply sent in her work, and requested that it either be published word for word exactly as she'd written it- or not published at all.

"Whatever. Publish it; but email her back and make sure she knows that she should tone it down next time."

"Hai." Konan said, bowing and exiting the office.

Itachi frowned and glared up at his clock. Lovely, he had an entire three hours left till he could go home and relax. At a second glance, he realized that Sasuke was just getting out of school. That brought a smile to his face, and he reached for the phone, quickly dialing in his adorable little brother's cell number. It rang a few times, then Sasuke answered.


Itachi smiled, glad that his otouto was so excited to hear from him. "Hey, Otouto. How was your day?"

"It was fine. How was yours? You must be pretty bored, huh?"

Itachi chuckled. Sasuke knew him so well. It was fairly rare for him to be bored at work- since he really loved his job- but on the moments when he did find himself unfocused and drifting, he had a tendency to contact his little brother and let off some steam.

"It's this damn Tokumei chick, again! I've been spending all of my energy on her today, now I just have to sit here for three more hours."

There was a soft giggle heard on the other side of the line, and Itachi knew that Sasuke was grinning. "Tokumei sure does get you all ruffled up every month. Ne, Nii-San?"

"She knows just how to push my buttons. Still, I can't help but admit that the magazine needs her. She's free, and she's a high attraction- but I still don't want you reading that filth, Otouto."

"Of course not, Tachi. I prefer non-fiction to light reading anyway. Besides, from what I've heard, the Tokumei articles require another person's participation in order to truly enjoy them."

Itachi frowned. In truth- he didn't even like that Sasuke knew about the perverted little section all the way in the back of the magazine. He himself was quite ashamed of it, and never promoted it. Still... people found it. Every month without fail, people found it. They always had lots of replies. Tokumei received all of her fan-mail directly through her own email address, but Itachi knew that it was loads.

"How was your day at school, Otouto?"

"It was alright. Everyone's excited for your next issue to come out this Saturday. Is it ready yet?"

"Yes. Just finished it up today. It's just gotta be printed and distributed. Takumei's starting to really push the perversity of her segments. She seems to be picking a fight with me."

"Are you gonna stop publishing her stuff, then?"

"I wish I could, but I can't."

"Ah. Alrighty then, well I've gotta meet with Shikamaru and work with him on our homework, but I'll see you when you get home, kay?"

"Alright. I love you."

"Love you too, Aniki."

With that, Sasuke hung up the phone, only to explode into a huge fit of laughter. Shikamaru looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"It's not like you to be so goddamn jolly. Calm down and come do your half."

"Sorry, it's just, Itachi can be such fun, sometimes. Remind me to check my email before I leave."

The Nara rolled his eyes. "You still haven't told him?"

Sasuke smirked. "Takumei-Chan says the art of seduction relies on subtlety. Once you have the man quivering at your every movement- then you can confess your love."

"Tch. Don't quote yourself, Sasuke. It makes you look even more big-headed than you already are."

"I can't help but be smug, Shika. Itachi needs me to keep writing, or else he'll fail at his job and our parents will make him work for the police force. Don't you get it? Itachi needs me! It's the most ecstatic feeling I've ever had."

"It's not even like he knows Takumei's you. He thinks she's a chick."

"Of course he doesn't think it's me. I'm his sixteen year old kid brother. Why would I send him erotica every month and demand that he print it? His mind can't even comprehend that as a possibility. Besides, I won't have to tell him."

"Oh? Why not?"

Sasuke's lips curled into a mischievous grin. "Because, of course, I plan on showing him."

"You're gonna use the Takumei instructions for how to catch and keep a lover... on Itachi?"


"Even though it's in his magazine."


"Even though you're Takumei."



"I always get what I want. Just wait and see."

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