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Itachi realized, now, that perhaps when he was deciding where to have his birthday dinner and had announced that it truly didn't matter where they went – he'd made a mistake. Because, clearly – any place but this place would have been a better idea.

"Is it too spicy, Itachi? Mine doesn't have as much berbere if you want to trade," Mikoto said in her sweet voice.

Itachi shook his head, only half-hearing his mother. At that moment, he had eyes only for Sasuke. Or, rather, the delicate and obscenely sexual way that Sasuke was licking lentils off of his fingers at that moment. His brother's thick eyelashes fluttered for a moment, before deep onyx eyes met his, and Sasuke smiled. It was a breathtaking expression, as if he genuinely hadn't known that Itachi was watching him and was truthfully glad to have discovered it.

"Don't you like Ethiopian food, Aniki? You could have spoken up, otherwise …" Sasuke looked pointedly towards Itachi's still completely full plate. This was supposedly 'modern' Ethiopian dining. Everything was still eaten with the fingers, but rather than sharing all-out, everyone was served individually.

Sasuke's eyes got very heavy, then, and his gaze became intense. "I've tasted yours, it's ... delectable." Sasuke looked downwards in a way that Itachi was sure his parents would assume to mean he was glancing at Itachi's plate – Itachi knew otherwise. "Would you like to try mine? I've never had it before myself, but from what I've heard, it's quite the experience."

How their parents were managing not to catch the innuendo here was beyond Itachi's comprehension. Maybe, though, it would be because his parents hadn't had their cocks in Sasuke's mouth literally an hour and a half before sitting down at this table.

"I wouldn't want to deprive you of your food, Otouto," Itachi answered, breathlessly. "If you decide you can't finish and want to box it up, though – I'd be glad to steal a taste once we get back home."

The younger Uchiha's grin widened, and Fugaku scowled.

"We come out here and spend all this money and you'll faster eat your brother's left-overs than your own damn food!"

Something in Sasuke's eyes seemed all at once to die and flicker to life, as if he was being shoved out of some sort of trance. He looked up at his father, seemingly unsettled by the man's presence, and Itachi wondered if maybe – for a few moments – he had been the only thing left in Sasuke's world. It was a nice thought to have, since that happened to him quite often when lost in thoughts of his brother.

Not wanting to question Sasuke in front of their parents, and not wanting to question Fugaku ever – Itachi resolved to simply eat his food. But not without one more tease at his brother. After all, what were brothers for if they didn't get you all flustered up in the most awkward of moments.

"If you were wondering, Otouto – I've tasted mine before, as well. You're right. It's delectable."

Sasuke promptly choked on his lentils. His eyes widened and then narrowed when Itachi snorted at him in amusement. Either Itachi had somehow totally missed the sexual tilt to their conversation or Itachi had eaten his own semen before, and holy fuck was that hot or disgusting?

Sasuke couldn't decide. His forehead creased as he thought about it. On the one hand, ingesting ones own bodily fluids was gross … but what if he had licked it off of someone else's fingers? Sasuke closed his eyes and pictured it, Itachi's delicious tongue, swiping warmly over his hands – so slutty and fucking eager for a taste of that salty bitter essence that he didn't even care whose it was...

If Sasuke's jeans weren't so tight, the table might have risen a few inches.

He had no idea how it was that he made it through dinner, but he managed somehow, though not with an entirely aware state of mind. By the time they were home, and their parents were asleep, Sasuke already knew exactly what he wanted to do, so he made his way down to the kitchen to retrieve his box from the restaurant.

Upstairs, Itachi was sitting on his bed, waiting. He did not know exactly what it was that he was waiting for, but he did know his little brother well enough to know that he wouldn't be waiting for long. True, he and Sasuke's sexual relationship had literally only started earlier that day, but if he were to be honest with himself, it certainly hadn't come out of nowhere. How many times had they sat, with their backs pressed to the wall that adjoined their rooms, grasping their own cocks in hand and pretending that they had no idea the other person was doing the same. He knew every hitch and whisper of Sasuke's breath when the boy was aroused and trying to contain it, and he knew that Sasuke had been at least half-hard all the way through the last half of dinner.

He also knew that Sasuke still hadn't touched himself, choosing instead to wait in silence until they could hear their father's deep snoring, and then leave his room and go downstairs. For a single, fleeting moment – Itachi had feared that Sasuke was going out to someone else to deal with a 'problem' that Itachi himself was to blame for, as far as he knew. But then, he recalled two things at once: Firstly, if Sasuke was going to sneak out, he'd have done it via his window-tree. Secondly, and more importantly, Sasuke wasn't the sort who did things without knowing what he was doing. He had a habit of playing with fire, yes – but he had yet to be burned, and there was a reason for that.

The little shit was a master manipulator, and a seductress besides. That was easy to see by the way he handled his friends. If Sasuke's plan was to swallow a throat-full of his brother's manhood and then act like it never happened, he wouldn't have been such a little slut at dinner, and if he wasn't going to act like it never happened, then his all-or-nothing personality only left one alternative option: They were going to talk about it. Maybe not with a lot of words, but Sasuke wasn't going to let this incident just fizzle away as an awkward morning and leave it at that. Oh no. For whatever reason, he'd set his sights on Itachi, and he'd hunt him actively from then on, like the predator he was.

Of course, Itachi was very willing, as far as prey go. He was fascinated by Sasuke's fascination with him, and even more than he loved looking into Sasuke's eyes, he was growing to love the look in Sasuke's eyes when he looked back.

There was a soft knock on his door, and Itachi smiled. "Yes?" He asked without hesitation.

Nothing could have prepared him for how beautiful Sasuke looked in that moment, because he hadn't seen Sasuke looking so normal in so long. There was no 'glow' from a light powdering of make-up. There was no glitter of bronzing lotion, no distinctive smell of grapefruit from face wash. No fuzzy robe, with matching pink slippers, no hair parted to accent his best features. Sasuke was presenting himself as himself, wearing one of their Dad's old T-shirts, it was big enough to come down mid-thigh on him, and Itachi had no idea whether or not Sasuke had on underwear beneath the garment but he found himself enticed by the mystery.

"You're not pretending to be a girl, anymore." Itachi said, smirking at the look of shock on his brother's face. "Did you think I didn't know you were pretending?" He asked, truly curious.

"It didn't matter. The lie served it's purpose, didn't it? You never found out what Naruto was really going to say."

Itachi smiled. This was true. He still didn't know what the secret was that Sasuke held closely enough to sacrifice his masculinity for. But seeing the poor boy miserable in make-up had been too hilarious to pass up, so his foolish little brother could go on and keep his secrets for now.

"The best part," Itachi decided, "Was watching the conflict on your face, as you tried to make sure that your supposed feminism wasn't girly enough to make me lose interest. Honestly, Otouto, being slowly seduced by you this way has been an excellent experience, but you could have just asked me out on a date like a regular human being."

Sasuke smiled, and revealed his box from the Ethiopian restaurant earlier. He opened it, and set it down carefully on Itachi's end table.

"You wanted a taste?" He asked innocently, cocking his chin towards the food. Itachi nodded, slowly, if for nothing else than to see where his brother was going with this. There was a hungry glint in Sasuke's eyes that went straight to his cock, and he was quite curious to see what his brother was so desperately desiring.

Sasuke climbed onto the bed, and spread his thighs, straddling Itachi's lap. He could feel Sasuke's balls pressed against his thigh, separated only by the thin sheet that he had thrown over his legs, and deduced that there was, in fact, not a thing beneath that shirt.

Sasuke leaned in close, his breath hot and tickling against Itachi's ear in perfect time with the steady rise and fall of his chest, flush against Itachi's, so close that he could feel Sasuke's heart, which was beating rapidly.

"Let me feed it to you..." Sasuke murmured hotly into his brother's ear, his tongue flicking out slightly and brushing against the erogenous skin there, earning himself a slight hitch in Itachi's breath. "Please? I want to feel it … your tongue, hot and wet and smooth – I want to feel it against my fingers."

Itachi nodded, silently, and watched as Sasuke reached over to his box of food. It was steaming lightly, now. He must have microwaved it. The injera was soft and pliable and warm, and Sasuke used his right hand to dip it generously into the lentils, soaking up the red sauce they'd been cooked in. It dripped slightly down his fingers, but he didn't seem to notice, and placed it in front of Itachi's lips.

The elder Uchiha opened his mouth, receiving the food gratefully. Not wanting to disappoint, he dragged his tongue slowly down Sasuke's delicate hand, lapping up the streaming bits of sauce, and sucking more even after they were gone. Sasuke stuck his thumb into Itachi's mouth, running it over his teeth, gums, the inside of his cheeks. He withdrew his tongue, and inserted his middle finger instead. Longer, the slender digit easily reached the back of Itachi's throat, where he swallowed around it, instinctively.

Sasuke moaned, and trembled atop him. He could feel his younger brother's hard cock digging into his abdomen, because they were so close, and he knew that his own arousal was pressed firmly against Sasuke's deliciously plump ass, but they seemed to both be operating on some unspoken agreement to ignore their dicks for now. Which, somehow, seemed to be even more of a turn-on.

Sasuke shoved another finger into Itachi's mouth. Harder, this time. Again, Itachi swallowed around it, biting down on his brother's knuckles as punishment for the rough treatment.

Chuckling, Sasuke removed his hand, sticking it into his own mouth, and tasting Itachi's lingering saliva. To some, this probably would have been a gross thing to do, but Itachi was quite sexually excited by Sasuke's enthusiasm to taste him in whatever ways possible.

"You're supposed to be feeding me, not gagging me." Itachi announced, staring into Sasuke's eyes, and wondering why he'd ever looked anywhere else before in his life.

"Was I gagging you?" Sasuke asked, leaning in close. Their lips brushed up against each other as he spoke, and Itachi wanted nothing more than to hold him and kiss him and fall asleep just as they were. He wondered if that was normal. Oh sure, he'd already gotten past the fact that he wanted to fuck his brother. It was sick, but not unheard of. But this? What was this desire? To just feel Sasuke's breathing against his chest, observe the little twitchings of the boys neck as his pulse raced, feel content at the sensation of soft lips barely touching his...

This wasn't going to be just a one-off whenever they did it, Itachi realized. At some point, he had stopped being satisfied with that. Even now, with his hard cock wedged perfectly between two of the most gorgeous ass cheeks he'd ever had the luxury of laying eyes on – Itachi didn't want to fuck Sasuke. He wanted to kiss him.

Why was that so much more unsettling than wanting to fuck him?

"Itachi?" Sasuke asked, noticing that the man had tensed beneath him, "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Itachi snapped back into the moment, seeing concern in Sasuke's eyes, and feeling those dainty little fingers stroking lightly at his neck, the way one would encourage another to swallow a pill.

"No," Itachi answered honestly, wrapping his arm's around Sasuke's back and pulling him closer so that he could feel their chests pressed together again. "Would you kiss me right now if I asked you to?"

Itachi could feel Sasuke smiling against his cheek. "Right now, I'd probably do anything you asked me to..." He accented this statement with a gentle nudge of his hard length towards Itachi's abdomen, and whimpered at the friction.

"This morning, when you came in here, in that tiny little robe, and those stupid slippers – do you know what thought I wanted to do to you?"

Sasuke shook his head.

"I wanted to press you up against the wall, and bite into your neck so hard that it would bruise for weeks. I wanted to pull your hair, and hear you whimper for me to stop. I wanted to lift your legs up around me, and fuck you raw and fast and hard, and feel the warmth of your blood dripping down my cock as I split you open. I wanted to make you scream so loudly that our parents would run in and see what all the fuss was about, and I wanted them to see. I wanted everyone to see, and to know, and to understand – that you'd been teasing me like a little cock-whore for all this time, and you'd finally gotten what was coming to you."

Sasuke looked at Itachi. His face was still, but there seemed to be some underlying tension in his expression. His cock went soft, and Itachi knew that he had scared him, but he didn't care, because he was being honest.

"If I deserved it so much, then why isn't that what you did to me?"

"Because I wanted to know what you had planned on doing to me." Itachi answered, truthfully.

"So why not now, then? Hmm?" Sasuke asked, rocking viciously (and deliciously) against Itachi's manhood, which was still against his ass. "Here I am? You want to fuck me, don't you? You deserve it. You know I want you to. So go ahead. Fuck me! Do it just like you said if that's what you want! C'mon, Itachi – go on and make me bleed!"

Itachi almost cried at the sight of him. Sasuke looked absolutely hysterical, and Itachi realized that even more than he'd scared the boy with his words, he had hurt him.


"You don't mean that, do you?" Sasuke's eyes were seductive then, and he licked his lips very slowly, and pulled the shirt off of himself. He slid his ass against Itachi's cock and released a loud moan, "Why deny yourself, Aniki? Is it that I'm too willing for you now? Would you prefer me if I tried to fight it? Do you want to see me struggle? Would that turn you on? Huh? Go on! Just fucking do it!"



Itachi cleared his throat. "Later, when we were at dinner. You looked at me, and you stopped looking at anything else, and there was no table between us, and no Mom, and no Dad, and no stupid Ethiopian restaurant where I could watch you suck on your pretty little fingers. It was just your eyes, and my eyes, and I realized that maybe the reason I didn't take advantage of you this morning was that some part of me knew I hadn't wanted to in the first place."

"If you didn't want to, you wouldn't be having sick fantasies about it!"

"Sasuke, be reasonable. I'm your brother – I spend more time with you while you're alone and vulnerable than anyone else you know. If I was harboring a secret desire to rape you, I would most certainly have acted on it by now."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

Itachi sighed. "I think that I'd let myself think I wanted to fuck you – really fuck you, not make love, not even have sex, but fuck you – because I was not ready to accept that there was anything aside from your body that I was attracted to. Please, don't be afraid of me. It was not a thought I actually entertained at all, it was merely something to keep in my mind – to remind myself that you are no more important than anyone else I could shove my dick into."

"Wow, thanks – that really helped." Sasuke said sarcastically.

Itachi frowned. He was not wording this properly at all...

"I have never in my life had to remind myself that I thought of someone as a plaything. I've had plenty of sex with plenty of people, and I couldn't tell you half of their names because less than half of them matter, and only two of them still know mine. But you … in these past few weeks I have see-sawed between reminding myself that you're my brother, and reminding myself that you're no one really, and all the while, I haven't really been reminding myself of anything, because all the while – you've been so much more than that."

Sasuke looked genuinely confused, now. He climbed off of Itachi's lap, and sat on the bed with his chin on his knees, and put the shirt back on, stretching out over his legs.

"You see, Otouto – when you came in tonight, and you sat down on top of me, I got so hard, and I felt myself, there against your ass, and do you know what I wanted?"

Though he looked scared to answer, he did. "No, I don't."

"I wanted to sleep!" Itachi laughed, and Sasuke scowled, wondering if perhaps the point of this whole speech was to humiliate him. First, he was a teasing cock-whore, then he wasn't worth the time of day, and now he wasn't even sexy to a gay man with his ass wrapped around their hard penis. Clearly, he was a failure at life, and this whole extravagant plan was to waste, and he'd given up Neji already, which basically meant that unless he could try to convince Shikamaru to be gay, he'd never have a snarky lover with long dark hair ever again.

It was not what he'd expected to do, and certainly not in front of Itachi, but suddenly it was happening and he couldn't help it:

Sasuke began to cry.

Itachi frowned deeply, and wrapped his arms around the weeping child, wondering how he'd managed to put his foot in his mouth in such a terrible way. Thinking back on it, he realized that he probably should have been a lot more clear and used a lot less words.

"You poor thing... I'm sorry. I've made a horrible mess of this, haven't I?" Itachi asked, not expecting an answer. He pulled Sasuke closer and the boy sobbed tragically into his chest.

"Hush now, Koi..." He murmured, kissing his brother's hair. "I'll try to be more direct instead of beating around the flaming bush here – Sasuke, I am completely, devoutly, immeasurably in love with you."

Sasuke jerked up and stared at him. He looked shocked, and hurt, and very very angry. Which, is probably why Itachi was less than surprised when a second later Sasuke was very harshly slapping him in the face … twice … oh, three times.

"You! You … You evil fucking bastard!" Sasuke shrieked. "What the hell is fucking wrong with you?" Apparently the younger Uchiha saw fit to give Itachi a fourth smack for good measure. "Why are you playing with my emotions like this?" His voice got very small when he asked it, and he looked up at Itachi with such open and frightened eyes, that Itachi felt a sting much worse than any of the four slaps to the face.

"I was trying to help you see it as I saw it, but it just made everything bad and worse... I'm sorry. I truly do love you, so much so that it's hurting me to tell you simply because I know it's not what you want to hear right now."

"Itachi, how is telling me that you wanted to rape me this morning an appropriate prelude to your confession of undying love?"

"But don't you get it? I didn't want to rape you – I wanted to want to rape you!"

Sasuke glared. "No, Itachi. I don't get it."

"I couldn't accept that I loved you, so I tried to convince myself that it was sexual – but then you started sucking me off, and I realized that that was sexual, and it wasn't really what I wanted. You see? And now, with you here so close to me … I just want to hold you until I fall asleep. Do you understand?"

Sasuke simply stared at his brother, not knowing whether or not he dared believe him. He thought about it, and tried to assess his own emotions. He wasn't entirely sure whether or not he was in love with Itachi. He wasn't the sort that just fell in love with someone after watching them. He had to really get to know them romantically first, and then really fall in love. So, he wasn't really ready to drop those three magical words on his brother – but the idea of falling asleep beside each other did sound quite nice.

He looked over at the box of Ethiopian food, abandoned on the end table. Shyly, the younger Uchiha smiled.

"Can I … try feeding you again?" He asked, and Itachi nodded.

With a careful slowness, Sasuke tore off another piece of injera and scooping up some of the lentils along with it. He held it at his brother's lips and Itachi opened his mouth for it. Sasuke exhaled as he slid the food onto Itachi's tongue. The elder Uchiha kissed and nipped gently at the younger's fingers. He then looked up at Sasuke, and their eyes met again, and there was so much affection there between them that Sasuke couldn't help but smile.


Shikamaru sat down at his regular lunch table with a loud sigh, beside Ino. She was busily fussing in Sakura's hair, apparently fixing it, though Shikamaru himself didn't understand what was wrong with it in the first place.

"Is Sasuke here?"

Gaara reached over the table for a napkin, and shrugged. "He doesn't seem the type to miss the last day, but he wasn't in class this morning."

"Itachi's birthday was yesterday," Naruto explained, eyes twinkling mischievously. "Sasuke said he was gonna give him a birthday present last night, maybe he's worn out."

Shikamaru shook his head. "With the next edition of Akatsuki being published tomorrow there's no way Itachi would sleep in, and I doubt he'd let Sasuke sleep in if he wasn't going to."

"Are you guys talking about me?"

They all flinched a little to see that Sasuke was standing right behind Neji, who seemed to be not at all concerned with the fact that the Uchiha was softly petting his left cheek.

"Where've you been all morning?" Gaara asked, carefully peeling Sasuke's pale hands away from his lover's face.

In response, Sasuke made an obnoxious show of sitting down between them.

"I was finishing this." Sasuke took his laptop out of his bag and slid it across the table to Shikamaru, who opened it up and ran his eyes over the document that was already open.

"I can have it edited and back to you before the end of the day if you want it to be publishable for tomorrow's issue. What are you going to title it?"

Sasuke smirked to himself, blushing lightly. "I was thinking Feeding Frenzy."

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