This is for Hunting Tigress, who asked for more fanfics… which I will generously give!

I have no idea where this came from, but it's mushy anyways, so I love it!



He Smiled

Katara willed the Spirit Oasis water from the amulet, letting it swirl over the palm of her hand in a mesmerizing glow of liquid blue.

She held his cold torso closer. His limp body leaned against her, a cold, stinging reminder of what happened in the catacombs.

Heartbreaking memories of cobalt lighting that surged through the air, landing on his hovering form stabbed into her mind, like a knife plunges into a defenseless heart. She could still see his frame falling from the air, the power of the Avatar state gone. His life... gone.

And with it, she was gone, too.

Tears streamed down her face as she urged the Oasis water to the huge, gaping hole in his back. The muscles that once protruded crimson blood stopped the flow, his chest no longer rising and falling.

The radiating liquid seeped into his skin, and with one flash of pure blue, it was gone.

He still didn't move.

Katara choked a sob, in a meaningless effort to hide her misery. She tugged his lifeless body closer, as if to hold him and keep him in her heart.


Aang felt air whoosh into his lungs. An obvious stinging sensation enveloped his back, vague and almost pointless to him. His mind swirled with flashbacks of deep caves, with glowing green crystals and scenes of flying earth and roaring fire, with lashes of deadly water whips.

There was a sweet smell. It was intoxicating and powerful, yet subtle and mysterious. And familiar. Reassuringly familiar. He was held close to someone… someone comfortingly warm; they were gripping him so tightly, it was almost painful.

But for some strange reason, he didn't mind. He didn't mind one bit.

A moan escaped him. The vibrations of the sound seemed to echo through his ears, the feel of it like someone was wrenching a dagger across his lungs.

There was a small gasp, and he was pulled away. He wanted to sit up, but he was too weak.

Soft skin brushed against his shoulder and his neck, as smooth and light as silk. His back ached painfully, sending a jolt of soreness throughout his entire body.

He opened his eyes; they felt like sandpaper.

Katara stood above him. Her hair was loose, and blowing in the wind, her long chocolate tresses tinted with moonlight. Her eyes were rimmed with red, sparkling tears flowing freely, reminding him of how dewdrops trickled down a leaf. Luscious eyelashes were dotted with droplets, and framed two gleaming oceanic azure orbs, mesmerizing and endless. A wide smile was adorned on the flawless skin of her gorgeous features, the look on her face relieved and impossibly happy.

Spirits, she was beautiful.

He wanted to say so many things. So many things, he couldn't keep them all in order. Like…

Wow, Katara. You are the prettiest girl I've ever met.

Katara, you're the sweetest, kindest, most considerate person on this planet.

You have no idea how much you mean to me.

Katara, I love you.

But they just didn't seem to come from his mouth like he wanted them to. He desperately tried to make his voice work, but they refused to emerge from the flood of thoughts rushing through his mind.

Maybe this wasn't the right time.

So instead, he chose to do something much simpler, but still expressed his confusing and incredibly strong feelings for her.

He smiled.