Love Between Two Worlds.

Chapter One

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Augusta Moonlight

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In a glass box on a velvet cushion sat a deep sapphire gem, the small light that leak from the window made the gem glisten as it was the ocean itself. The onlooker woo and sighed at the sight before them. Only one onlooker tinted her head at the gem, a playful smirk on her red color lips. Her chocolate eyes focused on the perfection that sat inches away from her. She moved gracefully toward it as if she was a jungle cat seeking out her prey. When she was near enough she stared at the reflection of the sapphire gem. Her eyes locked on the way it glisten up at her as if calling her. She gently reach up letting her pale hand fall on the glass. She lean close enough to make it seem as if she was inspecting it further. Then she whispered lowly "Don't worry my sweet, I'll be back for you"

Then she turned on her heel boot and sway away from the gem. Turning enough to smirk at the gem. As she walk out of the museum into the chilly November air, her mind reeling with a plan to make that gem hers.

-That night-

A cluster filled desk with reports that needed to be read. Walls filled with pictures and sticky notes. A dim light did nothing for the person trying to read the paper in his hand. His eyes were beginning to blur as he grew tired of fighting sleep. He placed the paper on the desk and lean back as comfortable as he could in the chair. Throwing his head back letting his eyes closed and letting his breathing relax. Just when he could feel sleep surround him a vibration ran through his body. He groan under his breathe before reaching down and peeking at the pager. His emerald eyes shot up when the door open to reveal his partner who happen to also be his best friend standing there. He sighed as he lifted himself up running his elegant finger through his messy locks of bronze color hair. He pulled his brown jacket around him as his partner chuckled and said

"Time to be cops"

He let his brilliant emerald eyes narrow at his friends warm blues before stalking off. Yes, time to be cops for another theft.

-At the museum-

When will they ever learn? You don't leave the night shift to the old retired cop. Alas they never learned their lesson and they wonder why things were stolen in the first place. She step over the fallen cop body and went to the glass box. It was well-equip but nothing she couldn't handle. She saw it had heat sensors so she pulled out a light that will raise the heat level ridicules high. They would shut down the system as to preserve the gem and come find out what was going on. When the small sound rang out she knew they had turned off the system. She only had minutes before she could break through the glass. She pulled out a mixture of two liquids that melt the glass away. There she pull a small arm like device pulling the gem out. She pocket it pulling out a blue rose and placing it inside the box. Then she took off quickly into the dark corridors of the back way. She ran hearing her light footstep echo loudly around the walls but her blood was racing that she ran until she saw the back door. She pulled it open, letting the light wind blow around her. She step outside about to head to where she park her getaway car. When a strong velvet voice ran out.


She twirled letting her black wig turn with her, her chocolate eyes locked with strong intense filled emerald green eyes. She let a small lady like smile grace her features but she did not move towards or away from him.

When he arrived he knew who handy work this was. The blue rose thief! The man was good making clean robbery and outstanding escapes. This was the man that been making him lose sleep. When he yelled for Jasper to go to the front and inspect the damage he went through the back. When he saw a looming figure turned to run. He yelled stop only to look into a rare violet color eyes. He narrow his eyes at person as he took careful strides toward what to appear to be a petite women. Her black hair flew in the wind as her rose scent flooded his senses. Just as he was inches away from the women, bright light filled his vision. He let out a damn and looked down to shield himself. He automatically reached out toward the women but he grasped air. He barely made out her jumping on a sleek black car and screeching of tires as it took off. He blink to make his vision return to normal. He grumble under his breathe but he couldn't hide the fact that the blue rose thief was a women and not a man. As he walked away back to his partner who was staring at the glass case. There in the middle where a gem once sat was a prefect blue rose. It seem to giggle lightly as if mocking him, he growled lowly. He would catch her if that was the last thing he ever did.