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Augusta Moonlight

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Laughter floated around her as she walked towards the living room. A warm smile graced her features when she finally enter. Her chocolate brown eyes drank in the sight of her large family. In only a few short years her family had grown into a huge loving one. She turned her head to see her brother sitting on the floor staring loving at his wife and son. She still couldn't believe that Emmett was married and what was even more shocking was to Edward's sister Rosalie Cullen.

Rosalie and Emmett had meet during a party that Edward's parents where throwing for the holidays. It was love at first sight for the two of them. After chatting the entire party they were glued to the hip. Where you saw one, you saw the other. When Rose found out about Emmett particular "career choice", she flat out ask him to give it up. Em love what he did but he loved Rosalie a lot more. So he gave it up and instead offered his services to the police department. He still had several contacts and knowledge made high profile burglaries cases a lot easier to figure out. They were married in the short six month of knowing each other. They had their son only a year later. She was happy for her brother, he deserve the love and happiness that Rosalie gave him.

She then turned her head toward her sister, Alice. Alice was cuddling against Jasper Whitlock. Yup, Edward's partner and best friend was Alice boyfriend. She often felt sorry for Jasper because her sister was a demanding whirlwind. Yet, Jasper was a patient and loving man that was always there. Alice was beside herself in love and in Jasper she found not only unconditional love but her best friend. She was glad for Alice, Alice deserve to know the meaning of true love. Alice also gave up her ways and open a fashion store. She was quite successful at what she did but that was no surprise. Alice had always had a love for fashion and a determination to accomplish all of her goals.

As she stared at her brother and sister with their significant other that she didn't feel her own love walk in behind her. She let out a small gasp as his warm arms wrapped around her waist. She soon melt against his arms and turned around to meet those eyes. Emerald eyes meet her brown. She smiled and breath out


"Hey love"

He lean down and claim her lips in a heated kiss. She sighed against his lips and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. They were lose in each other touch until they heard a throat clearing. They pulled away from each other to see their parents looking at them. Her mother was carrying a tray filled with pastries, while Esme was carrying the coffee. Their father had an amuse look in their eyes as they stared at their children. She giggled lightly and buried her head in Edward's neck. While Edward pulled her toward the others.

Edward and her had been married for 5 years now. The five happiest years of her life. It was hard in the beginning, she had to give up blue rose. Blue rose had been a huge part of her life, a part of her that was free. A part of her that allow her to enjoy the normalcy of everyday life. But then at night the young mastermind at stealing gems. That was the world she knew and felt comfortable with. Then she gave it all up to be with Edward. It was hard and hurtful. There were times that she didn't think she could just curl up against Edward and watch a movie on TV. The sudden urges to get ready for a plan out theft. The way her body would scream at her to run out on the mundane life that was taking over her world. The only thing that kept her grounded firmly on earth was Edward. Edward and her love for him is the only thing that allow her to slowly adjust to the way her life was turning. Only a 4 months into their marriage, she found out she was pregnant. That also allow for her to fight against the urges of returning to her old world. When her beautiful daughter was born, it brought a new sense of excitement and adventure. She wouldn't trade that for the biggest or shiniest gem out there. Unlike her brother and sister, she wasn't sure where to go. That was until Alice made a suggestion that answer her prayers. She had always had an eye for detail and she plan out every one of her steals. Why not turn that skill into a career? She became a party planner. A successful local party planner. The job allow her to stay close to her family and enjoy every minute with them.

That was their life now, it made seem conventional to such an unconventional person. But life changes and she gladly held on to that change. Without the her life turning around the way it did she wouldn't be where she is today…she will always be grateful for that.


She turned her brown orbs towards her husband who brought her out of her thinking mood and said


"How did the meeting go?"

"Ugh…please don't remind me. That one of the craziest brides I have ever seen. Jeez! Is it so hard to pick a color scheme. I swear if she changes her mind one time again, I'm going to hit her"

Edward chuckled as she laid her head on his shoulder. The comfort of his touch still brought her an incredible warmth that would never stop amazing her. She let out a sigh and said

"Where Nessie?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen her since lunch"

Her chocolate brown eyes widen as she sat up and said


"I'm sure she in the house, but I'm not sure where"

Edward responds did nothing to stop her worry. She shot up like a bullet from her seat and went to find her daughter. Nessie was only 4 years old and could find trouble quickly. She moved through her parents house trying to find a place where Nessie could have wonder into. She wasn't in any of the rooms and she was beginning to worry. When she was going to go yell at Edward for not paying attention. She saw the basement door slightly open and a dim light was streaming through it. She narrow her eyes as she open it and walked down the stairs.

When she reached the bottom, her eyes widen at what she saw.

Her four year old daughter was doing Charlie old obstacle training course. She blinked at her daughter tiny body moved easily from one square to the next. The way she could move in-between the strings with ease. Leap gracefully over the strings that were step up to trip someone. Dance through everything else and seem to know how to guide her body through tight spaces. Her daughter looked beautiful and gracefully doing the course, that she have done when she first began her training. The bronze ringlets jumped slightly at each movement that she made, making her have certain memorizing effect. Nessie finally reached the end where the box with the fake crystal sat. Nessie walked slowly but confidently to the box. The young girl touched the glass before reaching in and pulling out the crystal. Then Nessie reached in her pocket and pulled out a white rose and placed it in the box. She shook her head and said softly


Her daughter turned showing off a bright smile of achievement. She was Edward's daughter through and through. With her father pale skin and bronze curls, a charming smile and personality. Her father's feature where written all over her, the only difference was she had the Swan's chocolate brown eyes. Nessie waved and squealed out


As her daughter ran into her arms. She couldn't believe what she had just seen. Even with a father that was a cop. Taught so far in her young life that it was wrongs things that someone could do and stealing was big no-no in the house. Yet, Nessie had perform a prefect steal.

As chocolate brown lock with chocolate brown.

She knew that that her family legacy will continue because a rose thief was in the making….

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