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::/:: = Talking over a bond

::/:: = Talking over the comm. link

"/" = Talking out loud

'/' = Thinking to oneself

'/' = Speech from a video (Meaning when someone is watching a video and when someone speaks, this will be what their speech is like)

"Stay on high alert, a group of Autobots has been sighted nearby. Supposed to be coming after their human" a silver Decepticon spoke calmly, glancing over at his black armored comrade. The black Decepticon rolled his optics, leaning casually against the wall.

"Autobots, hah! They're completely outnumbered. All we need to do is gather everyone up and ambush them" he snorted, a smirk set on his faceplates. The silver Decepticon took his turn to roll his optics now, annoyed with his partner's overconfidence. He looked away from the other Decepticon for a few minutes, looking back just in time to receive a yellow fist to the face. The silver Decepticon crumbled to the ground, his optics lingering on the fallen form of the black one. No sooner than a few seconds later, he was off lined.

The yellow mech slowly crept over the fallen bodies of the Decepticons, his blue optics scanning the area around him. His processor lingered on the conversation he had overheard between the two Decepticons, causing a surge of relief to flood him. So his time stranded on this blasted moon had not been a waste!

"The Autobots, eh? About damn time. I thought my paint job was going to be completely white by the time I found them" the mech spoke to his self, glancing down at his armor. He vented in frustration at the sight of white spots scattered across the yellow. He did not dare try and wipe them off though, fearing that he might unintentionally scratch the paint off.

'The Autobots own an organic? Since when did we have pets?' the mech thought as he transformed, taking off down the hall. He began to scan the area surrounding him, searching for said organic. If these Decepticons had taken something that belonged to the Autobots, he was going to get it back for them. After all, he was an Autobot.

"This is a lot bigger than I thought it would be" Bumblebee said nervously, his optics wide at the sight of the Nemesis. The ship was powerful and menacing, looming over the much smaller Autobots like a giant monster. Its spikey appearance did not help the poor scout's nerves.

"It's just a fragging ship. It's not like it's going to transform in to a giant Decepticreep" Ironhide snorted, approaching the ship a little less cautiously then the others. His optics darted from side to side, his sensors actively scanning the area. He knew there would be more Decepticons around the ship, though he did not know where. He was surprised they did not come flying right at them considering how close they were.

"Nevertheless, we proceed with caution. I have no doubt that Megatron has many more Decepticons stationed on the inside of the Nemesis" Optimus approached behind Ironhide, prepared for an attack. His calm tone managed to quell the fears of the others, Bumblebee getting over his nerves. Mudflap and Skids looked completely panicked, their optics darting all over the place silently. Sideswipe was strangely quiet, his optics fixated on the dark shape of the Nemesis in front of him. He walked with a slight limp.

"Well, we need to find an entrance before we can proceed with caution anywhere" Sideswipe finally spoke up, his optics darting immediately over to Ironhide. The black mech noticed and shook his cannon arm slightly at Sideswipe, Sideswipe shivering at the sight.

"We could always make our own" Ironhide offered, charging his cannon as he spoke. He would have fired at the wall if not for Optimus, the mech raising his hand to stop Ironhide before he could fire.

"No, we do not want to alert the entire ship. We must find a different point of entry" Optimus's decision caused Ironhide to roll his optics, though he opted to say nothing more.

"Bumblebee and I will go scout the area and find an entrance we can safely go through" Sideswipe said, transforming in to his alt form immediately. Bumblebee was startled by the sudden decision, though he transformed as well and followed behind Sideswipe. The two mechs took off, being as quiet as possible.

"I hope you don't expect me to wait quietly for them" Ironhide said after a few minutes of waiting, stomping in the opposite direction.

"Ironhide!" Optimus spoke sharply, Ironhide freezing in his tracks. The black mech turned around to face Optimus, who wore a neutral expression.

"Optimus, we can't just sit here and wait for them al fragging day! They could be doing anything to her right now! They might have already done something!" Ironhide sounded frustrated as he spoke to his leader, trying to be as respectful as possible. He really did respect Optimus, but some of his decision irritated Ironhide to no end. They did not have time to be patient!

"Ironhide, I understand why you feel the need to run in like you wish to. However, you could very well cause more harm than good by just bursting in without a solid plan. We are outnumbered and cannot afford to draw too much attention to ourselves. You must understand this" Optimus's face softened as he spoke, walking over to the black mech. He placed a hand on the warrior, no, his old friend. Ironhide stiffened, but said nothing more after that. Optimus vented before removing his hand, walking over to stop the argument between the twins before it escalated.

::Optimus!:: Bumblebee shouted over the comm. link, sounding half amused and half worried. Optimus winced at the loud voice of the scout, though he managed to keep himself composed as he answered.

::Bumblebee? Are you both all right?:: Optimus asked, his optics dimming as he focused on the conversation. Ironhide raised an optic ridge but said nothing.

::I'm fine, but Sideswipe is a little dazed. Apparently a few Decepticon were rough-housing too much and managed to knock a large piece of the outer hull off the ship. Sideswipe was unfortunate enough to be underneath it at the time. We found an entrance though:: Bumblebee said brightly, sounding incredibly amused now. Optimus found it hard not to smile himself, his battle mask sliding in to place to hide his amusement. Ironhide snorted loudly, already understanding why Prime was activating his mask.

::Understood, we are advancing on your position. Try to stay unnoticed. Optimus out:: Optimus spoke, cutting off the comm. link. He nodded at Ironhide, who understood already. The black mech transformed, Skids and Mudflap following suit. Optimus was the last to transform, taking off behind the others as they advanced towards their fellow Autobots.

Sideswipe grunted, finally managed to lift the large metal off of his body with the help of Bumblebee. It did not help that there were two off lined Decepticon bodies sprawled on top of the metal, making the action even harder. It took several tries before they finally managed, Sideswipe quickly pulling himself out before the metal dropped again. Bumblebee looked incredibly amused while Sideswipe just scowled.

"That was not funny! I could have died" Sideswipe grumbled, Bumblebee snickering at his comment.

"I thought it was very funny. Luckily I took them out before they could do anything" Bumblebee said, sounding quite proud of his self. Sideswipe vented, muttering about how they had weakened each other before Bumblebee got to them. He glanced over, his optics focusing on the large group of vehicles heading towards them. He recognized Ironhide in the lead with the others following close behind.

"Looks like Sideswipe got his aft whooped!" Skids snickered, transforming clumsily. Mudflap snickered as well, tripping over a rock as he transformed. Sideswipe rolled his optics, skating around gracefully across the terrain. Ironhide and Optimus were the last to transform, Ironhide heading straight for the hole.

"We don't have all fragging day, get your afts in gear" Ironhide snapped, hauling himself in to the Nemesis before anyone could say anything. The twins snickered about something before following, bumblebee after him with Sideswipe last. Optimus entered after every other Autobot was inside, scanning the area behind him. He had no doubt that the Decepticons were fully aware of their position.

A pair of red optics stared at the screen in front of him, watching the Autobots moving silently through the Nemesis. The optics never failed to take in every detail, watching as the normal patrol was wiped out as the Autobots continued making their way through the ship. So predictable.

"The Autobots have been sighted towards the lower deck of the Nemesis. Should we send more drones to retaliate?" The Decepticon's optics narrowed, spinning around in her chair to face her subordinate. Said subordinate flinched, his optics taking in her appearance nervously. The femme chuckled, quietly tapping her claw son the chair.

"Yes, but I have special instructions for them. Megatron obviously does not want a certain group of sparklings to fall in to Autobot hands. But, I think there is only one way to keep them from leaving this ship alive. Make sure they make it to the nursery and the nursery only. I don't care how you do it, but keep them on track" she spoke sharply, though she continued to wear the smile on her face. The Decepticon flinched, nodding quickly before hurrying out of the room. The femme chuckled before whirling around in the chair again, her optics focusing once more on the Autobots on the screen.

::Shockwave, I trust Thundercracker and Skywarp are relieved of their duty in the nursery?:: she spoke slowly, trying to focus on both the Autobots and the conversation she was having.

::Airachnid! Yes, they have been reassigned to patrolling the interior of the ship. Why must you bother me about them now? Scalpel and I are preparing for what Megatron wishes:: Shockwave sounded annoyed, but respectful, as he spoke to the Decepticon femme. Airachnid chuckled, dragging her claws dangerously across the table. The screeching noise was horrible, but she did not mind.

::A certain group of guests has just arrived. I do not wish for the seekers to foil my plans. Do not leave that room, as I do not wish for you to mess my plans up either:: Airachnid ordered, causing the mech on the other end to scowl.

::Trust me, I have no plans or reason to leave this room anytime soon. Make sure your plan does not disturb us:: Shockwave growled before swiftly cutting off the comm. link, causing Airachnid to chuckle. She leaned back in her chair, watching as the drones began to intercept the Autobots. They were fools who she could easily manipulate.

::Soundwave, it appears there happens to be a problem with the original plan. I am taking actions to ensure that the Autobots do not gain any more than they already have:: Airachnid spoke respectfully to the mech, smiling as she spoke. She did in fact respect this mech more than any other Decepticon, especially Starscream. It was a shame that he was merely the third in command.

::I assume the Autobots have breached the interior of the Nemesis?:: Airachnid was not at all surprised that the mech was fully aware of what was happening. She suspected that one of the drones had contacted him long ago.

::Yes, but do not worry. I will be sure to take care of them, though our plans will be slightly delayed due to the unfortunate accident that will be occurring soon:: Airachnid hissed over the comm. link this time, her formerly good mood gone by what she saw. A different bright yellow mech was speeding through the interior, far away from the other Autobots. If he continued on his course, he could very well turn out to be a threat to her plan.

::Make sure she lives:: was all Soundwave said before cutting off the comm. link, allowing the Decepticon to focus on the situation at hand. She rose from her seat quickly, bursting out of the room and startling her subordinates.

"I will be back shortly. There is an extra guest that needs to be dealt with" she hissed, causing a few of them to cower. The others nodded quickly, their optics darting back to their screens. Airachnid smiled a little at this, delighted that her anger scared them as much as it did. Fear was truly the only way to control an army.

Abby yawned quietly, her eyes slowly opening as she awoke from her sleep. She made to sit up slowly, only to find that it was impossible. After a few seconds of drowsiness, her eyes snapped open quickly when she realized she was restrained. Her eyes darted around the room, trying to figure out where she was. Her heat beat increased rapidly due to her panic, her eyes focusing on the restraints holding her down. Both her arms and legs were strapped down to a large metal table, though her chest area was left untouched.

"Ze organic is finally awake. It iz very annoying how much recharge you need to function" the strange and heavily accented voice startled her, her eyes narrowing as she caught sight of who was speaking. It was a much smaller Decepticon, his eyes bright red. If she did not know any better, she might have mistaken him for Redeyes.

"Dammit, what the hell is going on?" she growled, deciding that it was bets not to struggle. She was not strong at all, fully aware that she did not have even a fraction of the strength required to break through metal bindings. In order to keep her wrists and ankles intact, she decided to remain still. She would rather not be in more pain then necessary.

"You, human, are getting the chance of a lifetime. Lord Megatron has decided that you will be far more useful in a less vulnerable and easily controlled body. Of course, your chances of survival are slim at best" Shockwave appeared in to view, smirking down at her. Abby's eyes widened as she tried to figure out what they meant. What did they mean less vulnerable? She had no idea what they were going to do, but she guessed that it would not be pretty.

"A chance of lifetime? It sounds to me like you are about to end my life! If my chances of living are so slim, why the hell would you even attempt something like whatever you are doing!" she almost shrieked at them, finding it incredibly hard to do so in her state. She was still exhausted from earlier, finding it even harder to stay awake. Her breathing was heavy as she attempted to stay awake, finding it hard to do so. She had exerted the little amount of energy she had possessed when she first woke up. Now all she wanted to do was fall asleep. Of course, the Decepticons were not having that.

"If you do not live, you shall be replaced with another human suitable for the task ahead. Now we can't have you falling azleep during the procedure now can we?" Scalpel hissed as he injected something in to her body, causing her to stiffen. For a moment it felt like years and years of staying awake without sleep rolled over her, nearly causing her to faint. Just as she was about to, however, a massive amount of energy rolled over her instead. She suddenly felt as if she could stay awake without ever sleeping again.

"Why you-" Abby was cut off when Scalpel suddenly placed something over her mouth, which looked similar to a human shaped muzzle. The effect was instantaneous. It did not take a genius to figure out that she was seething with anger, her eyes narrowing dangerously. Shockwave smirked in amusement, guessing that she was yelling at them through the muzzle.

"Shall we begin?" Scalpel asked, reaching for a set of tools lying on the right side of the table. Shockwave nodded, his optics resting on Abby. She met his, her eyes narrowing even more.

"Don't you worry human; this will only hurt a lot. After all, transferring your spark and processer is such a delicate procedure. You humans offline so easily" Shockwave spoke slowly, allowing her to register his words quickly. Her eyes widened and her whole body froze, the knowledge of what they were doing stalling her. They were moving her…heart and mind?

Abby was panicking now, silently due to the muzzle currently keeping her from speaking. Though she was not much of a doctor, she was smart enough to know that someone handling an important organ like a heart would hurt a lot. Now she understood why her chances of living were so slim! If they messed one thing up, she would be dead! She was panicking even more, realizing that she would end up leaving Steelmine alone. Though she knew he had other Autobots to take care of him, she knew he would still feel incredibly sad about her dying. She could not let them kill her like this, but she could not do anything to stop them. Closing her eye and breathing deeply, she quickly prayed for someone to do something. That was when she heard the loud bang and roaring of an engine.

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