Oh I may have forgotten to mention it, but for all those that are confused, all type in Italics are the thoughts of the person of who's point of view the story is currently in and the bold type is Sakura's inner.

Your Protector

Chapter 5: Kakashi-Sensei and Introductions

I look at Sasuke out of the corner of my eye and see an expressionless face, 'He's sure keeping control of his feelings right now. He must be very relieved at the fact that he doesn't have to deal with one of his fan girls. I bet the girls are furious with me. But I don't care, Sasuke-Kun needs me, plus we know each other more and work well together, and I'm not going to let some wannabie fan girl take my rightful place beside him. Not that I'd admit any of this to him, I'm just too scared that he'll push me away and become distant with me like he is with all the other girls.' After Iruka-Sensei was finished teaming up all of us he let us talk to each other while we waited for our Sensei's.

After waiting for about four hours, Iruka-Sensei left needing to go to a meeting, leaving myself and Sasuke to keep an eye on Naruto. Ten minutes later Naruto got an evil grin on his face then ran up to the door with something in his hand. I watched as Naruto put a chalkboard eraser on top of the door in a way that the person who opens the door would have the eraser fall on his or her head. Sasuke and I shook our heads at the same time. "Naruto you baka, no Jonin will ever fall for that pathetic trap." 'Oh yeah I love this kind of stuff! He deserves whatever he gets! Cha!' Five minutes later the door opened and a man with most of his face except his right eye covered with his mask or his headband popped his head in and the eraser nailed him right on the head.

The man picked up the eraser, which had fallen on the floor after hitting him in the head, then looked at us. "Okay my first impression of you guys…I hate all of you." My head drooped and Sasuke soothed me. "I am Kakashi Hatake and will be your Sensei. Please follow me." The three of us follow Kakashi-Sensei and we end up on the balcony. "Alright everyone let's get to know one another better, why don't you introduce yourselves?" "Why don't you go first and show us how it's done?" "Fine. I am Kakashi Hatake. My hobbies…I have many hobbies. My likes…you don't really need to know that. My dislikes…well you don't need to know that either. My dreams for the future…I never really thought about it." "You call that an introduction! The only thing you really told us was your name!" "Well since you're so eager why don't you go next?" "Fine! I'm Naruto Nimikaze. My hobbies, training and eating ramen with my dad. My likes, my mother's homemade ramen and pulling pranks, though not so much anymore since I accidently pranked my mother a few years ago and she didn't appreciate it much. My dislikes, the time that it takes to make instant ramen." 'Naruto really has ramen on the brain, doesn't he?' 'I'll say!' "And my dreams for the future are to become an awesome Hokage like my dad."